An interview with Zach Stephenson from BeardGains

An interview with Zach Stephenson from BeardGains

An interview with Zach Stephenson from BeardGains

Zach Stephenson from recently reached out to us to see if we would be interested in reviewing some of their products, which we are, so keep your eyes peeled for our review of what Beard Gains has to offer.

Since we had Zach’s attention, we thought it would be an ideal time for a brief interview, to find out more about Beard Gains and their products, this isn’t the first time Zach’s been interviewed you can see an interview that Zach had on Welsh News 2 here:

While ours isn’t on tv, we think you’ll love the interview., so without further ado!

The Interview

Major Beard: I love the brand name "Beard Gains" What made you come up with this name?

Zach Stephenson: Actually it was originally a gym clothing line. I had a beard and was into going to the gym. So I combined getting your gains with being bearded and started Beard Gains.

Major Beard: What's the process you go through when you come up with a new product?

Zach Stephenson: I just come up with ideas then pass it by a few close friends for any criticism. Being able to take corrective criticism is crucial when you are brainstorming products. It's not what I like, it's what my customers like.

Major Beard: What's your favorite product that you sell?

Zach Stephenson: I'm a beanie guy so I definitely enjoy creating the hats, I also have a new leather case flip comb coming out I'm pretty excited about

Major Beard: Your beard is awesome, what advice do you have to those just starting on their beard journey?

Zach Stephenson: Have lots of patience and be prepared to start over when you mess up your cheek lines hahaha

Major Beard: One of the things I hear in the office when I suggest everyone should grow a beard is that they can't, it's too itchy, what do you suggest that they do to prevent the itch.

Zach Stephenson: I got the cure for itchiness and that's the truth. Our beard conditioner is designed EXACTLY for that. Here's a recent testament from a happy customer. Donald Orlando, FL, "I was amazed at how well it removed the flaky skin irritation I was getting under my beard. It even worked on my head dandruff. It works better than the typical dandruff shampoo."

Major Beard: I see you sell custom beard combs, that's awesome! do you have any favorites?

Zach Stephenson: I like the two tone comb, knuckles and the punisher. Those were the first 3 combs we created and literally what made us so popular.

Check out to see their offerings, they also offer a create your own comb service!

Major Beard: You state your beard combs are stress tested, what do you do to test them?

Zach Stephenson: try to break them, hahaha we grab a comb on each side then twist and bend. If it snaps or cracks, it means there was a bad seam in the wood. The thing is, you can't actually see when wood is bad so really this is the only way to tell. We've had entire planks of wood that were bad and literally broken 100's of combs in a row.

Major Beard: Any new products in the pipeline?

Zach Stephenson: Always! We have two new beanies releasing under the "Dirt Bag" name, we have a flex fit hat coming out, leather case flip comb, we also just linked our 22 flavors of e juice to the site and just released a CBD products line under the name CBDeez. We making moves! Lez go!

Major Beard: What makes your beard oils stand out from the rest?

Zach Stephenson: The complexity and the expenses. Nobody can touch our blends and they don't even come close. Some of our oils have 14-15 essential oils in them and we import our oils from India using East Indian Sandalwood which is $80 for like an ounce. We have 3 fragrance blends with essential oils and 3 pure essential oil blends.The pure essential oil blends literally took me years to perfect and you will not find anyone capable of replicating my scents.


We loved talking to Zach and it’s clear that he has a true passion for creating products that stand out above the rest, while we haven’t had the opportunity to review his products yet, we will do soon, and we cannot wait, they sound amazing! You can find Zachs products on Amazon and directly via

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