Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion All-in-One Trimmer Review

Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion All-in-One Trimmer Review

Let’s face it, traditional shaving is hard. It takes practice to master, it takes a long time to get ready. You’ve got to prepare your face, get the shaving cream sorted, set out the razor and mirror, run the water, get the towels, and all this before you even touch blade to skin.

Sometimes, we don’t have time for that, as much as we might enjoy the process and the results.

That’s why when you need a quick shave, you can’t beat a hair and beard trimmer. In as little as two minutes you can be sharp and well groomed. And if you aren’t using it, you can just toss it in the cupboard under the sink, ready for the next emergency.

Things to consider

So how do you choose a trimmer? Well just like with everything else, there are certain things you should look for when you’re buying a grooming or trimming set. Specific things that, if you get them right, all but guarantee that what you’re buying will be quality.

Guarantee that the trimmer you buy will last a long time, deliver a good result, and leave you a completely satisfied customer. A customer with an expertly groomed, handsome look to boot.

So what are we looking for? There’s four important things. Blades. Motor. Battery. Accessories.


You can’t overstate the importance of a good set of blades. It’s the blades which do the cutting. Which make contact with your face and actually shave the hairs. So a better quality blade automatically leads to a better quality cut. Not only that, better quality blades are usually better for the skin, as well as lasting a lot longer than lower quality steel.


The motor drives the blades, and you need a decent motor to get a decent shave, especially if you have particularly thick and hard to cut hair like me. Cheaper motors, cheaper trimmers tend to struggle on my beard, and there’s nothing worse than moving a happily buzzing trimmer to your face for the first time and hearing it chug as it meets hair.

Except, maybe, that same trimmer having such a weak motor that it doesn’t actually cut your hair, and starts ripping it out by the roots instead.

Long story short, get a good motor.


A more powerful battery means you can run a more powerful motor, which, like we just discussed, obviously means everything about the trim is going to be better.

A higher quality, more expensive battery also almost always lasts longer, both on a per charge basis, and in lifespan. Modern lithium ion batteries can last anywhere up to three or four times longer than a conventional battery, so if possible, look for a trimmer powered by lithium ion.


If you know the look you want, then you probably know what you need to use to get that look, whether you’re looking for a particular length of trimming blade or a detailing trimmer to get those close and difficult to hit spots.

Shaving and trimming kits come with so much variety these days, it’s worth double checking that what you’re buying has everything you need in the box. Otherwise your shiny new toy might arrive only for you to be disappointed when you unpack it.

Wahl Lithium Ion All-in-One Beard Trimmer Men’s Grooming Kit - Rechargeable Beard Trimmer, Hair Clipper & Electric Shavers – Model 9854-600

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as of December 19, 2022 12:54 am

The first lithium-ion powered groomer in the world, powered by the most advanced rechargeable battery in the industry, make the Wahl Lithium Ion All-in-one an attractive prospect for any man looking for a quality trimmer and shaver combo.

So what about the trimmer itself? Well, it’s a Wahl, so you’re getting a decent product, no matter whatever else you might think. In fact, we rate Wahl so highly we’ve got a list of the best Wahl trimmers right here.

Like every Wahl, if you buy this machine you’re getting a solid trimmer from a strong heritage. It’s got the same level of professional quality blades that you’d expect from any Wahl product, and cuts great, shaving even the thickest hairs with no issues and giving me that clean, precise look I like so much.

It’s made with the same reliability and care you see across the whole Wahl range. Even though it’s only one of Wahl’s mid-range products, if you treat this trimmer well and give it the care and maintenance it needs, you’ll get great, reliable performance and a good shave, time after time, for potentially years to come.

I didn’t have any problems with this. I did notice that a few other users mentioned having issues with batteries and power. This didn’t worry me in the slightest, though, because I know Wahl have an industry leading 5 year warranty that covers damn near anything. So whatever might potentially go wrong with your machine (always an option, no matter how reliable) you know it’s covered.



  • Great cut. Really powerful motor and battery gives a close, even trim
  • Full set of accessories. 3 beard guides, ear and nose detailer, foil shaver, trimmer and three guide combs
  • ​Excellent battery. Twice as powerful, runs three times longer
  • ​5 minute quick charge
  • ​Smart LED display makes charging simple
  • Exceptional Wahl 5 year warranty
  • Only works on US outlets. You won’t be able to take this abroad
  • Hair sticks to the rubber of the casing, so it’s a pain to clean

Features and Benefits

The Wahl Blades

Wahl’s blades are always consistently good, made of high-quality steel and sharpened to a professional level, and the blades on this trimmer definitely don’t disappoint.

