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Merkur Futur

The Merkur Futur is a great buy and the weight plus its adjustable head makes for an easy shave.

Even with several days worth of beard growth, it will destroy stubble like a knife through butter.

The design, however, leaves something to be desired…

Some people will love it and others will hate it.

Merkur-Razor Adjustable Futur Brushed Chrome Safety Razor

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The Merkur Futur razor is a 2 piece adjustable DE (double-edged) razor with a snap on cap.

It weighs 4.8 ounces and has a closed comb and an adjustable head with 6 settings.

It is big, possibly one of biggest safety razors out there, though not as big as Merkur Vision.

The size of the razor isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as you need to find a razor that fits the size of your hands. As an average sized guy, shaving with this razor is like shaving with a baseball bat.

Normally when I shave, I grip the razor with my thumb and a few fingers so I can get good control and maintain a lighter touch.

For me, that’s just not possible with the Merkur Futur, I have to hold this razor like I’m holding a glass of whisky, which makes it difficult to really let the razor do its thing, and increases the chances of being cut.

But I am aware this is a biassed review like I said, I’m an average sized guy trying to use a razor clearly designed for a man with bigger hands.

Now that the size is out of the way, let’s talk about the shave it gives.

Wow, what an amazing shave! As mentioned, the Merkur Futur comes in at 4.8 ounces, that’s rather heavy, but it does mean you shouldn’t need to pull the razor at all, the weight will do all the work for you.

The Merkur Futur features a fully adjustable head with 6 different settings – so you control just how aggressive the shave is.

The higher the setting, the move the blade is exposed.

If you really want to take full advantage of this razor, shave once you have a few days growth, using the highest setting initially, then reduce the setting on each pass.

With this razor, you should be able to get an extremely close shave.

Remember though that everyone’s face is different, so experiment to find the setting that works for you.

This razor wasn’t designed to shave everyone, but if you can wield it, it will cut through the toughest of beards.

Functionally, the engineering is a masterpiece, aesthetically, however, it is possibly one of the ugliest razors I’ve ever seen.

I also found its ergonomics to be pretty mediocre but that could be down to not having the right sized hands.

Bottom Line?

This razor is a mixed bag, it comes down to what you want from your shave.

If you are a big dude who wants the closest shave possible and you don’t care about anything else, then this razor is for you.

If you are an average sized guy, like me, or you want the best possible shaving experience then maybe take a look at my other reviews to find a better fit.

Think this razor might be for you? Let’s talk about how to use it…

The Merkur Futur safety razor is a solid piece of kit and you can tell as soon as you pick it up.

The weight of it is enough to sheer through the thickest of stubble with ease.

But don’t be put off by the size and weight of this razor, it is made for all skin types and shaving skill levels.

If this is your first time using a safety razor as large as the Merkur Futur, have no fear, we’re going to walk you through exactly how to use this safety razor.

Now let’s be clear, you may experience some nicks and cuts in the beginning but they’re just a normal part of the learning curve and once you’ve got the hang of this razor they will be a thing of the past.

First, we need to prepare the stubble.

So take a shower or spend some time with a hot washcloth on your face.

This will prime the skin by opening the pores helping your whiskers to stand up in preparation to meet the razor, the heat will also soften the hairs and your skin.

Now add some pre-shave oil by massaging it into your stubble in a circular motion.

With that done your face is primed, ready for the next stage – the lather.

Lather your face up with your favourite shaving cream or shaving soap, feel free to use a shaving brush to assist with the application.

Apply the lather all over the pre-shave oil, then wash your hands to remove any residue, we don’t want the Merkur Futur to slip due to greasy hands.

Now adjust the Merkur Futur to accommodate the type of skin you have and the level of facial hair you are currently sporting.

The adjustment will determine the degree of space between the comb and the blade, for example, setting 1 means that there is a small gap, and therefore gives you a close shave, whereas setting 6 means the gap is large which allows you to keep a slight beard.

With the razor adjusted, it’s time for your face to meet the Merkur Futur!

Don’t be nervous, take your time and remember that you want to shave WITH the direction of growth.

Make sure to rinse the Merkur Futur frequently to keep it free of build up, as this will prevent a clean shave.

Make sure to use short and very gentle strokes around your chin, upper and lower lips to reduce the likelihood of any cuts or nicks, make sure to continue going WITH the grain here too.

Once again, take it slow and you will be clean shaven in no time.

Once you’ve finished shaving, wash your face and neck with warm water to remove any remaining lather.

Dry your face and add a small amount of aftershave, then clean your Merkur Futur under water, leaving it to dry in your safety razor stand.

Remember to change your blades every 4-5 shaves to ensure your keep getting the best shave possible.

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