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Top 7 Best Beard Dyes

When you’re looking to dye your beard you need to use the best beard dye’s otherwise you risk damaging your beard and getting less than stellar results.

top 7 best beard dyes

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to use beard dye and color your beard? Maybe you have some gray hairs that need covering up or maybe you just woke up today and figure Hey, I want to dye my beard just because I can!

The point is that more and more men are beginning to see the virtues in beard dying. However, there is a problem, that being choosing the right beard dye for you.

Have you ever looked at beard dyes and the massive selection out there? If you have, you know that there are a vast amount of choices can be overwhelming, but we don’t want you to be flustered.

That’s why we’re here today, to help you choose the right beard dye for you, and we’re doing that by giving a list of the top 7 best beard dye options on the market today. We are also going to talk about choosing the right dye for you, and of course, the various options you can go with.

Why Use Beard Dye

Many men may not have ever thought of using beard dye, but if you would love to get that young look back, then you may just want to consider it. Beard dye is great for fully coloring your beard or even for getting rid of some grays.

In some cases they can be used to achieve that salt and pepper look which give you a look of a wise older gentleman, but also provides you with a look of a youthful man at the same time. Maybe you just want to dye your beard for the heck of it too!

The best beard dyes that went through our review

What To Consider When Buying Beard Dye

Although beard dye is not that expensive, you don’t want to rush buying a particular dye before you know that it is exactly what you want and what you need. There are a few key aspects that you should look out for before you decide on buying anyone beard dye.

Here are the most important things that you should pay attention to before making your purchase. Make no mistake, many of these things will depend on your own personal preference, but none the less, we want to provide you with the info you need to make an informed choice.​

The Color

Ok, so this may seem obvious, but you want to carefully consider which colour of dye that you get. Of course, the main ones are black, brown, red, and blonde, but there are many variations in shades and tints to each of those, so just be sure that you get the exact colour you want.

You may want to cover greys and match your natural hair colour, or you may want to dye your beard a whole new colour.

Either way, just make sure you get the colour you want because once it is in you will have to deal with that colour for quite a while. Moreover, the colour that you end up with will also depend on what colour your beard currently is.

For example, if your beard still has some brown in it, a light brown dye may actually turn out to be quite dark. On the other hand, if you have grey hairs, a darker brown dye may only turn your beard a light brown colour.

To be honest, this is somewhat trial and error, and you may need to figure it out by just going for it.

The Ingredients

Something else that you want to consider before you buy beard dye is what the ingredients are. Perhaps the most important aspect here is that they dye you buy is free of ammonia. Many dyes use ammonia, a substance which can dry out your hair, make it brittle, and in some cases even make it fall out.

You should get a beard dye that has as many natural ingredients as possible, preferably one that is all natural. Moreover, a big bonus is if the dye you buy has vitamins, proteins, and other nourishing agents included in it because those things go a long way in keeping your beard healthy.

You also want to make sure that the beard dye that you buy does not contain any ingredients which you are allergic to, or else you might encounter some severe skin-related reactions.


Another thing that you should definitely pay attention to when purchasing beard dye is how permanent it is.

Some beard dyes are permanent and will last for several weeks or even months, some are semi-permanent and will last a couple weeks, and some are just touch ups which will wash out the next time your beard gets wet.

This is really a matter of personal preference as well as expiration. If you aren’t sure of the colour, you may want to use a less permanent option so you won’t be stuck with a coloured beard you never wanted.

On the other hand, of course, a permanent solution is much longer lasting and doesn’t require reapplication nearly as often, making it a more convenient option.

Recommended Use

The next thing for you to consider before making your purchase is what the intended use of the beard dye in question is. Some are meant for total coverage and complete dying, while others are just meant for touch ups in small areas.

This is important to pay attention to because using a touch-up dye to dye your whole beard isn’t going to turn out so well. At the same time, using a total beard dye for just a few touch ups will most likely end up leaving you with uneven colouring and coverage.

Ease Of Application

​The final thing you should look at before buying any beard dye is the ease of application. Some beard dyes require gloves, bowls, mixing and the whole nine yards. While those dies tend to be better and last longer, of course, it is more time consuming in the moment.

On the other hand, there are those dies which come with a simple applicator brush, making it easy to apply, but usually also meaning that you will most likely have to apply it more often.

Beard Dyes: Our Top 7 Picks​

When it comes to the top beard dyes out there, there are a ton of different choices to go with, so selecting the right one for you may get a little bit confusing and overwhelming at some points. To help you out we wanted to supply you with a list of the very top choices. Here they are!

  • A complete kit,ready to use 20 applications
  • Effectively covers resistant gray no odor no ammonia
  • Long lasting natural color will not fade

This is probably one of the best beard dyes out there, especially if you want long last coverage, and of course, if you want a brown beard.

Godefroy Colour Tint is perfect for both spot coverage for when you want to get rid of a few grey hairs here and there. However this stuff is also great for covering larger surfaces or even your whole beard, it will just take a little more dye to get the job done.

