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Remington HC5350 Professional Cord/Cordless Beard Trimmer Review

Remington HC5350 Professional Cord/Cordless Beard Trimmer Review

I’m always looking for the newest man-grooming tool that can be used with or without a cord, recharges fast and rates high on the ‘no-hassle scale” when I travel.

Bulky grooming tools that need a lot of ‘me-time’ on the charger before you can use them again seems a waste of precious time, so I had a look at the Remington-HC5350 professional cordless beard trimmer.

Things to consider before buying a beard trimmer

A sleek look is always exciting, but the grip counts for a lot, especially if you have a thick beard. You should be able to clean and store your trimmer easily, it should charge fast and last long, and of course, do a great job of trimming a beard!

While there are some awesome fully electrical beard trimmers out there, it is always a boon to find a good cordless beard trimmer which you can use with or without the electrical cord.

Cordless trimmers are very versatile, although you should be proactive about charging them or you may find yourself running on empty just when you are on your way to the airport and don’t have time to charge it right then! That’s when a cord/cordless beard trimmer may save the day, and you will also be able to keep using it long after the battery won’t take a charge anymore.

Remington HC5350AM Professional Cord/cordless Rechargeable Beard Trimmer and Haircut Kit

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as of October 26, 2022 4:01 am

There are several other cord/cordless rechargeable trimmers on the market, and the Remington HC5350 has some great features for neat grooming with a minimum of fuss. The HC5350 is one of Remington’s new Pro-Power range and promises a clean cut and low maintenance.

Product Features

  • Self-sharpening stainless steel blades
  • Micro USB charger connection
  • Rubberized grip
  • 3-year warranty
  • Battery level indicator
  • 15 cutting lengths



  • All hair types including Afro-Caribean hair
  • Use it on wet or dry hair
  • ​Doesn’t tug
  • ​Click & Rinse under the tap
  • ​Use it while plugged in
  • ​Charge it on a wall outlet or USB charger
  • ​Sophisticated look
  • No pouch for traveling
  • 40 minutes use per charge is very average
  • 1 inch is the closest you’ll get: limited settings for close and detail work
    • Self-sharpening stainless steel-coated blades

Remington promises that we will never change blades again! Self-sharpening blades have become almost a standard feature of the latest beard and hair trimmers, but until all the “old favorites” are retired, it is worth mentioning. Self-sharpening blades don’t need oiling and can take care of themselves.

Remington blades are efficient, and their new blades cut significantly more hair with every stroke. This means you never have to return to spots to make sure it is cut properly, and it saves time and effort. Sharper blades will also prevent tugging while you groom.

    • Corded and Cordless Use

The battery is Ni-Mh, which may be why this model is cheaper than Lithium-Ion models. Li-Io batteries last longer and charge faster but they are also a lot more expensive. Your needs will dictate your preference for shorter or longer battery life, but as you can use this Remington while it charges, it may not be important to you to have a longer battery life.

You can recharge the Remington-HC5350 by connecting to a standard wall outlet or charging via the USB port. There’s a handy LED indicator to see when your trimmer is charging. If anyone has ever had to replace a trimmer or shaver because the battery couldn’t take a charge anymore, you will really appreciate that you can operate the HC5350 while plugged in.

The battery charge lasts about 40 minutes, which is not outstanding but adequate. The battery level indicator helps you to plan ahead in case you are moving around and don’t want to get stuck without a charger, however, as it can be recharged from a USB cord via your laptop, it seems this is unlikely ever to happen!

    • High-Performance DC Motor

Remington has added a new high-powered DC motor for a more powerful performance at consistent speeds. It won’t slow down when you get to denser patches, which is great for an even trim. The new Remington Pro Power Challenger range has a more powerful cutting output than previous models and offers double the speed and performance of its predecessor.

This has distinct advantages for thicker and coarser hair, and Remington promises superior performance for all hair including Afro-Caribbean hair. You can use it on wet or dry hair, which is a bonus when you are in a hurry. The more powerful motor combined with sharp stainless blades ensure that the hair is cut clean so that there is no tugging.

    • Click and Rinse

It’s great to know that you can rinse the blade under running water and forget about it. Just don’t leave the bitty hairy ends in the sink! The click & wash system means that keeping your clipper clean is easy.

The blade set slides out with the click of a button, and you don’t need to dismantle attachments. It may be better for the blade to be dried before you slip it back into its niche.

    • The Look

The ergonomically designed Remington-HC5350 has a rubberized grip. This gives you extra control while you do delicate work or when you use it as a hair clipper. While some users think that it is a little big, this slight extra size may come in handy when you use it in hard-to-reach areas such as clipping the back of your head.

No need to buy a separate clipper for hair and beard, the HC5350 does both! It feels sturdy, and it has a good weight, which helps you to steer it steadily through thicker patches and around contours.

    • Adjustments and settings

There are 15 lock–in–length settings (3mm/1 inch to 42 mm/1.7 inch) which are obtained with a fixed-length stubble trimmer and adjustable beard comb with settings from No. 0 to 7 to provide a total of 8 length settings.

This is a good range for a hair trimmer and longer beards, though if you have a beard shorter than 1 inch, this beard trimmer will come up short. The settings are in 0.5 inch increments, which will give you precision trimming.

Some users have reported that the guides/combs are delicate, and one should certainly not be careless with the attachments as they are made from a hard plastic. Luckily, replacements are available! The ‘last’ setting is when you remove these guides, and users report that you get a good, smooth cut without irritation or tugging.


  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • 25 length settings
  • Lifetime sharp blades
  • Ni-MH batteries for 50 minutes of cordless shaving
  • Slide out detail trimmer
  • Fully washable under running water
  • Lifetime-lasting sharp blades for the perfect haircut
  • Memory Safety Lock system conveniently locks and memorizes the last used setting
  • Fully washable for easy cleaning under running water

Wahl Lithium Ion All-in-One Beard Trimmer Men’s Grooming Kit - Rechargeable Beard Trimmer, Hair Clipper & Electric Shavers – Model 9854-600

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  • Lithium-Ion battery with a very long battery life
  • Fast recharging with quick-charge option
  • Battery Protection – stops charging when full
  • Loads of accessories with a neat stand
  • All In One with a nose, eyebrow, and ear detailer
  • Dual foil shaver for close trim
  • T-Blade for mustache trimming
  • ​5-year warranty
  • Powerful Motor for cutting thick beards

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 3500, QT4018/49, Cordless Mustache and Beard Groomer

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as of October 26, 2022 4:01 am
  • 120 min cordless use/1h charge
  • Self-sharpening steel blades
  • Rounded tips for smooth skin contact
  • Zoom wheel technology for precision length settings
  • Lithium Ion battery with 120 minutes run time
  • Corded and cordless use and you can shave while its charging
  • Detachable head for easy cleaning
  • 2-year warranty
  • Adapts to worldwide voltages


For the price, the Remington-HC5350 professional beard and hair trimmer is ideal for trimming on the go and does a very respectable job. Remington backs it; a prominent name in the industry for many years and the brand has many diehard fans.

You may want a few extra features on your favorite trimmer, but if this is your first electric trimmer or a stand-in for another favorite, you will do well with the excellent cutting ability and cordless convenience of the Remington-HC5350.

The combination of hair trimmer and beard groomer makes it an economical buy, as you only need one gadget to manage both.

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