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The Ultimate VitaBeard Review Results you need to know about

The Ultimate VitaBeard Review: Results you need to know about! From this beard growth vitamin. Is this the best beard vitamin?

Have you always wanted thicker facial hair? Then we are delighted to present Vitabeard to you today, though don’t think that vitabeard is the only option, it’s not there are many beard vitamins on the market and while vitabeard is one of the best beard vitamins it’s not the best (it’s second) we’ve an article dedicated to what beard vitamins are that you may also find interesting.

VitaBeard Facial Hair Support Formula is a fantastic new beard growth supplement that has recently exploded onto the market. In this VitaBeard review, we’ll be talking about all of the benefits that you can expect from this beard growth supplement.

If you have a thin beard or patchy facial hair, it might just be time to try Vitabeard.

VitaBeard has shown excellent results and as a result, many have called it the best beard vitamin around. If you have often wondered how to grow more facial hair, or want to get a jump start on the competition for Movember, then we have your answer.

We’re going to talk about the experiences we and others have had with VitaBeard, all the benefits it provides, as well as the ingredients inside of VitaBeard, plus some other relevant info about this beard growth vitamin.

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Vitabeard is a beard vitamin, but it’s not just a beard vitamin; it’s also a facial hair growth accelerator designed to improve the thickness and length of your beard. It also enhances your beards health, so you can expect a softer more healthy beard.

Yeah, that’s right, vitamins for your beard!

Vitabeard is the very first facial hair supplement created to help men grow thicker and healthier beards. It also enhances your entire body’s health. The results that we experienced here at Major Beard were above and beyond our expectations, which you can read about below.

Why we love VitaBeard

  • Proven to work.
  • All natural ingredients.
  • Only takes a few weeks for it to take effect.
  • Increases beard length and thickness.
  • Can help beards grow in places where they previously didn’t grow.
  • Easy to take.
  • Not very expensive.
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VitaBeard Benefits

Vitabeard is a fantastic new beard growth product that has had some really positive results and has been shown to increase the rate of facial hair growth as well as its thickness.

There are quite a few benefits that come along with taking the VitaBeard hair growth supplement.

Let’s talk about them quickly.

When it comes to the question of how to grow more facial hair, one of the most important aspects is vitamins, and Vitabeard is perhaps the best beard vitamin on the market at this very moment.

  • You’ll grow facial hair faster.

One of the primary benefits you will experience when using VitaBeard is that it will accelerate the growth rate of your facial hair.

Since it is rich in Biotin with each pill containing 250 percent of our daily requirements, it aids in the growth of body hair.

  • Rich in B vitamins.

B vitamins are known for improving a person’s health Whilst also assisting in hair growth.

  • Contains multiple vitamins.

VitaBeard is a multivitamin which contains numerous B vitamins, Beta-Carotene, Vitamin E, Horsetail extract along with Biotin.

In fact, it is so heavy on the vitamins that it’s not just useful for the growth of facial hair but also your body’s overall health.

They help in making new cells, boost good cholesterol, improve metabolism, etc.

  • Complete Multivitamin.

VitaBeard is an all in one pill, so you can ditch all those single vitamin pills for one that has it all!

  • Minimize beard itch.

If beard itch is a problem for you and no shampoo or beard oil can banish then using this dietary supplement can help you.

VitaBeard regulates the oil production of your the skin underneath your beard, which should help make it less irritating and much easier to manage.

  • Beta Carotene.

Beta Carotene reduces the secretion of oil which will help prevent the clogging of facial oil pores.

  • Gray Hairs

There are several compounds present in VitaBeard which help to decrease the occurrence of gray beard hairs.

Using VitaBeard regularly can actually help bring your beard hair back the brink of gray all the way back to your natural hair color.

That said if your hair has gone through the normal aging process then, unfortunately, this won’t perform miracles.

  • Vitabeard contains Para-Aminobenzoic Acid.

There are several compounds present in VitaBeard which help to decrease the occurrence of gray beard hairs.

Using VitaBeard regularly can actually help bring your beard hair back the brink of gray all the way back to your natural hair color, yes that’s right VitaBeard can help reverse the graying process!

That said if your hair has gone through the normal aging process then, unfortunately, this won’t perform miracles.

  • Heal Follicles

VitaBeard also contains several ingredients which work to repair damaged hair follicles, that being thanks to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Unhealthy hair follicles are a big cause of slow and patchy hair growth, thus having healthy follicles means having a fuller beard.

VitaBeard helps to heal damaged follicles and bring them back to their full productive capacity.

  • Blood Circulation

Another thing that this facial hair growth supplement can help you with is poor blood circulation.

