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What is the Best Merkur Razor?

What is the Best Merkur Razor?

Men are realising that the traditional wet shave is the way forward, casting aside those gimmicky multi blade razors in favor for a better men’s shave, a shave with a safety razor but when you make the switch, which safety razor is the one you should go for?

Well we believe that whether you are new to wet shaving or just looking to try out for another de razor there’s nothing better than a Merkur razor, Merkur have a vast range of safety razors.

Merkur razors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so we’re sure you can find a Merkur safety razor from the our collection of Merkur razors that will suit your particular tastes and shaving style.

So you may be wondering why are men moving from the disposable razor over to something like a Merkur razor?

Well for some it may be for the simple sake of nostalgia, it may be for that better shave that a Merkur razor will most certainly provide over and above anything a cartridge razor or a disposable can give.

The problem that people face when switching to wet shaving is the lack of knowledge, not just about how to use a Merkur safety razor, but also how to find the right Merkur safety razor from the vast amount of Merkur safety razors in the first place.

Now you may have noticed we’re saying Merkur safety razor and not just safety razor, whilst Merkur safety razors are not the only brand of safety razors available to those who wet shave, this article is focusing solely on Merkur safety razors, we love Merkur razors and believe that you can get your best shave whilst using a Merkur razor.

Though that does not mean that Merkur razors are your only option.

There are many other brands which are just as good, which we’ve provided more info for.

Merkur is one of those brand names you will see popping up constantly when you search for a reliable safety razor.

Merkur razors are produced by the Merkur company in Germany who have been producing excellent Merkur safety razors for decades.

Merkur off a wide variety of Merkur razor models to choose from, some are Merkur Razors are better than others, this will depend entirely on your skin and facial hair type.

Which will make your search for the best Merkur razor that little bit more difficult.

Before we move on to what we think are the best Merkur razors out of all the Merkur safety razors, we want to give you a bit of background information on what the terminology you will encounter when searching for a Merkur razor is and what it means.

We’ll then move on to our reviews of the top Merkur razors available today.


When you search the Internet for a Merkur razor or just safety razors in general there are various terms that you will come across repeatedly.

The first two terms you may come across are open comb/closed comb and straight/solid bar.

These terms describe the area where the double edged razor blades edge is on show.

An open comb Merkur razor allows more of the double edged razor blades cutting surface to be exposed to your facial hair, the comb guides the hair to the blade.

This style is normally better for people with thick or coarse hair.

A straight/solid bar minimises the amount of cutting surface that is exposed to your skin.

A straight bar razor is normally good for someone with sensitive skin as it reduces skin irritation.

Either bar type will provide a close shave when bared with a sharp double edged razor blade.

Another term that you will come across is the handle length/grip length.

Merkur razors come in two handle lengths, long and short, now this isn’t just something that’s specific to a Merkur razor, this is a standard across the industry and applies to all safety razors.

A short grip Merkur razor will allow better control of the head pressure, these tend to also be much more forgiving for the novice user.

A long grip Merkur razor will require more pressure to keep the head of the safety razor cutting true.

This is generally more effective with coarse or thick hair.

Though be careful as a long grip safety razor tends to be much less forgiving which can lead to nicks if not handled correctly.

The Merkur Razors we reviewed for this article

Last updated on June 26, 2022 4:34 am

Our Reviews of the Best Merkur Safety Razors

This Merkur Razor is the Merkur 34c Heavy Duty Classic.

It’s a short grip DE razor that provides a good balanced between the weight of the head and the handle length.

This Merkur DE razor is made from chrome-plated zinc.

It’s also quite a forgiving razor once its been paired with the right double edges razor blades.

This Merkur Razor is a straight bar razor which is a fantastic choice if you are a novice as it will help prevent those accidental nicks.

A downside with this Merkur razor is that the plating is known to chip which is a shame, but it won’t affect your shave.

Merkur Classic Straight Safety Razor

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as of June 26, 2022 4:34 am

This Merkur Razor is the Merkur 33c Heavy Classic Style.

This is another short grip DE Razor.

This Merkur safety razor is finished in what we think is an attractive polished chrome.

The thickness of this DE razor’s handle is slightly smaller than the handle of the Merkur 34c, so if you have smaller hands or if you’re a woman who wants to use a de razor then this could be a very good choice for you.

