How To Trim Your Beard Perfectly At The Neckline

How To Trim Your Beard Perfectly At The Neckline

A problem that many men including myself have is creating a properly and neatly trimmed a beard. To be more specific one of the hardest parts is how to trim your beard perfectly at the neckline. I used to just kind of guesstimate where my neckline was and would cut away at it, but that never worked out too well and I always ended up with a wonky looking beard that didn’t really match my neckline.

If you have these same problems you might want to follow this little tutorial on trimming your beard perfectly at the neckline. Perhaps the hardest part is actually figuring out where your neckline is, more so than the trimming itself, but of course those are all things that we are going to cover.

What You Will Need To Trim Your Beard At The Neckline

Trimming your beard at the neckline isn’t very difficult once you get the hang of it and after a few tries you will be able to do it without even thinking about it. There are however a few items that you will need to perfectly trim your beard at the neckline to make it look as good as can be. Here are the different things that you will need.

  • Water

You are going to need some water to get your beard moist. Wetting your beard slightly before cutting or trimming it will make it easier to trim. If you like you can do what they do at the hairdresser’s and use a little spray bottle or mister to do this.

  • A Beard Comb

If your beard hair is curly or slightly longer you are going to want to use a beard comb to straighten it and to get rid of knots. You should do this because an unkempt and knotty beard will distort the look of your beard and make it hard to judge in terms of where your neckline is and how much of it needs to be cut off.

  • A Beard Trimmer With A Grooming Attachment

For the trimming itself you are going to need an electric beard or body groomer with the guard removed and the teeth exposed. This is how you will get that clean and straight cut right down to the skin of your neckline.

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You can also use an electric razor that has a special grooming head meant exactly for this kind of thing. If you want to get the straightest line possible you can also invest in a trimmer with a laser line that shines a line of red light on your face to make things easier, one such as the Philips Beard Trimmer 9000 Series.

  • A Mirror

You will need a mirror to look in when trimming your beard at the neckline because without being able to see what you are doing the chances of getting it perfect are slim to none. Ideally a 3 sided mirror would be best so that you can see the front and sides of your face all at once because it will make your neckline easier to even out and you will be able to see any inconsistencies from one side to the other.

  • Your Fingers, Your Imagination, Or A Water Soluble Marker

To mark or determine where your neckline is you will need to use your own judgment. Also you can use your fingers to determine where your neckline is, something that will be discussed below. If you want to be sure that your beard is cut perfectly at the neckline you can also use a bright water soluble marker to make a line and mark the neckline so you can perfectly trim along that line.

Steps To Follow To Trim Your Beard At The Neckline

Now that we have discussed what things you will need to trim your beard perfectly at the neckline it is time to talk about the different steps that you need to follow to get it done. It’s not very hard and as long as you follow the steps closely you shouldn’t have any problems at all.

  • Step 1 – Wet And Comb

The first thing that you need to do before even beginning the trimming process is to wet your beard with some water from the tap or even from a spray bottle. After you have done this it’s time to comb your beard in order to straighten it out and get rid of knots. This step comes in very handy for determining where your neckline is plus for the trimming part too.

  • Step 2 – Determining Your Neckline

The second thing that you need to do to perfectly trim your beard at the neckline is to figure out exactly where that neckline is. There are a few different ways in which you can determine where this line is so if you have trouble with one method you can always try another.


  • Option 1

To figure out where your neckline is you can simply imagine a slightly curved line that starts right behind your earlobe and goes along your jaw line. This line should be at the crease where your neck meets the bottom of your jaw. Also this line will be slightly above your Adam’s apple.

  • Option 2

In order to determine where your neckline is you can also use the jaw tilt method. This involves tilting your jaw and head downwards so that the natural crease of your neckline reveals itself. Tilt your head down far enough and you will see a double chin forming. At the bottom of the double chin, where it makes a crease, is where your neckline is.

  • Option 3

This method of determining where your neckline is involves using your fingers. To be specific use your index and middle finger and hold thing right above your Adam’s apple horizontally with your middle finger touching your Adam’s apple. The top of your index finger is where the neckline will be. To be fair everyone’s face and fingers are different so this method can be a little faulty at times.

  • Step 3 – Mark The Line

This step is optional and if you think that your imagination is good enough and you can picture or remember where your neckline is you don’t really need to do this. However for anyone who has trouble picturing the neckline or are a beginner beard trimmer you can always use a water soluble marker to actually make a little indication of where your neckline is. Make sure that you use a water soluble marker or else you won’t be able to wash the indicator line off.

  • Step 4 – Making The Corners

The next step is to determine where the corners of your neckline are so that you can make a clean cut on the left and right of your beard. Simply imagine 2 lines running from the outer edge of your side burns, right beside your ear, down to the neckline. This is to create the edges of your neckline beard right under your ears and the bottom of your jaw.

  • Step 5 – The Trimming

Now it’s time to actually trim the beard at the neckline. For this you want to use a trimmer with the guards removed or better yet a specialized grooming head that comes with many electric shavers. Simply cut away everything under the neckline. Start in the middle of your neck and work your way outwards.

Once one side is completed return to the middle and work the other way. When doing this you can also decide whether to leave the sides or corners of the neckline beard rounded or edged depending on the look you want to achieve.


Trimming your beard perfectly at the neckline doesn’t have to be hard and if you follow the above steps you really shouldn’t have any problems at all. I follow these steps almost every day while maintaining my beard and the results are spot on every time.

We hope that you this tutorial on neckline beard trimming was both enjoyable to read and useful too. If you have any questions or comments about this topic feel free to leave them below.

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