Write a Sponsored Post

Sponsored posts are paid posts written specifically to drive Internet traffic to a web site, product or brand. We do accept sponsored posts, but please keep the following details in mind before contacting us. Exceptions are very rarely made.

Major Beard is a Beards, Shaving and Grooming site. All sponsored posts must respect the true nature of this blog and why readers visit each day. Sponsored posts for unrelated products or services will be automatically rejected – every time and generally without a reply.

Rates depend on the number of links contained within the post:

  • Single link: $150
  • Two links: $250
  • Three links: $350

In addition, sponsored posts should contain between 800 and 1,000 words and CAN contain graphics and other press materials. Usually, no more than two or three graphics are accepted per guest post. All sponsored posts will be clearly labeled with “Sponsored” in the title. No exceptions.

The tone of voice should be similar to how other posts on this blog are written. The more familiar the tone of voice, the better the likelihood of engagement. I may require edits to the sponsored post if I feel the tone does not represent the nature of the blog.

All sponsored posts are published on weekend days – usually Saturday. You may request a particular weekend day for date-sensitive material depending on open publishing slots.

There are absolutely no guarantees regarding the number of click-throughs a sponsored post may get.

We require a 50% down payment at the time of acceptance (usually before a draft is written). The remaining 50% is due within 12 hours of the publishing date. Late payments will result in deletion of the post. The original 50% down payment is non-refundable. Payments are accepted through Paypal only.

If you wish to move forward with a sponsored post, contact us to begin the conversation.