Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit Review

Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit Review

Sometimes you don’t need just to trim your beard. Sometimes you need a complete kit, that’s capable of handling whatever you need it to do, whether that’s tame some errant facial hair, get your hairline back up to speed, or even throw down with a chest as hairy as a gorillas before you hit the beach.

And if you’re doing all of this, you’re going to need a comprehensive, powerful trimmer set.

Things To Consider

When you’re looking for a trimmer, there’s a lot of things to consider.

First, is it capable of dealing with the jobs you need it to do? Yeah, you might be buying it to shave your own head and keep yourself sharp, but have you considered that you might also want something that can trim your chest and back? Or maybe something that could replace your beard trimmer, making grooming a whole lot easier and saving valuable bathroom space.

Second, when you’re buying your trimmer, you want to get the most powerful trimmer possible. More power equals a better, more consistent cut and a much better experience all round.

Power comes from two things. Motor quality and how it’s powered.

When it comes to motors, there’s only one thing to know. More power is better. As the motor drives the blades, you want the most powerful motor possible, so you get a better, closer cut, as well as lessening the chances of pulls and other irregularities.

There’s two types of power for trimmers. Battery powered and wired. Battery power is good for mobility and flexibility, but it can die at inconvenient times and obviously needs recharging. Wired power systems are usually more powerful, but a lot less flexible as obviously you’re fixed to a wall socket.

Lastly, it’s worth checking what else comes with your trimmer set. There’s a lot of variation, and sometimes you can get interesting things like scissor sets, cases and stands, and sometimes even things like smaller detail trimmers.

Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit, #79300-400T

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as of November 9, 2022 2:20 pm

A complete hair and body grooming kit, the Wahl Color Pro seems to be aimed more at professionals. This kit is suited for anyone who needs the power and variety of options you’d find in a hairdressers or traditional barbers, so maybe if you run your own barbershop or have a home business.

It’s a solid haircutting kit that’s really easy to use, and it’s powerful enough to cut any type of hair, plus it can be used all over the body. This means it’s not just for professionals. So if you need a decent hair trimmer that can be used all over the body and also functions as a solid beard trimmer as well, this is perfect.

It’s probably the simplest kit I’ve seen, as well. Every guide comb is color coded, so you can know at a glance which is which. It also makes it easier to remember what your preferences are. Who can remember 1-1/4 inches, right? But red. Red I can remember with no problems.

There’s a built-in guide key on the trimmer body itself, too, which reminds you how long each color comb cuts, so there’s absolutely no way you can get it wrong. It also makes it much easier if you’re cutting someone else’s hair and they ask for a specific length.

Because it’s a Wahl, it’s got a professional grade motor and self-sharpening, precision ground blades, so the product always gives a solid, consistent cut.

It’s also cheap. Considering just how good the trimmer itself is, and how much you get with it, the price you pay is amazing.

Not only that, the trimmer is well built enough to last a long ass time, and even if something does go wrong, it has a massive 5-year warranty



  • Powerful, heavy duty Wahl motor
  • Colour coded comb kit makes selecting and using it simpler than ever, plus a built-in color key
  • ​Self-sharpening precision ground professional blades give a great cut
  • ​Removable blade design makes complete cleaning easy, and replacing them as simple as removing two screws
  • ​Soft touch grip, ergonomic fit and more control in the hand
  • ​Corded power supply gives consistent power delivery. The cord is 6 feet long as well, so has good freedom of movement
  • Massive 5-year warranty
  • It’s corded, so it’s not designed for mobility
  • The scissors that come in the kit are low quality
  • ​It’s only okay for beard work. You’ll get a solid trim, but dedicated beard trimmers do a better job
  • ​Extended usage heats the machine up quite a bit
  • The carry case that comes with the kit sucks

Features and benefits

Great build quality all through

The trimmer itself is reassuringly solid and throbs nicely in the hand when it’s on. The casing it metal, not cheap plastic, and the built-in color key is a lovely touch.

The accessories are good, as well. At least, the ones that matter. The guide combs are robust, smooth and don’t hurt the skin or pull hair. They also clip satisfyingly into place, seating well and not rocking at all.

