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How Do You Travel With A Safety Razor?

How do you travel with a safety razor

Have you ever gone on a long trip and needed to shave, but weren’t sure if you should bring your safety razor with you? Or maybe you want to bring your safety razor and just aren’t sure of how to keep it safe.

Travelling with your safety razor isn’t all that difficult, but there are some things you should know before going on your trip, especially when it comes to taking sharp objects onto an airplane.

Let’s talk about everything you need to know when it comes to travelling with a safety razor.

How To Travel With A Safety Razor

A safety razor is perhaps one of the best ways to get a clean shave every time.

They are a good middle ground between the straight razor and a disposable cartridge razor and they provide for one of the closest shaves possible.

They are a convenient wet shaving tool to have with you when you are on the go.

However there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before embarking on your journey with a safety razor.

  • The Legality

One of the most important things to remember before going on a trip with your safety razor is that it is considered to be a weapon, especially the replacement blades.

This is not so important if you are travelling with your car or by train, but it definitely is crucial to note if you are travelling by air.

Since 9/11 security procedures and regulations at airports have gone through the roof.

Something which the security at airports definitely does not tolerate is having a weapon on you.

The blades from a safety razor are very sharp and with just a little effort they could be turned into a deadly weapon which a plane could be taken over with.

Therefore when you are travelling with your safety razor it is essential that the razor itself does not have any blades in it.

This is especially the case if you have the razor in your carry on bags. The general rule is that you have to have all of the blades for your safety razor safely stored away in your luggage.

The luggage is not accessible to you during a flight, thus there is no chance of you using the blades as weapons.

Therefore airport security will tolerate it if you have the blades in your luggage, just not in your carry on items because they are far too accessible and pose an immediate danger.

Storing The Safety Razor

While safety razors are very rugged and durable, they are still susceptible to cracks, dents, and other forms of damage which can render them useless.

One of the biggest problems that safety razors experience is that they get scratched easily, something which you don’t want happening to an item that may have cost over 100 dollars.

To prevent any damage to your safety razor you are going to want a special safety razor carrying case.

A good carrying case for your safety razor will prevent it from getting damaged and will also keep out any moisture which may compromise the integrity of your razor.

You can choose to get a case that is just meant for the razor, which means that you will need something else to store the blades and the brush, something like a blade case.

You can also get a case or toiletry bag that will hold all of your shaving tools including the razor, extra blades, and the shaving brush too.

You may also want to get a brush case to keep the shaving brush in good condition too.

Being Prepared

Something else that you should keep in mind when travelling with a safety razor is that you will want to prepare for your next shave.

You should make sure that you have enough extra blades to get through your trip no matter how long it is. Also make sure that you have your shaving brush, the shaving bowl, and even some aftershave too, you know, just in case.

The most important part is having extra blades because the place you are going may not sell the blades you need for your model of safety razor, in which case you are going to have to find a different way to shave.

Items you will need to travel with a safety razor

There are a few items that are essential for you to have if you plan on travelling with your safety razor.

These include things like a safety razor travel case, a disposable blade case, a brush case, and a toiletry bag too, not to mention the items that go in the cases too. We’re going to go over some of the best options for each of these items so let’s get right to it.

The Safety Razor Case – Plastic Or Leather

Safety razor travel cases come in many different forms and can be made out of several different materials.

Getting one of these is essential for keeping your razor free of damage. You can choose to go with either leather or plastic cases.

Parker Safety Razor, Leather Travel & Protective Case for Double Edge Safety Razors

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A great thing to have to prevent physical and moisture damage to your safety razor while traveling is a safety razor protective case.

One such as this safety razor case from Parker Safety Razors makes for a great choice.

This particular model features a felt lining on the inside to prevent any scratches or dents. The outside of this case is made out of leather which is very durable and will resist being crushed and is great in case it takes a tumble.

This is a great option because it can fit virtually any safety razor whether it is single or double edged and no matter how long the handle is.

This model also features a secure snap lock design that keeps the razor safely in place inside of the case while you travel.

Some other options in terms of leather safety razor cases include:

Merkur Safety Razor Travel Case

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Instead of a leather case for your safety razor you can also choose to go with a plastic case.

Leather cases are great for simple storage and to protect from scratching, however they are of course softer than plastic. Plastic cases will better protect your safety razor from fall damage and from getting crushed.

For this reason we have included the Merkur plastic safety razor travel case. It’s really up to you and whether you prefer plastic or leather, they will both do a satisfactory job.

This particular plastic case is suitable for most short handle safety razors and will keep them safe during travel.

The blade case

Another thing that you will need for travelling with your safety razor is a case for the blades. You don’t want the blades getting damaged or damaging other items.

Feather Blade Disposal Case

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Since you aren’t allowed to have a blade in your safety razor or even in your carry-on baggage when you go on a plane, you will need somewhere to store the blades. A great way to go is to get a simple plastic carrying case for extra blades.

After all you can’t just put them into your luggage because they will break, snap, get dull, or even cut up other items in your suitcase.

A plastic disposable blade case keeps your blades safe, neatly stored, and easy to take out when the time comes to use them.

The Safety Razor And Blade Case Combination

Genuine Leather Double Edge Safety Razor Zippered Travel Case with Compartment for Blades Too - from Parker Safety Razor Saddle Brown

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This is a great option for travelling with your safety razor because it is made out of leather and is thus very durable.

It will keep your razor safe and free of damage, not to mention that it has a zipper to close which means that it won’t open on its own. This is a great combination of the safety razor carrying case and the disposable blade case.

This model features a holder for your safety razor plus a special compartment for extra blades.

We really like this model because it’s a combination of the first 2 items, but actually isn’t much more expensive than either of them.

The Shaving Brush Case

Muhle Pinsel Round Shave Brush Travel Holder

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Another thing that you will need to keep from getting damaged while travelling with your safety razor is the shaving brush.

The brush is perhaps the most susceptible part of your shaving kit because the bristles can be pretty sensitive and prone to breaking or getting ripped out of the brush head.

Therefore a brush case like the Muhle can come in pretty handy. An alternative to getting a shaving brush and a shaving brush carrying case separately is to get a travel brush that comes with a cap or case included.

The Toiletry Bag

Parker Safety Razor's Handmade Buffalo Leather Travel Toiletry Bag Dopp Kit for Men

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Another more inclusive option that you can go with is a toiletry case. The one we have listed here is very durable thanks to its leather construction, plus it is very roomy too.

You can fit your razor, the extra blades, and the shaving brush inside of it with ease. Having separate cases for all of those items is recommended even when using a toiletry bag just like this one.

Of course you can store the items in the toiletry bag without their individual cases with ease, but your items will be kept safer if they are in their suitable cases inside of the toiletry bag.

The toiletry bag is meant to keep all of these items in one convenient place, not as much to protect them and keep them safe.


Travelling with your safety razor is probably the best way to ensure that you get a clean shave every time.

That being said you will want to make sure that you have the appropriate travel cases so that none of your shaving equipment will get damaged.

Plus you need to be aware of the rules and regulations in terms of carrying around the blades, especially in an airport.

We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions in terms of which safety razor cases, brush cases, blade, cases, and toiletry bags are the best.

We hope that our advice and product recommendations have made your travels a little easier and if you have any suggestions or things we forgot to mention, we would love to hear all about it.

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