It’s perfect because it targets gray hairs with ease and it works to provide you with even coverage so that you don’t end up with a weirdly colored beard. Perhaps the best part about Godefroy Colour Tint is that it is permanent and will last for several weeks or even a few months before you need to reapply.

Even though this stuff is permanent, it is actually all-natural and does not contain any ammonia, something which can damage your hairs.

Another thing that you should definitely appreciate about this beard dye is that it comes with everything you need to get going and that includes 20 pre-measured color capsules for 20 applications, cream developer, an instruction sheet, and a reusable brush applicator.

The final thing which is beneficial about this particular dye is that the darkness you get depends on how long you leave it in. Therefore if you want a light brown coloring, just leave it in for a shorter amount of time than if you want the color of your beard to turn out a darker brown.

We Like

  • Permanent beard dying solution.
  • Comes with 20 applications and a reusable brush.
  • ​Ideal for spot coverage or total dying.
  • ​Provides even coverage.
  • ​Quick and easy to use.
  • ​Ammonia free and all natural.
  • Can adjust darkness by leaving it in for less or more time.

We Dont Like

  • Formula is a little thin and drips.
  • ​Will stain surfaces and textiles.
  • ​Color will vary slightly based on initial hair color.

  • Pack of 3 Just For Men Mustache & Beard, Light Medium Brown
  • Eliminates gray hairs for a thicker, fuller look
  • Works in 5 easy minutes

This is a fantastic choice of beard dye to go with, especially because it’s very simple to use and will do everything that you need it to do.

One thing that everyone should be able to appreciate about Just For Men Moustache And Beard Brush-In Colour Gel is that it works to only target the grey hairs.

Instead of turning all of your hairs a darker shade of brown, resulting in uneven coloring, this stuff works to target only the grays, instead of just darkening everything. This brush in color is really convenient because it’s very easy to use and you only need about 5 minutes to color your whole beard from top to bottom.

Simply use the non-drip brush and work it into your beard with ease. Another positive aspect of this beard dye is that the special ammonia-free formula is specifically designed to penetrate even the thickest and roughest of beards.

Even better is the fact that this particular formula is filled with protein, vitamin E, and chamomile to nourish your beard and provide it with all of the nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy.

We Like

  • Easily brush your greys into browns with the simple to use brush.
  • Only takes 5 minutes to dye your beard.
  • Ammonia-free formula.
  • ​Loaded with beard strengthening nutrients.
  • ​Non-drip.
  • Only targets the grey hairs.

We Dont Like

  • Semi-permanent – will wash out after a couple weeks.
  • Will stain various surfaces and textiles.

  • Please Note: Developer is not included with this product, it needs to be purchased separately.
  • Refectocil No. 3.1 Light Brown is suitable to discreetly emphasize light blonde to light brown eyelashes and eyebrows, if Refectocil No. 3 Natural Brown is felt to be too dark. This colour tone is mainly preferred by blonde clients who like a discreet and naturally looking enhancement of their eyebrows.
  • Tip: By mixing Refectocil No.3.1 Light Brown with Refectocil No. 3 Natural Brown you can easily obtain any intermediate tone your client may wish!

This is another great option of beard dye to go with. One of the main reasons we chose this dye is not only because of the great ratings and reviews that it has gotten but also because all of you guys who want black beards need a black beard dye!

RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye is a great choice for men to go with because it provides even coverage and won’t end up making some hairs darker than others. It will turn gray hairs black and keep the black ones as dark as can be without producing uneven coverage.

Something else that we really like about this particular beard dye is that it produces permanent coverage. This means that with one single application the colouring will last for several weeks or even a few months before you need to reapply.

Even better is the fact that the dye itself only takes about 10 minutes to take hold, something which is convenient if you are often pressed for time.

One thing that needs to be noted is that you need to purchase the RefectoCil Oxidant solution to be able to use it, but as one person discovered, the oxidant solution is nothing more than hydrogen peroxide.

Therefore if you want to save some money, just use a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide to mix with the dye.

We Like

  • Simply mix and apply to your beard.
  • Permanent – will last for months.
  • ​Provides even coverage.
  • Targets greys to make you look younger.
  • Can be used on beards, moustaches, sideburns, and the hair down under.

We Dont Like

  • Messy.
  • Requires you to wear gloves.
  • Will stain surfaces and textiles.

  • This product is Manufactured in United States
  • This Product is Easy to use
  • Creme of Nature Men’s Hair color Jet Black

This hair and beard dye is a perfect option for men who want a jet black beard and really want to get rid of those greys. This particular hair dye is very strong and powerful and will definitely give you even jet black coverage.

With this stuff, there is no worry of getting uneven coverage because jet black is as dark as it gets. Thus the entirety of your beard will be as black as can be.

This stuff is ideal for anyone with black hair, anyone who wants black hair, and is especially ideal for darker skinned men. Something that we really like about this particular hair and beard dye is that it helps to condition your beard while coloring at the same time, thus nourishing it and keeping it healthy.

Another thing that we really like about Crème of Nature Men’s Hair Colour is that it is natural and does not contain any harmful ammonia. All you need to do is apply it to the beard hairs which you want to dye, let it set in, and wash it out.