I consistently found a good cut with these, close and reliable. The blades had no problem cutting my hair, whether that was just the hair on my head or my thick and curly beard, which was good. I didn’t try it anywhere below the neck, but considering how it performed, I wouldn’t have been worried, even if I’d taken it into the most intimate areas.

The Exceptional Battery

Wahl’s Lithium ion battery is top class. First off, it delivers twice the power and twice the torque of a standard battery, putting more power into the motor, so you get a better, closer, more consistent shave.

Second, despite this, it actually lasts longer than normal batteries, with almost 4 hours of running time at a full charge, and it holds that charge up to ten times longer than standard, meaning it’s okay to charge it once and throw it in the bag when you head away on holiday and know that you’re going to be covered. I’ve gone actual, literal months between recharges, and I shave at least once or twice a week.

Lastly, it also charges faster than a standard battery. From zero to full in just one hour, and a five minute quick charge will give you three minutes of shaving time from a dead battery in just five minutes.

Just make sure you unplug it when it’s done charging. Leaving a lithium ion battery on charge past the point it needs it kills the battery dead. But if you look after it correctly, you’ll get years of good service and usage out of it.

The Accessories

The easiest way to describe what comes with this kit?


As well as the trimmer itself, you get the full set of heads, including the base trimmer head, a t-blade head for hair cuts and outlining, a dual shaver for an ultra close shave all over the body, and a precision detailer, which can also be used on the nose and ears.

You also get 3 sets of guides for both the t-blade and the trimmer, 6 guides in all, as well as a stand and a nice zippered case to keep it all in.

The Warranty

Even though this is a good trimmer from a major brand, sometimes things go wrong. When that happens, it’s good to know that you’re supported. Wahl cover their products with a massive 5-year warranty, and even better, their products are almost all produced in the USA, and so are their call centres, so you can get everything fixed with the minimum of fuss.


Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion 2.0+ Slate Beard Trimmer for Men - Electric Shaver, Nose Ear Trimmer, Rechargeable All in One Men's Grooming Kit - Model 9864

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as of December 19, 2022 12:54 am

The top of the range from Wahl, this does the same job as the basic lithium ion trimmer, but does it all with so much more aplomb.

Comparing them, this has Wahl’s elite level high-performance carbon steel blades for a closer, smoother cut, and comes with their System3 shaver attachment for a super close barbershop shave. They’ve also managed to improve the battery, giving it even longer running time and quicker charging.

If you’re looking for the best trimmer that Wahl have, this is it.

Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion 2.0+ Slate Beard Trimmer for Men - Electric Shaver, Nose Ear Trimmer, Rechargeable All in One Men's Grooming Kit - Model 9864

$74.99  in stock
1 new from $74.99
1 used from $73.93
Free shipping
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as of December 19, 2022 12:54 am

If you’re looking for a similar trimming from industry titans Braun instead, this is an excellent set.

It’s got everything you’d expect. The trimmer itself is great quality, with exceptional blades and a solid battery life, even if it is a little slow charging. It’s got a lot of different style and cutting options with the included accessories, and it’s fully waterproof to make cleanup a cinch.

It also comes with a Gilette razor thrown in. You know. In case that’s something you wanted?

Philips Norelco BT7215/49, Vacuum Beard Trimmer Series 7200, Cordless Lithium-Ion Mustache and Beard Groomer for Men - NO BLADE OIL NEEDED

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as of December 19, 2022 12:54 am

We always end up coming back here. Like a warm, familiar relationship, this trimmer never disappoints me.

But then, we know why we love it so much. It’s not the the fact that it gives an exceptional cut, and it’s got a lot of options built straight into the system. It’s not the lift and trim technology that guides the hairs on your face straight into the blades so you get the most regular, efficient cut possible.

It’s the vacuum system. I’m a man who likes to get things done, and have things set out right, and cleaning up after a shave is always a bit of a chore. Chasing evasive little hairs around the edge of the faucet makes my head hurt, and this pretty much stops that completely. It’s a great purchase.


I like the Wahl 9854-600 lithium ion, but I’m not sure I love it. It just doesn’t differentiate itself, from either end of the range. The cheaper trimmers will give you a similar cut without any of the bells and whistles, and the more expensive trimmers are just outright better.

It’s a great little machine, and if you buy it, you won’t be disappointed, but knowing what’s out there, if it was me I might make another choice.

If you’re wondering what Wahl I’d recommend, you can read our review.

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