Your hair follicles require a lot of oxygen and a ton of good nutrients to be healthy and to produce beard hair. These nutrients may be present in your blood, but if you have bad circulation, they may have trouble getting to the follicles.

VitaBeard increases healthy blood flow and thus also helps to bring vital nutrients to your beard hair follicles.

  • Collagen Production

The next thing that VitaBeard does for you is to help your body produce more collagen.

Collagen is an essential building block in the human body, mainly because it helps the body produce the proteins necessary to maintain healthy hair follicles.

Collagen also helps the making hair follicles split and reproduce faster.

  • Hair Health

Not only does VitaBeard help your hair follicles grow hair faster, but it also helps to keep your existing facial hair as well as your skin as healthy as can be.

First of all, it can help to remove excess oils from your skin and unclog facial hair follicles, thus creating healthier skin. Plus it can also help to reduce the occurrence of beard dandruff.

VitaBeard can also help to keep your facial hair hydrated, strong, and free of split ends, thus increasing the health of your existing beard hair.

  • Cell Growth

VitaBeard is also fantastic because it causes your body to quicken its reproduction process.

Hair cells and hair follicles die over time. Thus they need to reproduce to continue being healthy and producing new hair.

VitaBeard makes your skin and hair follicles reproduce faster, thus spurring on quick, full, and healthy hair growth.

​VitaBeard Results

Many people debate that multivitamins and beard or hair growth supplements are just a money making farce and that they don’t really work.

However overwhelming evidence and testimonies from satisfied customers tell a very different story.

Apparently, there have been many men who have used this particular beard growth product and have had some great results. Let’s talk about some of the VitaBeard results and testimonials from some very happy men.

One man says that “I tried VitaBeard for a couple of months, and I think it did promote growth, though I didn’t measure it.” Another satisfied man said that “I’ve been taking VitaBeard which contains biotin along with Omega-3 pills, and my beard growth seems to have doubled.”

Martin Mulkeen says that he saw fewer split ends in his beard and also felt that it was more moisturized. Moreover, he says that after taking VitaBeard he noticed that he had to trim his lip hairs much more often.

Douglas Smythe from says that “My mustache and beard grew in thicker and faster than I had noticed in the past. I found myself having to use my electric clippers once a week rather than my typical every other week routine.” Douglas also says that “Overall, I am thrilled that a supplement like this exists and was very pleased with the results.”

Our VitaBeard Review​

We decided that two of us would take VitaBeard ourselves, we would get a bottle of VitaBeard and split it between two of us which meant that we would both have a weeks supply to try out and compare results at the end of the week.

We felt that this would be a decent amount of time to get a measure on however the product performs, it’s potency and the integrity of the product. We made sure to follow the instructions exactly as described on the bottle.

Those being that we should be taking 3 capsules with each meal a day.

We were both very excited and curious to see what results come from this beard vitamin and facial hair growth complex.

I have a few gray hairs in my beard and “apparently” VitaBeard will reverse the graying process, So I was eager to see if this was true!

So for a week we both took our VitaBeard pills religiously with each meal. Now I was being a skeptic and didn’t expect to see much more growth, I mean come on, it’s a beard vitamin can it really make much difference, will vitabeard result in additional growth?

Well, I was shocked by the results I got from taking Vitabeard, so much so that after taking the pills for a week, we just had to crack open another bottle and extend the test by a week.

My beard and mustache had grown in thicker and faster than it had in the past, in some ways to the annoyance of my other half, as she trims my beard to neaten it up.

Where she would trim my beard every other week, it was clear this was going to become a weekly task. My cheeks which aren’t as thick and full as the rest of my beard exploded in growth!

I was happily surprised by the additional growth and thickness that this beard vitamin was giving me.

The same was said by another member of the team; they’re now a convert. We met up to discuss our results after our extended trial was up.

We did this surrounded by other bearded friends so they could see our increased growth and to confirm that this wasn’t all in our heads, we broke down the benefits of taking VitaBeard and proudly showed off our beards.

Each of our bearded friends was impressed by the additional growth that our beards were showing and are all going to try out VitaBeard, and I don’t blame them.

We sat down alone later to compare notes, Not only had my team member noticed that his beard was thicker and longer, but the length which his beard normally plateaued at was surpassed!

He also noticed other benefits such as having more energy throughout the day and that his nails was much stronger, which was demonstrated by him rapping them on the table like a madman during thought, much to my annoyance.

I got him looking at my beard, trying to hunt down my gray hairs, and you know what? He was unsuccessful!

That’s right; VitaBeard had lived up to its claim, my gray hairs are a thing of the past, well perhaps until I actually turn gray…

I left my colleague while he was placing another order for VitaBeard on his smartphone.

