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The Ultimate Beard Care Manual Review

The Ultimate Beard Care ManuaL

Taking care of my facial hair is always something that I have had quite a bit of trouble with. My beard grows in very thick, the hair is coarse, and it tends to get tangled up very quickly. Not to mention that my beard is also usually quite dry and brittle.

That’s all beside the point that I usually have no idea what to do with my beard or how to style it. I often end up looking like a homeless man that hasn’t shaved in years, all because I just don’t know what to do with my facial hair or how to do it. These are problems that have plagued me ever since my beard started to grow, and if I am right, it’s a problem that affects much more too, maybe even you.

For these reasons I decided to get the Ultimate Beard Care Manual and I have to say that I’ve never been happier, plus my beard has never been more stylish!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Beard Care Manual

A beard care manual is a fantastic purchase if you have all of the same problems with your facial hair that I have. If you have a dry and brittle beard with minimal natural oils, if your beard is full of static and frizzy, or if it is coarse, thick, and tangled, then you should probably invest in a beard maintenance manual like this one.

Perhaps the biggest problem that a beard care manual is going to help you solve is that of finding a good style to choose. Finding a great beard style to suit your face can be really difficult as I have discovered first hand, so having something to help you make that choice seems more than ideal.

I am a man, I have a beard, and I don’t know how to take care of it or what style to make it, therefore making something like a beard manual the perfect choice. This beard manual as I have discovered is intended for people who have fairly long beards that are as hard to tame as a wild tiger. If you don’t have an extremely unruly beard like myself, then this may not be the right product for you.

There aren’t too many things that you need to consider before buying a beard manual. Perhaps the only real consideration to make is whether or not you have a big beard and if you are having trouble with it. If so then the beard care manual is definitely appropriate.

Since this particular manual is an audio book you will need something like a CD player or computer to listen to it, so that’s something to consider. If you want to keep your big beard, and you want to keep it looking neat then that is all the consideration you need before investing a small amount of money in the neat little guide.

The Ultimate Beard Care Manual: Beard Styles And Grooming Essentials (Trimmers and Beard Oil) To Transform Ordinay Wiskers Into Man-tastic Facial Hair Fashion

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as of June 25, 2022 3:05 pm

The producer of the Ultimate Beard Care Manual is Sunny Ways Publishing and in my opinion, they have done a really good job at covering all of the bases when it comes to grooming your beard.

The makers of the beard care manual obviously know that people don’t like to read, me being one of those people, and that’s why the created this manual in the form of an audiobook.

It’s really convenient because I can just pop the disc into my computer or even the CD player I have in my bathroom so I can listen to it as I style and groom my beard.

Things that this manual helped me with included choosing a beard style for my face, how to make it less frizzy, how to spread around natural oils for moisturizing, and how to deal with my really coarse hair.

Beards have obviously been around for quite a while, and there have also been several beard care manuals before this one, but none of them were nearly as comprehensive and all-encompassing as this one, not to mention that they’ve never taken the form of an audio book either.

If you need help taking care of your beard just like me, I would recommend giving this nifty audio book a try.

We Like

  • Helps with dry and brittle beard hair.
  • Covers all of the basics in under half an hour.
  • No reading involved.
  • Tells you how to moisturize and groom your beard.
  • Helps with dealing with coarse and unruly facial hair.
  • Tells you how nutrition affects beard growth.

We Don’t Like

  • Requires a computer or CD player to listen to.
  • ​Is not ideal for shorter beards.
  • Is not quite as comprehensive as some might hope it to be.

Features and Benefits

​The Ultimate Beard Care Manual has a few key features and benefits that I think are important to mention. All of these features have really helped me get my beard groomed and under control.

  • Easy To Get Through

One of my favorite features by far is that it comes in the form of an audio book so I can get through it really quickly.

Sure it also comes with the written version so I can skim through it if I want, but I don’t always like to read so having a version to listen to is definitely cool.

All I have to do is pop it in my CD player or my computer and hit play.

The guy on the CD really knows what he’s talking about which makes him a pleasure to listen to, plus he gave me some really great advice.

For all you people that don’t enjoy reading too much the Ultimate Beard Care Manual Audio book is something to consider.

