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Today is a lucky day, today we’re reviewing a set of products by SuperFurry and gentlemen you need to be buying these products!

The three products we were sent for review are Artic Freeze Beard Polisher, The 40 Crooks Beard Polisher, and The Beer Beard Wash.

I review a lot of products and most of the time those products are much the same, albeit, for the scent, the products from SuperFurry are the exception, I’ve never experienced anything like these before, and the results were instantaneous! So let’s get right to the reviews for each of these products.

Artic Freeze Beard Polisher

I’ve never used a beard polisher before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, it’s like a beard balm but very very wet.

When I received the package with all the products, before even opening the box you could smell the minty freshness, I knew this was going to be good.

The beard polisher is made up of the following natural ingredients:

  • Niaouli
  • Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint
  • Tea-Tree
  • Camphor
  • Rosemary

It has been a hard week and my poor beard had been neglected quite a bit, it felt like a wire brush. Normally to fix this I need to shower, get a good beard soap going, then apply some beard balm and beard oil, I tend to mix the two together then apply that mixture to my beard.

Well It was the middle of the day, my beard was angry, my face wasn’t feeling right due to how dry my beard was and I had to go out, the other half was demanding a trip to the store. As I had the beard polisher to hand I gave it a shot.


Instantly my beard began to feel softer, and the smell, is amazing, it’s very minty which is fantastic, there was another scent within the mint-i-ness that I just couldn’t put my finger on, I wasn’t a fan of that undertone. Fortunately it didn’t last long.

My beard was loving this beard polisher and as a result so was my face. Now when I apply beard products, they all have their own scents that last for an amount of time, some longer than others, this beard polisher’s scent stayed with me all day, but the reason I bring this up isn’t to highlight the longevity of the scent, but the side affects.

I know, you’re confused, bear with me, normally a scent is just a scent, nothing more, nothing less. This isn’t the case with the Artic Freeze Beard Polisher I guess the name of the beard polisher should have given it away, but I didn’t pick up on it.

It was a cold day when I went out to store, as I walked through town a small gust of wind blew In my direction and suddenly my beard felt as if I was out in a snowstorm, it was freezing, but not a wow it’s cold sort of way, more of an energizing cool freshness. This scent packs a punch, a punch I love!

The description from the website says it all really:

“Ultra fresh, invigorating and in your face, boosting with energy. It’s like being punched in your face by a Polar Bear. The Arctic is freezing over again. In the background Niaouli and Rosemary giving the scent depth warmth and soul.
This polisher helps you kickstart your day in a split second.”

I’ve never used a beard polisher before, but I’m a convert, they are amazing, and this beard polisher comes with a massive recommendation from myself.

The 40 Crooks Beard Polisher

Just like the Arctic freeze beard polisher, this product is unlike anything I’ve used before, it’s truly unique and something I highly recommend that anyone with a beard adds to their beard care routine.

This beard polishers ingredients are:

  • Precious Amber Jadin
  • Black Pepper
  • Cardamon
  • Virginia Cedar

Now having tested the arctic freeze beard polisher I knew what to expect, so this really comes down to scent… and it’s a scent I really can’t put my finger on, it’s incredibly complex, there are layers and layers of different scents coming through, it’s amazing, I really didn’t expect to be so confused by the scent, I asked my other half to pitch in as she can normally nail a description for a scent and even she failed.

This scent has a citrus-like freshness to it, but then you’re getting a peppery warmth, It’s a scent you HAVE to try, I just cannot put into words how this scent smells, seriously just go buy it now, you won’t regret it.

The website describes the scent as: “It’s a deep and luscious scent .. yet fun and powder soft .. cedar in the background giving it that masculine beating heart.”

And it’s not wrong, one thing to note the price of this beard polisher is a bit more than the arctic freeze, and that’s due to the ingredients used, they are expensive and as such it costs more to create this product.

Beard Beer Wash

SuperFurry beard beer wash

Finally, we’re onto the beard wash, now this is another unique product… I got a small sample pot of this, and well, it was odd, normally washes come as a gel/cream rather liquid by nature or as a bar of soap, this resembled a mouse, a rather beige mouse.

The website describes this beard wash as:

“Beer is known for decades for its beneficial properties, especially for Hair. Beer beard wash is a concentrated, creamy soft soap mush, water has been substituted with Dutch dark Ale beer “Bokbier” in the production process. And of course, all made by so this Beard Wash too is free from Laureth Sulfate and other unnecessary chemicals. The mush has a butch fragrance of Silver Pine and Rosemary. A generous scoop out of the sturdy stoneware jar is enough to wash and clean your beard and leave it clean and moisturized.”

Now I wasn’t expecting much from this beard wash, I mean it’s a beard wash… so I scooped a small dollop into the palm of my hand then massaged it into my beard, the first thing I noted was that It doesn’t really lather up,  but don’t let that put you off.

I walk out of the shower turned to my other half, and my first words were “This beard wash is phenomenal” why did I say that? Well my beard isn’t straight, it’s a bit curly but not, it’s like my beard should be straight but because It’s so stressed it’s gone all tight which has caused it to have a slight curl.

As soon as I applied the beard beer wash, It was as if all the stress and tightness in my beard was instantly taken away; I felt as if my beard suddenly relaxed, I’ve never experienced anything like that, it was odd! But yet amazing. The scent of this beard wash is very woody, followed by freshness, I’m not sure I like the fact that this beard wash doesn’t foam up, but I love how my beard reacts to it.

Now don’t let the lack of foaming up deter you! The reason this beard wash doesn’t foam up is because it’s not full of the chemicals that cause products to foam and SuperFurry chose to not include them as foaming up of cleaning products doesn’t actually make anything cleaner, that’s a common misconception. For you,  this is a good thing, this means the beard wash only contains the chemicals needed to give you beard the love it deserves.

SuperFurry also did a fun tutorial about this in their video about their beer beard wash:

Once dried my beard was noticeably softer if I was so inclined I probably could have gotten away with not applying beard balm that day.


These products by SuperFurry are just on a whole new level of awesome, I highly recommend you buy them, I hope to test more of SuperFurrys products in the future because I love them, and so does my beard.

I can hand on heart recommend this brand to you, your beard will love you for using these products.

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