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How to Find the Best Beard Colouring

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We all want to look younger.

While having a beard may make you look distinguished, you may want your beard to look a bit bolder, fuller and darker, to achieve that beard colouring is going to be your best bet.

There are a plethora of beard colouring companies out there, all vying for your money, all claiming to be the best yet how do you know they provide the best beard colouring?

How do you know you’re going to get the results you desire without damaging your beard or in some cases having to remove it entirely.

Well we’ve put together a list of what we feel are the best beard colouring products out there to help make your decision that bit easier.

The beard dye products we reviewed

Last updated on October 27, 2022 2:43 am

Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Beard Coloring for Gray Hair with Brush Included - Color: Real Black, M-55 (Pack of 3)

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as of October 27, 2022 2:43 am

Just for Men has to be the most well-known colouring brand on the market, so it’s no surprise that they have a beard coloring product, but is it worthy of being on the list of the best beard coloring products?

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials and walked past the boxes in the supermarket with the handsome chaps on with no trace of grey, always smiling smugly at you as if to say, “what’s taking you so long” buy me!

The thing is, they’re right, Just for Men is actually really good as a beard coloring product and completely deserves to be on the list of the best beard coloring products.​

They’re a household name in dyeing hair for a reason, they know their stuff.

One of the best things about Just for men is the effort they put into making their products easy to use, you get everything you need in this kit, allowing you to target the grey bits in your beard with ease, this will allow you make your hair look much more natural and not dyed at all.

It’s a very fast product too, from start to finish takes around 5 minutes to get it all done.

The price may seem a bit steep, but there are multiple applications in each box, so it’s not like you are spending a large amount of money for a one off.

Honestly, if you want some of the most reliable and natural coloring for your beard, Just for Men will see you right. This is certainly the best beard coloring product you can get if you don’t mind man-made chemicals.

Manly Guy BLACK Hair, Beard & Mustache Color: 100% Natural & Chemical Free

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as of October 27, 2022 2:43 am

If you’re after something that’s a bit more natural, you know without all the artificial dyes and man made chemicals, you may wat to give Manly Guy a try.

Their main selling point other than being a good hair dye is that their ingredients are organic, safe, natural and cruelty-free.

This gives you a level of trust that what you’re putting into your facial hair won’t do any damage.

It feels very refreshing when you use it, there’s a lightness to the application that doesn’t exist when you use the heavy, sticky artificial ingredients from some other beard dyes.

One thing that really stood out for us with Manly Guy is just how long-lasting it is.

Once you’ve put it on your facial hair will last for up to 8 weeks before it starts to fade.

The best feature is just how gentle it is to the hair, if you need to start covering up patches earlier, you can put it on several times a week without it causing damage or interfering with whats already died.

You can also pick up a box for a very cheap price in comparison for Just for men as well.

This brand is just full of bonus’s which is why its on this list of best beard colouring products.

Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Color For Men, M11 Medium Brown Color, 3 Count

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as of October 27, 2022 2:43 am

Here we have another big player in the hair color business.

Clairol focused mainly on hair dyes for women, though recently they have branched out into the male hair dyes including facial hair.

Our experience with Clairol Natural Instincts for Men was rather similar to Just for Men, the price is roughly the same and kit is about the same.

We do love this dye though which is why it’s on our list of best beard colouring products.

It does exactly what it needs to do and lasts for quite some time.

We found that almost a months worth of shampooing could go bye before we noticed any loss in the color.

Your hair also feels rather good when you use it, this is because Clairol put in some fortifying ingredients that help strengthen the facial hair, something that can actually be a concern even with beards.

This dye won’t thrill you, but it does exactly what you want and won’t leave you feeling wantings.

Godefroy Professional Tint Kit, Medium Brown, 20 Count

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as of October 27, 2022 2:43 am

Godefroy is a company that specialises in coloring for women’s eyebrows, but have been expanding their products to cover facial hair as well.

This kit is rather stripped down in comparison to the other products we’ve reviewed, but wow does it deliver.

It’s made with pure white henna, which is a fantastic natural ingredient that ensures beard health and the consistency is really good.

You will get about 20 applications out of each box which means you get excellent value for money, OK its meant more for eyebrow’s so it’s more likely that you will get about 10 applications.

1 Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color/Dye - 150 Grams - Henna for Hair, Natural Hair Color - Chemical Free Hair Color - The Henna Guys

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as of October 27, 2022 2:43 am

This product is very much like Manly Guy, in that is specializes in all natural beard coloring.

This product, however, goes so far to being all natural it’s actually vegan-friendly, though we don’t advise you eat it.

You will get about 40 uses out of each box, which is absolutely incredible!

A single packet could last you up to a year and for the price well its the cheapest in this list.

It really is incredibly good value and the best deal you can get with natural beard coloring.

We would go as far as to say that you would be hard pressed to find a better beard dye than this one due to its combination of price, quality, and longevity.

It really is that good.

So for us, this is our personal pick for the best beard coloring product, we highly recommend it.

Here are some other thoughts on the best beard coloring

Beard coloring guide

We’re feeling very generous today and seeing as this whole article is about finding the best beard colouring product and dyeing your beard we thought it would make sense to create a guide so you won’t have any unanswered questions, removing all the guess-work so when you do actually dye your beard you do such a good job that your beard looks fantastic.

Select a Dye

Select the type of dye you want for your beard, now lets be clear we aren’t talking about brands of coloring product.

We are specifically on about whether you want a semi-permanent dye or a permanent dye.

All beard dyes are semi-permanent so you’ll notice that the colour will get lighter and light with each shampoo.

You can extend its life by just rinsing with water.

The permanent option is to dye your beard with regular hair dye as these are permanent and are grow out rather than washed out.

If you go down that route you will have to deal with your roots showing and the extra time it takes to apply that options.

Select a Colour

Beard hair is not the same as the hair on your head, we’re sure you know this already but beard hair is much coarser, rougher and drier.

This difference in texture makes it more difficult for the dye to penetrate the individual hairs, even more so as your beard hair doesn’t quite absorb colour in the same way as the hair on your head.

Some gents swear by picking a colour that’s lighter than their natural beard hair, then they dye their beards twice.

We think there is a better option, we suggest you actually pick a colour that is slightly darker than your natural beard color and only dye your beard once, you will get better results with this method and the color will hold better and last longer.

Plus your beard is less likely to be damaged by any dyeing agents.

Get Ready to Dye

If you’ve never dyed your hair before or if you’re prone to skin irritation, it may make sense to do a quick patch test.

To do a patch test you will want to apply a small amount of dye to the inside of your arm.

If you haven’t had any irritation after 48 hours yours good to go!

If however your get any redness or other reactions, then it makes sense to find an alternative dye that perhaps a bit gentler.

You will want to dye your beard when it hasn’t been freshly shampooed or conditioned to avoid any absorption issues.

If you apply petroleum jelly around your beard, you will be prevented from having the odd bits of staining that can occur.

That’s it your all set and can apply your beard dye as per the manufacturer’s instructions.


It’s quite standard for your dye kit to have a brush or a comb to assist you in applying the dye to your beard.

If for some reason there isn’t one included you can use an old toothbrush instead.

The goal is to fully saturate your beard with the dye.

Each dye will need to sit on your heard for a certain amount of time before you can rinse it off.

That’s it.

You’ve applied the best beard colouring product for you and your beard should be looking rather awesome right now.

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