Unfortunately, the scissors and case that come with the kit are a bit weak. But you didn’t buy this kit for the scissors, right? (If you do want a decent pair, we have a post on the best beard scissors out there, here.)

Strong motor

It’s a Wahl, so the motor is good quality anyway, but this trimmer comes with an uprated heavy duty Wahl motor that makes cutting hair even easier. I never experienced any snags or pulling when I was using this, and I’ve got pretty thick hair, so that’s good.

Excellent set of blades

The blades are also exceptional. Carbon steel, professionally ground, and self-sharpening so you don’t even need to maintain them. They cut hair with no issues, no matter how thick and bushlike it might be, it is or where it’s found on the body.

They last for literally years, too, and somehow need pretty much no maintenance. Just a couple of drops of blade oil every few weeks and you’re done.

Suitable for pretty much any situation

You can use this trimmer everywhere. Face and head is no problem, other parts of the body like the chest and back it deals with easily, and you can even use it on more intimate areas, though I’d handle with care when you’re down there.

Some buyers have even bought this to use on animals, whether to trim their own pets or because they run a pet grooming business, which shows you just how versatile these really are.

Comprehensive accessory kit

It comes with everything you need to get started. The clipper and a blade guard. 11 specifically colored guide combs, a barber’s comb and styling comb, scissors, a cleaning brush and blade oil, and a carrying case.

Exceptionally long warranty

The warranty is a massive 5 years. Even though this is a solid and reliable unit, if something does go wrong Wahl will fix you back up again.

After looking these over, I had a quick sneak at other customer’s reviews. There’s thousands of them. Literally.

As for the feedback? It seems the vast majority of people had a good experience with these clippers. There’s a good few bad reviews, but they’re vastly outnumbered by the good, a pretty much 10 to 1 margin. Considering that the clippers are covered by a 5-year warranty, I wouldn’t be worried about anything being wrong because I could just send everything back and get it replaced.


Honestly, there’s pretty much no set that’s more comprehensive than this one for the price. However, you might be looking for something a little higher end, in which case, there are multiple options available.

The first choice is this, Wahl’s highest level hair trimmer set. Compared to the Color Pro, you’re getting a more powerful motor, delivering 15% higher performance, as well as Wahl Smoothcut blades, the best in the range. The attachments are also highest quality stainless steel.

Overall, its just a better quality of trimmer. It’s also supported by a full lifetime warranty, so if you’re looking for a trimmer kit that is high quality, high performance, and will last forever, this is a great choice.

Sminiker Professional Hair Clippers Cordless Haircut Machine Barber Shavers Rechargeable Hair Cutting Tools with 2 Batteries, 4 Comb, Guides – Grey

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For something at about the same level as the Color Pro, this kit from Sminiker fits the bill. It comes with everything you need to start cutting, including a set of four adjustable guides, scissors and a pair of batteries for longer duration cutting.

Regarding quality, it’s a solid cutting system and has a really impressive motor that’s far quieter than the usual motors in trimmers of this level. This makes it perfect for children’s haircuts, as well as niche cases like pet hairdressers, so it doesn’t spook all the dogs and cats.

Remington MB4045B The Beardsman: Beard Boss Full Beard Trimmer Kit, Precise Detail Groomer (6 pieces), Platinum

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as of November 9, 2022 2:20 pm

Instead of a full trimming kit, you might just be looking for a solid beard trimmer set instead. If that’s the case, this option by industry professionals, Remington is a great option.

It comes with an 11 piece set of cutting blades designed to trim and groom every part of the face and head, including ears and nose. It’s got a solid motor, quality blades, and a great battery with 3 hours of life and a quick charge feature to save you in a pinch.

If you’re dead set on a beard trimmer from Wahl, instead, we’ve got a comprehensive list of Wahl beard trimmers in our review.


If you’re looking for a low cost but still good quality hair trimmer kit, you could do a helluva lot worse than grab the Wahl Color Pro. It’s got everything you need to cut anyone’s hair. It’s simple, robust, and easy to use, and despite the fact that it’s so cheap, it’s still got the same quality of build and quality of cut you’re used to from a great name like Wahl.

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