I’m very happy that I asked him to be a part of this experiment, as both his and my beard have been vastly improved.

Personally, I am thrilled that this supplement exists and over the moon with the results that I’ve gotten from using it. I happily endorse this product and will be testing other beard growth formulas in the future.

Vitabeard does exactly what it claims it will do. Therefore I enthusiastically recommend VitaBeard to any man looking to kick start some facial hair growth or even just to improve the health and sheen on their beard.

If you already have a fantastic beard care routine using beard oils, beard balms, beard shampoos and conditioners with regular combing and brushing, VitaBeard will still improve the sheen and softness of your beard as well as reducing the amount of broken hairs and split ends.

If you already take vitamins, I would suggest that you replace that men’s multivitamin that you’re already taking with VitaBeard, it’ll kill two beards with one capsule, both beard and body health all in one!​

VitaBeard Ingredients​

vitabeard ingredients

​Now you’ve heard about the results we’ve experienced during our VitaBeard review; we want to talk about all of the ingredients that VitaBeard contains, especially the really beneficial ones.

This particular beard growth vitamin contains a ton of different compounds, all of which go a very long way in giving you a thicker, fuller, and healthier beard. We’re not going to talk about every last ingredient, but we’re definitely going to go over the most important ones.

This is a beard growth product that has some really great ingredients that will give you that lumberjack beard you’ve always wanted.

Not only will it help you grow healthier hair, but it’s actually a pretty effective multi-vitamin in general. It has more health benefits than just beard growth!

  • MSM

This stands for Methyl-sulfonyl-methane and while it may sound like an explosive gas, that is not actually the case.

MSM is naturally occurring compound that is present in the body as well as in other foods that we eat. The reason MSM is so helpful in terms of beard growth is that it helps the body produce collagen.

Collagen helps you grow thicker hair and to grow it quicker too.

MSM is one of the principle building blocks of hair growth, especially because it assists in repairing damaged skin and hair follicles. Plus it also increases the natural occurrence of hair cells in the body.

MSM is actually good for a number of other things too. These benefits include treating osteoarthritis and joint pain, improving digestive health, repairing skin, reducing the effects of allergies, increasing your ability to deal with stress, and lowering muscle pains.

  • B-Vitamins

VitaBeard is rich in the B-vitamins, and by that, we don’t just mean vitamin B. This group of vitamins actually consists of several different things such as B-12, biotin, niacin, thiamine, folic acid, riboflavin, and a few others too.

It is shown that all of these B-complex vitamins have beneficial effects when it comes to hair growth.

For example, riboflavin, or a lack of it, is shown to cause deficiency and inefficiency in hair follicles as well as hair loss. Therefore more riboflavin also means more hair.

Furthermore, a lack of B-6 and biotin can also cause hair loss and slow hair growth. The other B-vitamins are all as equally important, especially vitamin B-12 which creates proteins in the body, proteins which are used to produce strong and efficient hair follicles.

Together they help repair damaged hair follicles, create new follicles, create hair cells, and spur on the healthy and quick growth of your beard hair.

B Vitamins are also great for your overall health, and the various vitamins present in the B complex serve many different purposes. Some of the health benefits you can get from these vitamins include helping your body convert food into fuel, or in other words, they help speed up your metabolic rate.

Another vitamin B benefit is that it can help to prevent headaches, migraines, and even memory loss. B complex vitamins also help your body produce more red blood cells, boost your immune system, encourage healthy cholesterol levels, and can also reduce the signs of aging.

  • Horsetail Extract

One of the active ingredients in VitaBeard is horsetail extract which is known to promote quick and healthy hair growth.

The active compounds in this extract include silica, selenium, and cysteine, all of which spur on healthy hair and beard growth. Together these compounds work to increase circulation and blood flow, they strengthen hair follicles, provide the proteins necessary for your body to produce hair follicles.

These things also work to prevent free radicals from damaging hair cells, plus they are known to be anti-inflammatory and antioxidants as well. In short, horsetail extract is a fantastic ingredient in VitaBeard that promotes the growth of healthy hair.

Because this ingredient is an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant it does also help to boost your immune system, stave off infections, and due to increased blood flow it helps keep your muscles strong too.

  • Vitamin C

This is another important compound that is found in VitaBeard, and it is a very important one.

First of all, vitamin C contains antioxidant properties that keep your skin and the hair follicles healthy.

Moreover, vitamin C is also known to help your body produce collagen, something that is very important when it comes to hair growth. Furthermore, this stuff also helps to keep your existing beard hair healthy by preventing dryness and split ends.

Of course, vitamin C also has many other benefits including the boosting of your immune system, the treatment of colds, controlling asthma, keeping your muscles strong, and keeping your cardiovascular system in good shape.

