Major Beard’s vote for the Best Badger Shaving Brush

Best badger shaving brush

You’ll never get the best shave you possibly can without a shaving brush.

Aside from the whole experience you get from using a shaving brush to whip up your lather, it helps soften and exfoliate your skin.

The shaving brush will raise your whiskers before shaving preventing ingrown hairs, it also distributes your lather evenly ensuring you are fully lubricated before you start your shave.

It really is an essential to your shave and being so essential you need to choose the best shaving brush you can so we’re going to review some our top picks for the title of the best badger shaving brush.

The shaving brushes that we reviewed

Best Badger Shaving Brush Reviews​

  • MADE FROM REAL BADGER HAIR: The bristles on this brush are made from genuine pure badger hair, for a soft and luxurious feeling every time you shave.
  • WORKS UP A FULL LATHER: In just a few seconds, this badger brush can whip up a thick, foamy lather that covers your beard area completely. With on pass around your face, you're ready to start shaving.
  • HOLDS AND RETAINS WATER: The bristles on this badger hair shaving brush are super absorbent, which helps you apply shaving cream fast and get a real wet shave. It also makes it incredibly easy to rinse out when you're done.

This is a pure badger brush and as is perfect for a beginner wet shaver.

It’s one of the most affordable brush options available, it has a nice low price yet despite the low price it is very effective at creating a nice smooth lather without irritating your face.

There will be a fair bit of shedding but for a lower end product it's much less than expected.

The bristles may seem a little stiff at first, but they will soften up with time.

Most people feel the performance is more than adequate, so as a beginner there is no need to spend more on a higher end brush.

while this wasn’t the best badger shaving brush for us, it may well be for you.

  • Built to last - The BEST SHAVE BRUSH of your life or Your Money Back - If you aren't completely satisfied with your brush we will give you your money back, no questions asked!
  • The Perfect GIFT idea for men of all ages - A PRESENT no man will be disappointed with!

This brush is handmade and has a metal handle which is formed perfectly to fit the hand, it really shows quality craftsmanship.

The is very affordable and will be an excellent starter product.

Most men will likely appreciate the soft feel against the face and the fantastic way it creates a good lather.

It also includes a travel box which is very helpful for shaving on the road.

This is a fantastic shaving brush and deserves its spot in the list of possible best badger shaving brushes.

  • A handmade brush with 100% best badger grade bristles - Extra Dense too
  • Generates a fabulous lather with your favorite shave soap or cream
  • Softens your beard for a superior shave

This is an outstanding brush, the quality of the craftsmanship is just fantastic.

The lather it creates is rich and luxurious.

Your beard will be softened so well with this brush, really allowing a nice close shave.

It’s heavier than other brushes which is quite nice.

The chrome tip handle makes it appear really high end as well.

To ensure good maintenance there is a drying stand included.

This will help you keep the brush in top shape for years.

It's a little bit more pricier than the previous too, but with the included stand and the fantastic quality it's well worth the extra investment.

  • A high quality shave brush for men
  • Made with fine badger hair
  • Effectively locks in water to improve the barrier between razor and skin

Baxter of California is a company known to produce top quality shaving product and this shaving brush is no exception.

This particular Shaving Brush is made in Germany from best badger hair, which like the parker creates a superior and luxurious lather.

The brush has a nice weight to it so feels good in the hand.

Anyone who owns a Baxter badger brush will get a smooth shave without irritation, the whole Baxter line of products will pamper your face so any one of their brushes are well worth the investment.

This best badger shaving brush surprised us in how good it was, it wasn’t enough to top the list of best badger shaving brushes for us, but it was a close call.

As mentioned earlier Silvertip badger hair is the best hair money can buy.

This brush is very dense and has an extra firm knot.

Now this means that a little hair will fall out, but it will feel so soft against your skin.

The handle is very well designed, ergonomics were at the fore front of the designers mind when they created this handle.

This is the type of brush that the professionals use, so a man can get the closest shave possible at home by using this brush, it is a bit of an investment due to the higher price, but you will be hard-pressed to find a better product.

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