How to oil a beard trimmer

Have you ever wondered what that little tube of oil that comes what your beard trimmer is for?

When a beard trimmer begins rattling or pulling after a while of being used, you might think to yourself “is this thing broken already?”, but that is when the oil comes into play. A beard trimmer is basically a little machine with many moving parts.

Keeping all of the parts lubricated with oil is necessary in order for everything to move and perform efficiently. If you aren’t sure how to use the oil, don’t worry.

I will teach you the proper steps to lubricating your machine so that you can put an end to the rattling noise and get the most out of your beard trimmer.

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What you will need to follow this tutorial:

  • A clean brush or clean toothbrush

A small cleaning brush usually comes included with a beard trimmer, but if for some reason it does not, an unused toothbrush will work perfectly fine. The main purpose for the brush is to remove any hair that might still be in the blade or caught in the trimmer.

  • Lubricating oil

Lubricating oil is obviously the main item needed to oil a beard trimmer, so it’s important to make sure the oil you’re using is the right one for the job. Most trimmers, especially trimmers by Wahl, Remington, and other popular grooming brands, include a small bottle of oil. Although, this little bottle of trimmer oil doesn’t last forever and a replacement bottles are usually difficult to find in stores, but can easily be found online.

Alternative: If you are in immediate need of an oil, there are alternatives you can safely use that you probably already have in your household. The best alternative to trimmer oil is any lightweight oil, such as olive oil or vegetable oil (not extra virgin), that has a high smoke point.

Any light oils that are particularly made for small machinery will work as well. On the other hand, you should NOT use any oil made for heavy machinery such as motor oil, petroleum jelly, or door hinge greases. These types of thick oils might ruin your beard trimmer.

  • A beard trimmer

Last but not least, you will need a beard trimmer. However, this tutorial can be performed on hair clippers as well.

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  • Step 1 – Make sure your beard trimmer is clean

Sometimes part of the problem to why a beard trimmer might not be running as efficiently as before is because there is hair built up in the device from previous uses. That’s why it’s important to begin with a clean slate before adding oil to the trimmer.

Use the cleaning brush included with your trimmer or a clean toothbrush to brush out any hair in the trimmer where the blade sits. Once you remove the extra hair from your trimmer, it’s a good idea to turn it on for a few seconds to loosen up any other hair still stuck in the blades.

If there is still hair remaining in the trimmer, repeat the steps until your trimmer is completely clear from any hair. Whatever you do, never run your trimmer under water as this will likely break it or cause the blades to rust, unless you know for certain that it is waterproof.

  • Step 2 – Apply the oil

It’s possible to oil the trimmer with the blade on and the device running by adding a few drops into the blades, but only do so if you’re confident that you won’t cut your fingers in the process.

Otherwise, turn your trimmer off and remove the blade. Then, slide a small amount of the oil back and forth on the blade until it is evenly coated. When it comes to oiling your beard trimmer, all you need is a small amount (no more than one or two drops).

Applying too much oil can actually reverse your intentions and cause the trimmer to rattle all over again. After you apply the oil, clip the blade back onto your trimmer and run it for about 20 seconds so that the oil penetrates the blade and all parts inside the trimmer.

  • Step 3 – Wipe the excess

Finally, after it’s fully lubricated, use a cloth or towel to wipe off any excess oil you find on the outside of the trimmer. This is important so that your grip doesn’t slip the next time you use it.

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Simple maintenance is necessary for the performance and longevity of your beard trimmer. Applying oil to your trimmer after each use will help keep it in its tip-top shape.

I hope this tutorial was helpful for you in learning how to oil a beard trimmer. Please leave us your feedback in the comment section and share this article with your friends if you liked it!

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