How to advertise your site on

If you are interested in advertising on, please read this page before contacting us for rates or opportunities. Please note that this blog is about giving value to the reader, as such we do not accept low quality content or spam and any advertisement must give value to this sites audience.

If you are interested in having your products reviewed…

We love to review products. View this page for more details on getting your products reviewed.

If you are interested in sponsored content…

As of 2023, we are now accepting sponsored posts. View this page for more details on sponsored content.

If you are interested in writing a guest post…

We do accept guest posts. However, unsolicited guest posts need to offer something truly unique. Something that our readers probably wouldn’t find on another blog. A few tips before contacting us:

  • You do NOT have to be a blogger to submit a guest post; however, writing samples are necessary
  • The post cannot be published elsewhere; all guest posts are written for this blog only
  • Have a specific idea in mind, and make sure the idea is unique and approachable
  • We don’t care too much about post length, but aim for somewhere in the 1,000 to 1,500 word length
  • Forget those “10 ways to…” articles; We don’t accept those
  • We do allow a reasonable number of backlinks in guest posts, but generally not more than two or three
  • For a higher chance of your guest post being published we advise you to link to our existing content where applicable.

If you would like to contact us about writing a guest post, you may do so here.

If you are interested in ad space…

We DO accept graphical advertisements to be placed in one of two primary ad spaces on the web site: one in the header and one below each article. (details below).

Please note: There is absolutely no guarantee made or implied regarding the number of future page views, nor the number of hits your banner may receive.

Banner sizes and rates:

Banner placement Banner size Banner rate
Header 680×90 $400 / month
Below article 680×90 $150 / month

We accept payment via Paypal only, and payments are to be made on the first of the month for display within the desired placement for the remainder of the month.  Extended month discounts are available on a case-by-case basis.

We reserve the right to objectively determine the advertisements that are most in line with the nature of this web site, and also reserve the right to terminate advertisement displays upon our discretion (with a pro-rated refund).

Please contact us with any questions or to inquire about the next steps in running an ad on Major Beard.