What is the Best Shaving Mug and Brush?

What is the Best Shaving Mug and Brush

We see this question often and yet we haven’t answered it!

Well today we are going to change that.

We’ve put together a list of shaving Mugs and shaving brushes that we think are some of the best shaving mug and brushes that are reasonably priced and great quality for you to choose from or use our reviews as a base on choosing your next (or first) shaving mug & brush.

  • Mixed badger shave brush with stand
  • Deluxe boar brush hand made on the Isle of Man
  • 2.25 oz. Colonel Conk's world-famous glycerin shave soap

We’ve reviewed Col. Conk before and rightly so, the Col. Conk brand is a major player in the traditional shaving industry, so naturally we wanted to include them in this article.

Col. Conk has limited options for a mug and brush only combinations but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t produced a contender for the best shaving mug and brush.

The first thing we notice is that this set includes a razor and some shaving soap, so if you have got those items and intend on keeping them it makes sense to look at other options.

If you’ve starting out with traditional shaving gear this is a great set and could be the best shaving mug and brush for you.

The shaving brush is made from boar hair, if you have sensitive skin you may find this brush a little harsh.

Those who are used to boar brushes will enjoy this one from Col. Conk.

The brush handle is plastic and not ceramic like the mug which is a shame, but the brush works extremely well so we felt that this made up for the lack of a ceramic handle.

The mug is ceramic with the Col.Conk logo on it.

This set is a bit pricey compared to others so I would recommend this only to serious beginners or the intermediate user, so for us this wasn’t the best shaving mug and brush, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be the best shaving mug and brush for you.

  • Contains # 923 Shaving Brush made of 100% pure natural boar bristle;
  • Unbreakable Plastic Shaving Mug imprinted with turn-of-the-century graphic;
  • Bar of Shaving Soap which contains moisturizers to soften your face and beard for a smooth shave.

This is an excellent set from Marvy and is possibly the best shaving mug and brush for beginners!

For those who are more experienced and have unfortunately experienced your mug cracking when forcing your soap in will be glad to know that this mug is unbreakable.

Whether you're are a beginner or a more experienced person this is a great set to purchase to try your hand at whipping up a lather with a shaving mug without spending a lot of money on an expensive set.

Marvy is an inexpensive provider of shaving products and has been for some time, this does mean that you will not the extreme high qualities you may have come to expect, but if you are just getting started you really can’t go wrong with this set which is why it's in the list for our best shaving mug and brushes.

  • It is a high quality product
  • Highly durable product
  • This product is manufactured in United States

This is a fantastic premium shaving set from Van Der Hagen.

The mug is ceramic and looks incredibly sleek in its matte black style which the shaving brush matches.

This is a great set for anyone new to wet shaving who’s looking for the best shaving mug and brush as this set will last them a nice long time, if you’ve been shaving for a while this happens to be a very attractive looking set which you can’t go wrong with.

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$39.99 - $13.30 $26.69
  • SHAVING ESSENTIAL - This set includes everything you need to get started.
  • BOAR BRUSH - The set comes with a 10065 pure bristle brush from Omega.
  • SHAVING SOAP - The set also includes a 150 ml classic shaving soap with eucalyptus oil for a refreshing shave.

This is a slightly different set to all the others we’ve reviewed so far as this set doesn’t include a mug.

The set, however, does include a bowl and within that bowl in the Omega shaving soap so we felt it was still worth including in our list of best shaving mug and brush.

The shaving brush include is another boar brush so will need a good soaking before you start your shave.

This is a fantastic kit for a new wet shaver as it contains all the elements required bar the safety razor + double-edged razor blades.

This kit is a clear example of not having spend hundreds to get all the accessories to get a good shave from a fantastic kit that may be the best shaving mug and brush for you.

Tips for Using Your Best Shaving Mug and Brush

Now we’ve hopefully tempted you to purchase a shaving brush and shaving mug set from our list of the best shaving mug and brushes and we can’t just expect you to know how to use them together!

So we’re going to go through exactly how to use them properly so you get the most bang for your buck, also knowing how to use a product can often help you decide which one is right for you as we don’t want you to make a mistake and pick from our list of best shaving mug and brush only to feel that it's not the best shaving mug and brush for you.

Following these tips will help you use your new shaving accessories to get that really close and comfortable shave you’ve been looking for.

Step 1: Prepare Your Face

Grab a fresh face towel and get it fairly damp, by damp I don’t mean soaking wet!

Pop it into the microwave for a few seconds to get it nice and warm.

You don’t want it to be too hot or you’ll end up burning your face.

If you are unsure of how long to heat the towel up, start with a few seconds then increase a little at a time until you get the towel nice and warm.

Wrap the towel around your face for 10-15 minutes and let the towel soften your beard.

Personally, I grab a cat nap whilst sitting around giving the towel time to do its thing

You can skip this step entirely if you shave directly after having a shower as the hot water from the shower will have softened up your facial hair just as much as the hot towel would have.

The goal from this set is to soften the beard so you can get the closest shave possible.

Step 2: Time to Use the Brush and Mug

Here’s a random fact for you, men have been using a shaving brush and shaving mug since 1750.

Firstly you will want to get your shaving brush soaked in warm water, you don’t want super hot water as that can cause problems with your brush.

Once your brush has softened up shake off the excess water.

Now get the tips of the brush a wet again and place the shaving brush into your shaving mug which has already had the shaving soap loaded into it.

Circle the shaving soap with the shaving brush for a few passes, adding a little more water if needed until you get a nice fluffy lather.

You’re now ready to shave and feel the smoothness that came from the lather you’ve just created with your shaving brush and shaving mug.

Step 3: Clean Up

Once you’ve finished your shave you’ll need to clean up both your shaving brush and shaving mug right away.

Doing so will ensure that both stay in a good condition.

You can do this by thoroughly rinsing your brush and hanging it upside down to dry, the mug can be rinsed out the same way you would rinse out a mug in the kitchen, just stay away from the harsh cleaning soaps.

Take extra care to clean out  crevices where the lather may try and hide, this will prevent any build up.

Put your shaving accessories away into a safe dry spot, personally we put them into a cabinet to keep the dust off.

These tips will keep your shaving brush and shaving mug in good condition for some time as well as making sure you get the best shave possible from these components.

The items on the list above for the best shaving mug and brush are fantastic, but just incase you personally, don’t like those, we’ve thrown together some other favorites that just didn’t quite make the list for us, but may be the best shaving mug and brush for you.

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