  • The Diet Guide

I was really impressed with the diet guide that comes with the audio book because there were some things I didn’t know about the relation between eating and my beard.

The easy to listen to gentleman on the CD let me know all about proper nutrition and eating habits for growing a thick and strong beard. If you were having problems like me and your beard isn’t as strong, long, or thick as it could be, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to start eating right.

With the nutrition tips in the Ultimate Beard Care Manual, I was able to start growing a much thicker beard and the hair grew faster too.

  • Equipment & Care Products

Another thing that I found to be really helpful when it came to the Ultimate Beard Care Manual was that it did a great job of informing me which products I should use to take care of my beard.

It gave me all kinds of information about which brushes and combs are best for my long beard, and it gave me a bunch of tips as to which oil and moisturizers I should be using to make it strong, shiny, and flake free.

It’s really beneficial because I was apparently using a bunch of products that weren’t good for my beard, but now I know.

  • Great Beard Care Tips

This guide contains some of the best beard growing tips that I’ve ever encountered, and I’m really thankful for that because most people just operate on guess work and assumptions so you can’t really ask anybody.

The Ultimate Beard Care Manual let me know exactly how to keep my beard moisturized and stop it from being brittle. It also gave me some really good suggestions regarding keeping it neatly groomed and which tools to use for smoother or coarse beards.

  • Style Tips

The last feature that I think is worth mentioning is that this guide comes with some really good style tips. I wasn’t always the best at fashion or choosing the right style, not to mention no matter which way I cut my beard it just didn’t look right.

The Ultimate Beard Care Manual gave me some great insight as to which beard styles are appropriate for which face types.

I discovered that I look great with a long and bushy beard, but you may not, in which case this manual might come in handy for you.

​Alternatives To The Ultimate Beard Care Manual

I myself am a huge fan of the Ultimate Beard Care Manual, but you may not think that it sounds too great so if you want you can also check out some alternatives here they are.

The Facial Hair Handbook: Every Man's Guide to Growing and Grooming Great Facial Hair

$7.97  in stock
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as of June 25, 2022 3:05 pm

This is another really neat beard care guide that you could get if you don’t like my favorite pick.

One thing that I should say is that this beard care manual doesn’t come with any audio tape so you will have to read it.

I decided to get this book as well, and it is a little more in depth than the Ultimate Beard Care Manual, but to get all of the info I would have also had to read the whole thing.

From what I did read, there is some pretty good insight in it.

Seeing as this is only a paperback book it is slightly cheaper than the Ultimate Beard Manual.

The Moustache Grower's Guide

$1.99  in stock
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as of June 25, 2022 3:05 pm

I actually got this book a few months before I got the Ultimate Beard Care manual and as the name suggests it is more about mustaches than about beards.

I really like this one because it is very cheap and it serves me well when it comes to just my mustache.

That being said if you only want to grow a mustache then this book will do just fine, but if you want to grow your beard as well, you will need something else.

This is a neat book because it focuses exclusively on mustaches, but it does so very well and infinitely more than the Ultimate Beard Care Manual.

One Thousand Beards: A Cultural History of Facial Hair

$13.48  in stock
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as of June 25, 2022 3:05 pm

This is the other alternative to the Ultimate Beard care manual but is it ever a good one.

This book is quite a bit more expensive than the Ultimate Beard Manual, on the other hand, it does add quite a bit more than needed.

This book is full of beard history, beard upkeep tips, and beard style tips as well.

One Thousand Beards has a fair amount more information than the Ultimate Manual. I really like this book for all of the info that it has, but that being said it doesn’t come in audiobook format, so I did have to read through it.


I had problems with my beard for a very long time. Sure the dryness and brittle nature of my beard was a problem, and so was the frizz, not to mention that my beard grows like a wild shrub and comes in way too thick.

That’s why I got this book and I definitely haven’t regretted spending a few bucks on it because it has solved all of my beard problems.

The Ultimate Beard Care Manual even gave me some great beard styling tips to give me the slickest looking beard around.

If all of these benefits are things you’d like to have then you should check out the Ultimate Beard Care Manual for sure.​

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