Microtouch One Razor Review

Microtouch One Razor Review

The last safety razor I purchased was very aggressive, always covering my face in nicks. I wanted a close shave, but my gut was telling me it was time for a milder safety razor.

When I saw the infomercial on T.V. for the Micro Touch One safety razor, it addressed all the problems I had been facing and seemed like too good of a deal to pass up. I ordered the Micro Touch One and ever since, it has been much more suitable for me.

Although it takes a few extra passes, I can still get a close shave and never have to worry about irritation or cutting my skin. If you seek a smooth shave, but are not quite experienced enough in wet shaving to use an aggressive safety razor, you might want to check out this one.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Safety Razor

Safety razors date back to the late 1800’s and are still popular shaving tools today. What makes a razor a safety razor? Basically, there is a piece placed between the edge of the blade and the skin which provides extra protection and causes less irritation than disposable razors.

There is a wide variety of safety razors out there to choose from. Here are some helpful tips for finding the best one for you:​

  • Aggressive or Mild

Aggressive safety razors expose more blade to the skin for a closer shave while mild safety razors expose less blade to the skin. If you’re a beginner, you should start out with a mild safety razor and work your way up to an aggressive one to prevent slicing your skin.

  • Weight

A good razor will feel balanced in your hand, not too heavy or too light. This will make it easy to maneuver and reach difficult angles.

  • Open Comb or Safety Bar

An open comb safety razor uses teeth to guide the facial hair into the blade. A safety bar covers the blade for extra protection while an open comb has an exposed blade.

  • Handle Length

Some prefer longer handles while others prefer shorter. This depends on your hand size, preference, and what feels most comfortable to you while shaving.

  • Price and Value

Compare your budget to the features the safety razor has to offer to find the best value. Some features you might want to consider is the material and any extra accessories.

  • 12 precision blades
  • chrome stand
  • classic safety razor

The MicroTouch One is a modern version of an older style classic safety razor. This product claims that only one blade is needed for the close shave that multiple-blade razors promise. This razor has little blade exposure, making it very mild.

This razor is made of brass and has a chrome plated finish. The twist-to-open head on this razor is used for loading and removing the blade. Included with this safety razor is 12 Dorco blades and a travel case or chrome stand.

If you are an experienced wet shaver with thick facial hair and seeking an aggressive safety razor, this product is not for you. However, it is an excellent choice if you’re prone to irritation or a beginner to wet shaving.

Product Features

  • 3.5-inches long​
  • Brass frame, chrome plated finish
  • Twist to open head
  • Includes 12 blades, chrome stand/travel case
  • No-slip grip, knurled handle



  • Affordable price
  • Easy to load, remove, and clean out blade
  • ​Extra accessories included
  • ​Great for traveling
  • Ideal for beginners
  • May be more time consuming


​The MicroTouch One safety razor is affordable and high in quality. The twist to open, butterfly head makes loading the blade a simple task. This razor is very mild, which lessens the chance of irritation and cutting the skin.


​The razor is so gentle that it might increase the time you spend shaving. The handle is also pretty short, which could be a problem if you have big hands.

  • From top to bottom, this razor is 3.5-inches long. I’ve noticed that lengthier razors can be more difficult to handle and switch hand positions quickly, but I don’t face that issue with this razor.

  • This razor was crafted from brass and has a chrome plated finish. The brass and chrome together make this a noticeably durable safety razor. The chrome plated finish on the Micro Touch One provides extra shine and a high-quality appearance.

  • Another feature on the MicroTouch One is the twist-to-open, butterfly head. In other words, by twisting a knob on the bottom of the handle, two doors that make up the head of the razor open up without having to disassemble any parts. This is nice because I don’t ever have to worry about misplacing parts. The twist-to-open head is a great feature to this razor because it makes loading and removing the blade. My disposable razors were constantly built up with hair that was difficult to remove, but the head on this razor makes it easy to clean out the blade after each use.

  • Accessories included with this safety razor is 12 Dorco blades and depending on where you purchase the razor from, it either comes with a travel case or a chrome stand. My razor came in the travel case, which is red and has a small mirror on the inside. Whether I am on the go or traveling, the travel case is ideal for taking my safety razor along with me. The Dorco blades work really well with this razor too. The blades are sharp and great for precision.

  • This safety razor has a knurled handle that ensures a secure grip. My hands are average sized, and this handle is comfortable to me, but if you have big hands you might prefer a longer handle. I wet shave with this safety razor almost every day, and it has never slipped on me.

  • For everything that is included with the razor, and compared to the price of other safety razors, this is a good deal.


If you want to begin wet shaving with a safety razor, but don’t want to fork out a ton of money, this is a great one to start with. It is made from solid brass and has a chrome plated finish for extra durability and shine.

The knurled handle will also ensure you a no-slip grip when wet shaving. This safety razor is gentle on the skin but still capable of performing a smooth shave.


For a close shave with minimal irritation, I can always count on my Merkur 34C HD safety razor. It’s a 3.3-inch long safety razor with a thick, knurled handle for a strong grip. This razor is not mild, but not as aggressive as a slant safety razor.

For my average to small sized hands, this razor is easy to maneuver. By twisting the knob on the bottom of the handle, it removes the head for a fairly easy blade replacement. Sure there are less expensive safety razors out there, but if you want a high-quality razor, this one is worth the investment.

It’s been about a year since I purchased this safety razor and it still works as good as when I first used it.

  • Open comb design for a more aggressive closer, smoother shave
  • Double edged blade allows for use on both sides to help extend blade life
  • High quality chrome plated handle will help resist rust and wear well in a wet environment

For me, the Muhle R41 double edge safety razor is a great device. I have a pretty thick beard, and this razor glides right through it for a smooth, close shave. The open comb design makes it a pretty aggressive razor. This razor is made from chrome, which provides a very sleek design and added durability.

Whether you have coarse facial hair like me or thick stubble you want to smooth out, this safety razor will help get it under control in no time. If you are an experienced wet shaver, and willing to spend the extra money for a great safety razor, you should definitely check out the Muhle R41.

  • Super heavyweight butterfly open razor - 3.3 ounces!
  • Sleek styling and old world quality
  • Nickle and chrome plated brass frame

The Parker 82R Heavyweight Butterfly safety razor is a solid, trustworthy product. Similar to the Micro Touch One safety razor, it has a butterfly head that opens up for blade removal and loading. However, the handles are different, as well as the weight and aggressiveness.

The Parker 82R Heavyweight Butterfly is 4-inches long, and the handle is engraved with lines for a secure grip. Weighing 3.2 oz, not much pressure is needed for this safety razor to get the job done. If you enjoy the ease of the butterfly head on the MicroTouch One but are looking for a slightly more aggressiveness in your shave, you should give the Parker 82R Heavyweight safety razor a try!


From personal experience, I’ve realized that making a jump from disposable razors to an aggressive safety razor can result in irritation or even a bloody mess. The best way to practice the art of shaving with a safety razor is by using a good, mild safety razor such as the MicroTouch One.

This safety razor is great if you have sensitive skin and want a smooth shave, but also if you simply want to become more experienced without facing the consequences from lost technique. If you fit into one of these categories, I highly recommend that you check out the MicroTouch One safety razor.

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