  • Vitamin E

This vitamin is another really important one when it comes to hair and beard growth.

First off, Vitamin E is known to increase the circulation of blood in the body. More circulation means that more oxygen and nutrients get delivered to your skin and the hair follicles, thus keeping them strong and healthy.

This also means that all of the other beneficial vitamins and nutrients you eat have an easier time getting to their destination, that being the hair follicles on your face.

Vitamin E is also known to be an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. Both of those things go a long way in healing damaged hair follicles, making them healthy, and thus spurring on the growth of healthy beard hair.

Vitamin E is also great for a number of other reasons. This vitamin helps keep your skin healthy and can treat scars, acne, and dry skin.

Vitamin E also helps to improve levels of healthy cholesterol in your body, reduces the risk of developing certain cancers, reduce the risk of coronary and heart disease, and helps improve your immune system as well.

  • Zinc

Yet another very important compound that is essential for healthy hair growth is zinc, and there is a lot of it present in VitaBeard.

This stuff is very important for DNA and RNA production which directly impacts how hair follicles split and reproduce. Increased amounts of zinc actually make hair follicle cells reproduce faster and thus your beard also grows faster.

Zinc is also necessary for your body to produce the proteins that make up the structure of hair follicles. Not enough of zinc means not having enough of these proteins, and ultimately that means that your beard won’t grow as thick and fast as it should.

This mineral is actually really healthy for your body and can help prevent eye disease such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

It can also help reduce the symptoms of people who suffer from HIV/AIDS, diabetes, high blood pressure, acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Moreover, zinc can also help treat down syndrome, peptic ulcers, Alzheimer’s disease, and can help people with eating disorders gain weight. Zinc can event help treat kidney failure and can even help improve athletic performance.

  • PABA

PABA is short for Para-Aminobenzoic Acid a compound which is also important for healthy hair. PABA is useful because while it may not spur on the growth of hair, it is shown to reduce gray hair.

If you are suffering from quickly graying hair, PABA is an ingredient which you definitely want to consume, an ingredient that is present in VitaBeard.

PABA also has a number of other benefits except for growing your beard. These benefits include being able to treat rheumatic fever, infertility, anemia, arthritis, lupus, and headaches.

PABA is actually also a compound that is often present in sunscreen and can help protect you from the harmful rays of the sun.

VitaBeard Review – Side Effects?

​When it comes to anyone beard growth product, there are usually some side effects, some being worse than others.

While VitaBeard does have a small number of minimal side effects, they aren’t really noticeable, many people don’t suffer from any side effects at all.

However just in case, here are some of the side effects that you may experience from this facial hair growth supplement, none of which are really serious in the least.

  • The Taste

Many people who have taken VitaBeard on a regular basis, note that the pills don’t taste very good.

They need to be swallowed and not dissolved in your mouth, so our recommendation is to put them down quickly, maybe with the aid of some water to wash them down with.

  • Faster Nail Growth

Now this may not necessarily be a bad side effect of VitaBeard, but it does tend to happen none the less.

Many of the ingredients in this facial hair growth supplement make your hair and nails grow faster, which some would label as a side effect. The only real negative aspect regarding faster hair and nail growth is that you will need to clip your nails more often and make a few more trips to the barber.

  • Slightly Differing Results

In the vast majority of men, VitaBeard seems to have a great positive effect. However, there are a very small amount of men who reported having fewer results.

Some people have differing body chemistry, and each person will react slightly differently to the various ingredients in VitaBeard.

While most men reported extremely positive results, a small number said that it only helped a little bit.

We think this is still very positive because up until now, even if some men reported minimal results, nobody has reported that it didn’t help them at all.

​Taking VitaBeard

Taking VitaBeard is really easy because all you have to do is to eat 1 capsule with food up to 3 times per day.

That is literally all you have to do to increase facial hair growth, and it really couldn’t be any simpler.

There are a few precautions to be noted before taking VitaBeard. You should not take this product if you have severe pre-existing medical conditions, if you smoke, take prescription medications, or if are under the age of 18.

VitaBeard Review: The Conclusion​

When it comes to facial hair growth supplements, VitaBeard is one of the best beard vitamins out there.

Not only does this stuff help you grow a fuller, thicker, and longer beard that is really healthy, but it is also a great multivitamin too.

Vitabeard can help you with many different things, and the health benefits that you can get from it are virtually endless.

If you have your own VitaBeard story to tell or have any questions, we would love to hear all about it. If you’ve been suffering from slow beard growth or from patchy facial hair, we would definitely recommend trying VitaBeard.

The ingredients are proven to work, and the overly positive results speak for themselves.​

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