Like the previous Merkur razor this is an excellent DE razor for the novice user as when paired up with the right double edged razor blades it is incredibly forgiving.

This Merkur safety razor is a great de razor for men who tend to have average coarseness facial hair which requires shaving everyday.

The only downside we found with this de razor was that the head of the razor is rather light which meant it was a bit of a struggle to shave if you have thick facial hair without having to apply additional pressure.

That additional pressure applied to the DE razor can leave to potential nicks, until you’ve learnt to develop a proper technique to use this de razor.

Merkur-Razor Merkur Safety Razor 15c Chrome

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as of June 26, 2022 4:34 am

This Merkur Razor is the Merkur 15C Classic.

This de razor is an open comb razor like the Merkur 33c, however unlike that de razor this merkur safety razor is capable of tackling the coarse or dense facial hair, that the Merkur 33c razor could not.

We loved the look of this Merkur safety razor, its polished chrome and knurled handle really looked fantastic sat on the shaving stand.

The short grip handle allows extra control for the novice user, so nicks whilst shaving with this merkur razor shouldn’t be an issue.

Though there is an issue with this Merkur safety razor and that is that it needs to be paired up with the right doubled edged razor blades.

If you pair this merkur safety razor up with a forgiving blade like the Derby extra, you may not get the closeness that you desire.

So we recommend you look at Kai or Feather double edged razor blades.

Merkur-Razor Merkur Safety Razor #25c,

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as of June 26, 2022 4:34 am

This Merkur Razor is the Merkur 25C.

This is a long handled de razor with an open comb.

The shave from this de razor is aggressive enough to tackle any facial hair type.

Pair this Merkur razor up with the right double edged razor blades and you could shave an angry badger with ease, and trust us, that’s quite a feat.

This grip of this de razor features a non-slip design, this is to ensure that even if you use this Merkur safety razor in the shower you are full of confidence in knowing that the Merkur razor won’t slip and produce nicks.

If you’re a novice user who’s thinking of moving to a long handled de razor, you must keep in mind that this type of razor is not the most forgiving, so if you technique isn’t perfect you will end up those unwanted nicks.

We advise you pair this Merkur de razor up with something like the feather double edged razor blades, you want the type of double edged razor blades that are incredibly sharp.

This Merkur Razor is the Merkur 23C.

This is another long grip de razor.

This Mekur razor has a straight bar.

It’s clear that this Merkur safety razor has been designed for those men who have coarse or dense facial hair and sensitive skin, which is why there’s a long grip with a heavy head, but then a straight bar to ensure less skin irritation.

That aside, having a long grip means that this Merkur razor is less forgiving than a short gripped de razor.

If you’re skin is rather sensitive we recommend that you pair this Merkur safety razor up with a less aggressive double edged razor blade, such as a Wilkinson sword double edged razor blades.

Our Thought For The Two Best Merkur Razors

This list covers what we think are the best Merkur safety razors on the market are, but there are a lot of razors in this list and how can you narrow the list down to that one Merkur razor for you?

Well firstly read our reviews and see if the descriptions describe your type of shave.

Merkur Classic Straight Safety Razor

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as of June 26, 2022 4:34 am

Though in our opinion if you are a novice in the world of de razors and wet shaving or you have sensitive skin then the best Merkur razor for you is most likely the Merkur 33C Classic.

We believe that this is the best Merkur razor for you because it has a nice short grip which gives a forgiving shave as well as a straight bar design which will reduce friction which in turn reduces skin irritation.

You can reduce the skin irritation even further by pairing this de razor up with a set double edged razor blades that aren’t incredibly sharp like the Derby extra blade.

Merkur-Razor Merkur Safety Razor #25c,

$39.73  in stock
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as of June 26, 2022 4:34 am

Now if you are a gentleman with coarse of thick facial hair, then we suggest you look at the Merkur 25C as this may be the best Merkur razor for you.

The open combed de razor design paired up with its long handle provides you with a very close shave, even if you are attempting to take down a forest every day.

You can further optimize your shave with this DE razor by paying it up with some incredibly sharp double edged razor blades such as these awesome Feather double edged razor blades.

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