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Beard pomade is it the ultimate fly-away tamer?

Beard Pomade: Is it the Ultimate Fly-Away Tamer?

Have you ever had the problem of fly away or stray hairs when it comes to your beard?

I sure have and in fact, that is what my beard is like on a daily basis. In all reality, my facial hair resembles a pile of dry hay more than an actual beard. I’m sure many people reading this have the same problem because I can’t be the only one to experience this.

Just like me, do you have a beard with a ton of stray hairs that pick up in the wind and fly over the place?

If so you might want to try the solution that I have recently discovered, that being beard pomade, the ultimate fly away tamer.

Achieving a nice looking beard that doesn’t have a bunch of fly away hairs isn’t that hard and all it takes is a little bit of beard pomade. Keep reading our tutorial on taming those untamable hairs using pomade and by following a few simple steps.

that hard and all it takes is a little bit of beard pomade. Keep reading our tutorial on taming those untamable hairs using pomade and by following a few simple steps.

Why Use Pomade?

There are a few different benefits that come along with using beard pomade on a regular basis, all of which I have listed below.​

  • Controlling Strays – Pomade is perfect for giving your hair some stick and some weight so that it will look more kempt, less frizzy, and will stay in place better on those windy days.
  • Hold – This stuff is ideal for styling your beard and creating some hold so you can shape your beard anyway that you want.
  • Shine – Dull hair is not nice, but luckily with a little bit of pomade you can create that sleek and shiny look that everybody loves.
  • Hydration – Depending on the pomade that you get it will also help hydrate your facial hair to keep it moisturized, less frizzy, and much healthier.

What You Will Need to Tame Those Fly Aways

​Taming those fly away beard hairs is definitely doable, and I get it done all of the time, but it definitely does take a fair amount of effort to get it done.

There are a few different tools that you will need to get that wild beard hair under control, all of which I have listed below. On a side note, they may not all be completely necessary, things such as the beard shampoo and conditioner, however, they definitely help make things a lot easier.

  • Water & Beard Shampoo

The first thing you will need to get those fly away beard hairs totally under control is some good old water and beard soap or beard shampoo.

Like I said above, this is not entirely necessary because it is for the cleanliness aspect of things, but then again getting your beard under control means having a clean face too.

  • Beard Conditioner

Another great thing to have if you’re looking to tame those stray hairs is some beard conditioner. It won’t really keep your wild beard under control.

However, it will hydrate it and make it smoother, resulting in facial hair that is much easier to control and manipulate.

  • A Towel or Blow Dryer?

One important thing to remember is that beard pomade is usually always water soluble, and that means that your beard needs to be dry when you apply it.

If your facial hair is wet when you apply the pomade, it will more or less dissolve and run right off of your face.

  • A Beard Comb

Once again a beard comb may not be entirely necessary if you are just looking too slick your hair down, so it doesn’t fly everywhere in the wind.

It comes in handy for styling your beard to look the way you like, not to mention that a good beard comb can be used to spread around the pomade too.

  • The Pomade

Of course, this article is about using pomade to tame those fly away hairs so we can’t forget about the main ingredient. You are going to want to get decent pomade, not the cheapest you can find because you do get what you pay for.

Also keep in mind that if you have sensitive skin you will also want to get all natural, organic, and chemical free beard pomade. Non-natural beard pomade may irritate your skin and may also dry out, damage, and destroy your facial hair.

Step by Step Guide To Taming Those Fly-Away Beard Hairs

Now that we’ve gone over the various tools and products you will need to tame and style that beard to make you look like a super bearded model. It’s time to go over the different steps you should follow to get a great result.

Some of the steps such as washing and conditioning your beard are optional, but I would definitely recommend following all of them to get your beard looking as tame as a bunny rabbit.

Let’s get to it.

  • Step 1

The first step you should take in taming your beard hair is to use a beard soap and some water to wash out your beard. I always do this before anything else because I want my beard to be clean, smelling good, and free of dirt and grit.

Also, good beard soap will actually moisturize your facial hair and provide it with essential nutrients to stay healthy, something that is quite important when it comes to keeping your beard under control. Simply lather up your beard, massage it gently, and then wash out the soap.

