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Best Beard Vitamins

Knowing what supplements to take is a difficult thing, especially since the ingredients lists seem to go out of their[…]


Beard Vitamins

I’ve always been blessed with a strong, virile beard. I have to admit that it feels good to look after[…]


Best Beard Oil Reviews

So you’ve just finished our article on beard oils.You’re up to speed on what beard oils are, what they do[…]


Best Beard Butter Reviews

So you’ve just finished our article on beard butter and now you’ve got this weird compulsion to slather your face[…]


Best Beard Balm Reviews

You’ve read our article on beard balms, so you understand why you should be using ’em, but how do you[…]


Beard Butter

Every man needs to know the importance of looking after their beard, which is why we are creating this series of[…]


Beard Balm

​So you’ve decided to take the plunge, stop shaving, and grow a long, manly beard. But now you’ve got to[…]

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Reviewing Barkhouse Beard Company’s products (trust us you need to read this review)

On the reviewers block today we have Barkhouse Beard Company! Who sent us a nice little package, unfortunately as the[…]


Reviewing products from Simply Bee Organics. These a really are a must have!

Every few days we receive a package. We never quite know what these packages will hold, so it’s always a[…]


The best beard grooming kit reviews for the modern beardsman in 2023

If you’ve never grown a mighty beard, you might underestimate the work it takes to keep them looking sharp and[…]


The 5 best stubble trimmer reviews for the most even stubble in 2023

Stubble is in. Whether you’re looking at Hollywood heart throbs that have all the women swooning, or masculine, alpha male[…]


Does beard oil work? Is it even worth it?

Your beard is getting longer, you’re drawing admiring glances from men and women everywhere, but you’re starting to get a[…]


Better Shape Your Beard: Long Beards VS Short Beards

We know how difficult it is to shape a beard you’re not used to. This much is true whether you’re[…]

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Does Shaving Cause Acne?

Acne is a condition that affects 85% of people at some stage in their lives. It presents as red, angry[…]


War Of The Aftershaves, Which Will Hold The Title For The Best Aftershave

Aftershave is that magical touch that can help to completely transform the way you feel and present yourself to others.[…]


So Whats Up With Slant Bar Razors?

The question posed was a simple one, “Soooo… what’s so special about the slant bar razor?Whisper and rumor call it[…]


16 of the best shaving creams the you need to perfect your wet shave

About Shaving CreamsThe best Shaving Creams are very similar to traditional shaving soaps in terms of the results they achieve.With[…]


The Best Double Edge (DE) Safety Razors: Who Knew?

Giving people shaving advice should be a fairly simple matter, or at least you would think so. You read up[…]


What Is The Best Safety Razor? The Definitive Guide to Selecting The Perfect Razor

Alright, gentlemen, it’s time to choose a razor, and you have a lot of options. At the extremes of the[…]

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Shaving in the shower

I’m sure, as you’ve stood in your bathroom with a razor at your neck, dripping wet after just stepping out[…]


Lucky Tiger Aftershave

​Back in the days when powered flight was still a pipe dream, and the horse and cart was the height[…]


Types of safety Razors

For a very long time, the shaving option was a very sharp knife. The most recognizable and iconic of which[…]


The benefits of traditional wet shaving

Electric razors may be convenient, but there’s something very appealing about indulging in a leisurely grooming session with a shaving[…]


Shaving with a safety razor when traveling is possible!

I’ve always had problems with finding the right razor to shave my face properly, maybe you feel the same way[…]


Microtouch One Razor Review

The last safety razor I purchased was very aggressive, always covering my face in nicks. I wanted a close shave,[…]