This dye does not come with an applicator brush, but all you need to do is squeeze it out of the tube and rub it into your beard.

We Like

  • Provides even jet black coverage.
  • ​Natural and ammonia free.
  • ​Easy to apply.
  • Permanent and long lasting.
  • Helps to condition your beard.

We Dont Like

  • Only comes with 1 application.
  • Requires you to wear gloves.
  • Will stain skin and textiles.

  • Pack of 3 Touch of Gray Hair Color, Medium Brown
  • Takes away some gray hair for a subtle salt & pepper look
  • Comes with an easy comb-in applicator

Of course, we had to accommodate those men who want to keep some of that salt and pepper look in their beards, or at least for those who want to achieve that look. This Just For Men Hair Color is perfect for taking away some of those grays to give you that salt and pepper look that you want.

We really like this stuff because it doesn’t completely remove all of your grays, but only takes enough away to give you a young yet dignified look. Many people like that salt and pepper look because it allows you to keep some of that young man look, while also allowing you to look wise.

Something that we really like about this particular dye is that the color will last until the gray grows back. In other words, it will last for several weeks or even a couple months before you need to reapply the color.

Another thing that you will be able to appreciate about Just For Men Touch Of Gray is that it is very easy to apply. Applying this stuff only takes 5 minutes, and it’s thanks to the simple applicator brush, plus you don’t need to do any mixing, so it’s not messy either.

We Like

  • Gives you a dignified look.
  • Semi-permanent solution.
  • ​Lasts up to 6 weeks.
  • ​Only needs to be applied every few weeks or months.
  • ​No mixing and no mess.
  • Easy to use applicator brush.

We Dont Like

  • May cause allergic reactions.
  • Will stain clothes, skin, and surfaces.
  • Not meant for total beard dying.

  • Nothing to mix. Just brush it on.
  • Safe. Non Allergenic.
  • Natural Looking. You choose whether to show some gray

We really like The Younger Looking Beard Mustache & Beard Darkener for a variety of reasons. We felt like we had to choose a beard dye which was slightly red, or auburn, as the title suggests. After all, we have some brown and black beard dyes on our list so we couldn’t leave the gingers of the world out!

One of the things that we really like about this particular beard dye is that one package will last you for up to 9 months without ever having to buy more, thus allowing you to save a whole lot of money.

Something else that you might really appreciate about this beard dye is that you can apply this stuff daily for full coverage, and thanks to the easy to use brush it only takes around 90 seconds to brush it in, thus allowing you to save a whole lot of time too.

Another great part about this beard darkener is that you can choose how much to apply, where to apply it, or if you want to leave some of your hairs grey or not.

The next thing that we really like about this stuff is that it is safe to use and non-allergenic, making it perfect for people with sensitive skin.

On a side note, this particular beard dye also comes in various other colours besides auburn, those being black, jet black, grey, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, and dark blonde too.

This stuff is really easy to use because there is no mixing, no liquid dripping, and all you need to do is to brush it on.

We Like

  • Very easy to use and apply.
  • Lets you choose how much to apply.
  • ​Comes in various colours.
  • ​Natural and ammonia free.
  • ​Non-allergenic.
  • ​Only takes 90 seconds to apply.
  • 1 package can last for up to 9 months.

We Dont Like

  • Needs to be applied daily.
  • Washes out.
  • May stain surfaces and textiles.

  • Instant Touch-up to Cover Your Gray Hair
  • No Water , Needed Covers up Gray Hair Effectively in Seconds
  • Go Longer Between Hair Colorings , Blends Perfectly with Existing Hair Color

This is the last of the 7 top beard dyes that we can recommend. Now, this is nothing like a permanent solution and it barely qualifies as a semi-permanent solution, but it’s a really convenient option for men who just want a quick touch up.

This is pretty much like a black lipstick for your beard, thus making it very easy to use and apply. You literally just open the tube and apply it to your beard to get an even coverage and to extend the life of your colour between more permanent dying solutions.

We really like this stuff because it works to blend with your pre-existing colour, plus you don’t need water or anything else to get going.

Make no mistake, this is not meant for permanent dying or for colouring your full beard, but it makes for a great solution for quick touch ups and getting rid of some grey hairs.

We Like

  • Great for quick touch ups
  • Very easy to use

We Dont Like

  • Not a permanent solution

If you have ever considered dying your beard, there is really nothing that should hold you back. It’s easy, inexpensive, and if worst comes to worst you’ll have to deal with a coloured beard you don’t like for a few weeks.

If you have some greys that need covering or are just interested in experimenting with it, you should definitely give it a try. If you are going to try dying your beard, we would highly recommend using one of the options we have listed above, as they are definitely the best options so go with.

If you have any questions or comments about the beard dying process or particular dyes, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment and we’ll get right back to you.​

Our Top Picks

Our Top Pick

Godefroy Color Tint Kit Medium, Brown

Godefroy Color Tint Kit Medium, Brown Review

The Best Beard Dye

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