  • Step 2

The second step simply involves drying your beard, something that is important for the following few steps. It is important that you either towel dry your beard very well or that you blow dry your beard.

This is because both conditioner and beard pomade, especially the pomade, are generally water soluble, meaning that they won’t stick to a wet beard, will dissolve, and will end up running off of your beard instead of sticking to

  • Step 3

This next step is highly optional, but I always follow it because a soft beard is an easy to tame beard. Just get some leave in beard conditioner, not too much though, only enough to give your beard a little moisture, and use either your fingers or a beard comb to spread the conditioner around.

This will keep your beard healthy, moisturized, and smelling great, plus it has the ability to relieve itchiness and beard dandruff as well. Beard dandruff can be a big problem for some and any beard surely cannot be considered tamed when there is skin raining out of it like a winter storm.

  • Step 4

The next step is to comb your beard using a beard comb. This will accomplish a few different things.

First of all, it will get rid of nasty knots that make your beard look not so great and it will also spread apart your facial hair which will make it easier to spread the pomade around to get every last fly away strand.

  • Step 5

Now it’s time to get some pomade. The trick to remember here is that a little bit of beard pomade goes a long way.

Using too much of it will just make your beard look really greasy, almost like you put shoe polish in it. Get a little bit of beard pomade on the tips of your fingers.

  • Step 6

From the tips of your fingers, you then need to spread the pomade gently around the palms of your hands.

When doing this make sure that your palms are evenly coated and that there are no clumps or chunks because once you get chunks of beard pomade in your bear it will be hard to spread, plus it may also make certain parts of your facial hair stick together a little too much.

  • Step 7

This step is a little more difficult than it sounds, but with a little practice, you should be able to do it well within a few tries. You need to very lightly rub your palms which are covered in pomade down your beard, especially along the outsides.

You need to do this lightly because if you press down too hard the majority of the pomade will come off near the top of the beard, making harder to spread downwards.

As you rub the pomade down the length of the beard you will notice it getting a little slicker, stickier, and especially heavier. This is a good sign because it means that the pomade is doing its job.

  • Step 8

For this step you just want to massage the entirety of your beard gently with your fingers to disperse the pomade throughout all of your facial hair, making sure to get the interior, the sides, and the back as well.

For this step, if you don’t want to use your fingers you can always use a beard comb to help spread around the pomade. If you use a comb, you may need to use slightly more pomade because some of it will stick to the comb instead of your beard.

  • Step 9

Make sure that the beard pomade is evenly spread around in your beard, always making sure to press and stroke downwards to tame those stray hairs.

After all the point is to essentially slick and stick them down so they don’t wave around in the wind and look like a pile of straw or hay. For this final step, you can choose to style your beard anyway that you want.

Beard Pomade That We Would Recommend

​The type of beard pomade that you use is really up to you and a big part of choosing a beard balm is the scent, plus what ingredients are in it too. Here is a great beard balm which I have been using for quite a while and it does the trick just fine.

Fisticuffs "TUFF HOLD" Pomade 4oz. Jar

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This is the pomade that I use the most, and I have to say that it’s because of the beautiful barbershop smell that it has; smelling it all day long is so refreshing and awakening.

Another reason as to why this is one of my favorite pomades is because it has mostly all natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any alcohol, sodium chloride, or any parabens.

One of the biggest upsides to this particular pomade is that it offers a decent amount of UV protection from the harmful rays of the sun. It is also really perfect for providing a maximum level of hold to keep all of those stray hairs in place, plus it makes styling my beard a lot easier too.

If you aren’t a big fan of the minty scent or have your own reasons for not wanting Preferred Essentials Pomade you can also try Port City Pomade, or Smooth Viking Pomade.


If you have an uncontrollable and hard to tame beard that sends stray hairs flying in every which direction you may want to try some beard pomade, specifically the one I recommended above.

Your facial hair doesn’t have to look raggedy and if you follow the simple steps outlined above you should have any trouble taming those fly away beard hairs.

Some good pomade can make your beard smell great, give it some shine, moisturize it, and of course, keep it under control too.

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