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Major Beard is the ultimate resource in beards & shaving for the modern man; it's run by a small team who want to help you achieve your facial hair goals whether thats growing the thickness most awesome beard possible, or finding the perfect shave.

We aren't experts; we're just normal men.

Collectively we've experienced probably all the possible things that could go wrong, made all the those silly mistakes. Giving us the experience needed to help advise you on matters such as getting that incredibly close yet comfortable wet shave, or growing an incredible beard that's styled to correctly match your facial shape and your personal style.

We like to be 100% open; this site is monetized by affiliate links and advertisements; You can see our disclosure here.

Our main goal with this site is to provide you with the best most in-depth information we can, the reviews will always be honest, this means that if we think a product isn't great we'll say so, there will be no beating around the bush from us.

We do accept guest posts and if you have a product you want to be reviewed or a question asked then you can contact us via our contact page.