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How To Trim A Goatee

How to trim a goatee

Have you ever wanted that perfect goatee or even your first goatee, but just didn’t know how to trim a goatee?

Maybe you have already tried growing a full beard plus going the whole trimming process and didn’t go over so well, so you decided to lop it off. Or perhaps you tried shaving your face in only certain areas so a goatee would grow.

The point is that we have tried all of the ways we could think of to grow a goatee and to trim it too. We found that there is a solid way to do it, a way which we will be discussing in depth how to trim a goatee. It’s not an easy thing to do well, especially if you are a beginner.

That being said it isn’t all that hard either and with the right tips you can get it done no problem. Keep reading our article on how to trim a goatee so you can style your beard just the way you want it all by to trim a goatee

Things You Will Need To Trim Your Goatee

With a few simple tools, you can easily style your goatee to achieve the results that you want. Here are all of the tools that you will need to bring your new goatee to the next level.

You are going to need an electric razor or facial hair trimmer to trim down your beard and to make the outline of your beard. Make sure to get one where you can remove the guard so you can right down to the skin.

  • An Electric Razor or Safety Razor

To shave your face nice and clean around the goatee you will need either an electric razor that can wet shave, a safety razor, or even a razor with disposable cartridges.

  • Shaving Gel

You will need some clear shaving gel so you can wet shave your face around the goatee. The gel should be clear so that you can still see where you are shaving, so you don’t shave away the goatee that you are trying to create.

  • A Beard Comb or Beard Brush

You will need either a good beard comb or brush so that you can straighten out your facial hair as much as possible before trimming and shaving.

A good comb will also remove all knots which will make trimming and shaving easier, plus they are great tools to spread around beard oil.

You will want some good beard conditioner to keep your beard hydrated while growing it and to keep the goatee moisturized once you have trimmed and styled it.

This is optional, but some good beard oil comes in handy for giving your new goatee the sleek and shiny look that it should have, plus it will deliver moisture and nutrients to your facial hair and the skin underneath.

  • Beard Wax

This is also optional, but some beard wax will come in handy if you have a longer goatee or straight hair that doesn’t stay in place well. Beard ax will give your new goatee the hold that it needs to stay in place.

Steps To Trimming Your Goatee

Trimming your goatee and styling it any way you want isn’t all that hard, but it may take a few tries in the beginning if you have never done it before so be patient because it will always grow back.

Using the tools listed above and if you pay close attention to the steps we’re about to go through, you should have a neatly trimmed goatee in no time at all.

  • Step 1

Interestingly enough you shouldn’t try just to grow a goatee and keep shaving around it as it gets longer.

That will make it harder to shape it any you want because the chances are that you will shave away some of the goatee every time you take a razor to it.

Instead, you should spend about a month, or even a little longer depending on how fast your beard grows, growing a full beard. After you have grown your thick beard, you can start shaping your goatee from there.

Be sure to use some good conditioner or beard oil while growing your beard to keep it hydrated and to trim a goatee - hydrated

  • Step 2

Now it is time to comb your beard with either a beard brush or a beard comb.

This will ensure that your beard is as straight as can be and free of knots, making it much easier to cut and trim, plus easier to judge what it will look like after.

  • Step 3

Attach a comb or trimmer guard of the length you want to your electric beard trimmer and begin trimming your whole beard to make it nice and even as well as to get it to the length you want.

  • Step 4

Now is the time to decide how wide you want your goatee to be and what its general outline is going to look like.

A good thing to do to determine how wide the goatee should be is to make it as wide as the width of your mustache, which is usually somewhere near the corners of your mouth.

This is also where you choose if you want just the goatee, the goatee with a mustache, or if you want a goatee and mustache that is connected with vertical lines of hair.

  • Step 5

For this step, you will begin outlining your goatee with either a trimmer with the guard removed or any other razor.

Start by making one straight cut in the middle of your neck and go to about an inch above your Adam’s apple.

Remember you can always cut up higher on your neck afterwards if you don’t like where your goatee starts on your neck, but if you cut too much, you will have to wait for it to grow back.

Another good way to judge this is only to shave away the hair up to halfway between your neckline and the front of your chin.

  • Step 6

Now is the time to take the guard free electric razor to your cheeks and repeat the above step on the sides of your face to create the left and right outlines for your goatee.

Remember that if you just have the goatee, it shouldn’t be any wider than your mouth.If you are keeping the mustache too, especially if it’s connected with vertical strips, you can make it a little wider, no more than a third of an inch past the corners of your mouth or else it will look awkward.

This will take some trial and error and also depends on what kind of goatee you are looking to create. Remember to cut away less at first because you can always make it narrower later.

  • Step 7

Now that the outline of your goatee has been created it is time to shave your face clean. To do this, you want to use some shaving cream and a cartridge razor or safety razor to remove all remaining hair from the rest of your face.

A good thing to do is to use a clear shaving gel so that you can clearly see the outline of the goatee so as not to shave in too far.On that same note, you always want to shave downwards and away from the goatee because shaving towards it may result in shaving off some of the goatee which you definitely don’t want.

Being careful and patient is especially needed when using a sharp safety razor, or to be specific an open comb safety razor. These are very aggressive, and they make it easy to shave away too much at once.

  • Step 8

Step back from the mirror to get a good look at the goatee that you have just trimmed for yourself to see if it is even. If it isn’t even, you can carefully shave away the crooked lines.

  • Step 9

Wash your face to remove any loose hairs and to clean hairs out of your goatee.

  • Step 10

Apply some aftershave to the freshly shaved skin to keep it hydrated, make it firmer, and to keep out harmful bacteria, as well as to make any cuts you may have given yourself heal a little faster.

  • Step 11

Use some beard balm or beard oil and run it through your beard with a comb to get rid of knots, straighten it, and provide for some much-needed nutrients and hydration.

  • Step 12

This step is optional, but if you wish to create a cool goatee or if you want to make it hold firmly in place you can also use some beard wax to get the hold that you want.


If you are like me, and you always had trouble styling or trimming your goatee, this little tutorial on how to trim a goatee should provide some much-needed help.

If you want the best results, we would recommend using all of the products we described and following all of the steps we have outlined.

These are the steps that we follow every time and it works wonders so if you want a goatee you should give it a try.

We hope that our tutorial was useful to you and if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

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