A Step-by-Step Guide to Manly Bathroom

A Step-by-Step Guide to Manly Bathroom

Do you want to design a manly bathroom? What should you include in the manliest bathroom? There are many important upgrades that you can use.
Today, we are here to give you complete instruction to upgrade your bathroom and give it a man cave bathroom decor. You will have various options to use to upgrade the design. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can pick the right appliances for your man cave bathroom. 

Shower Panels

Shower panel is one of the most important parts of the manliest bathroom. You will start a day with showering. So, it is a good idea to update the shower panel. A good quality shower panel can give you a right temperature of water and various ways to provide water for shower.

Generally, a shower panel comes with a LED light display for providing water temperature information. In addition, it has more than one water head for a shower. As a result, you can use the different nozzle for water massage in the bathroom.

You can control the water temperature and enjoy a good shower time. Generally, the shower panels are easy to install and use. It will increase the beauty of the bathroom. In addition, it will help to design your bathroom perfectly. Be sure to check best shower panel reviews here: https://walkinshowers.org/best-walk-in-shower-panels-review.html.

Digital Shower Control

Digital shower control is a new addition to the dynamic bathroom. Generally, it is a remote or a digital panel to control the flow of water and other aspects.

Depending on the models and features, you will get various benefits. Most of the modern digital shower controls come with a touch screen facility. You will get a set of settings to control.

You can touch and select the right option for you. A normal digital shower control offers to select the water temperature, controlling the water flow and touch on/off feature.

Some of the digital shower controllers have internal memory. You can set pre-programmed water temperature and flow. As a result, the controller will atomically give you the regular temperature. You do not need to give instructions daily.

Making a Theme for Water Sinks

What do you like? You can make the water sink with the theme. If you like cricket, you can use a cricket bat as the nozzle of the water. Set a green field with a brown pitch style as sinks. It will become a good idea to make your water sinks perfect.

The idea depends on your preferences. Setup the water sinks depending on your choice. It will add a flavor of your taste and give a premium look. In fact, it will give a great impression whenever someone or you enter into the bathroom. 

Upgraded Lighting System 

A good interior lighting system can change the view of your bathroom. Good quality LED lights can add a good lighting system. However, you can use a set of LED bulbs in various colors.

So, you can light up a different color for a different purpose. When you are shaving, you can use a clear white lighting. You can use red during the sunset. It will give an additional theme to your bathroom. Select the colors that you like and setup the manliest bathroom for you.

Mirror in the Wall

Not only a woman but also man also like to watch themselves during shower and other times like for shaving. Therefore, you can add a mirror to your bathroom.

Don’t go for a normal mirror. It will not add a great impression at all. Go for fancy mirrors for the wall. It will give you a premium look and manly feeling.

You will get many designs for the mirror. If you don’t like a normal mirror, you can also design a custom mirror. Contact the mirror provider, give the design and get the mirror.

The design or structure can be the thing that you like. For example, you like cricket, make a cricket ball or bat style mirror. Or, you can make a tire style mirror. It will always boost your mood when watching yourself into the mirror. 

Shower Speaker 

If you love music, enjoying songs when showering is not a wrong idea. You can buy and add a waterproof wireless stereo speaker in your bathroom. It will always give you recreation when taking a shower in the morning.

Depending on price and brands, you will get various designs. For shower speakers, you can choose a waterproof touch screen speaker and attach it near the shower panel. So, you can play, pause, skip or increase/decrease the sound of the music. It will entertain you when you are taking a shower, shaving or trimming your beard. Just don't be dancing when using your beard scissors, for safety reasons.

Wood Shower Caddy

A wood shower caddy is the best way to organize the shower products easily. It comes with multiple shelves for keeping the shampoo, soap and other shower elements. Depending on your needs, you can choose a right shower caddy size.

Glass Room 

It is one of the expensive processes to keep your shower area different from the bathroom. You can create an internal glass room for showering space.

Premium quality glass can be transparent or non-transparent glass. You can also use favorite theme wallpaper inside of the glass room. It will give you a limited space for showering. However, it is important to keep the rest of the bathroom area dry.

Matching Color Bathroom Accessories 

You need to keep some bathroom accessories for keeping toothbrush, toothpaste, hand wash soap and other things. If you keep them in a normal accessory set, it will not give a strong beauty.

You can add a premium quality and matching themed accessories set. It will enhance the beauty and perfection of your bathroom. 

Towel Hooks

Don’t go for normal towel hooks. Rounded hanger is common for the bathrooms. Why don’t you go for some fancy or funny design hooks?

You can use a structure of hand for holding your towel. It will give a manly feel in the bathroom. You will get various designs for your towel hook. Also, you can order for a custom design hooks for holding a towel. 


The manliest bathroom can be yours if you use our inspiration post. You can install better devices and bathroom appliances to make it perfect. The more you will add modern elements, the more it will enhance the beauty. You will always get a luxury feel when taking a shower in the bathroom. So, change the design and improve the bathroom with our ideas to make it amazing.