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Reviewing ThatchFace’s Wild Zest Premium Beard oil

ThatchFace's Wild Zest Premium Beard oil


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, we love reviewing products from new companies. We feel that new companies have the edge over the established ones, they can create weird and wacky scents, push the boundaries of how things are done. So it’s our pleasure to be reviewing a beard oil from a company formed in 2021

The beard oil

The beard oil we have for review is their “Wild Zest” scented beard oil and as the name suggests things are about to get zesty.

Upon opening the packaging containing this beard oil I was greeted with some awesome zesty smells, a mix of lemon and limes.

What does this beard oil contain

Now this beard oil contains only natural oils so you know your beard will love it. The oils inside this beard oil are:

Sweet Almond Oil, Lime Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Lemon Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E

I love the ingredients list and with the inclusion of Argan oil, you can be rest assured that your skin will remain irritation free.

Thoughts on the scent

This scent was quite interesting, see when I opened the package containing this scent I was greeted with some awesome smells, however, my other half was the first person to sniff the scent straight from the bottle, where I was informed it “smelled like your typical lemon toilet cleaner” …That can’t be true!

So I gave it a good whiff myself and unfortunately as per usual she was right. But don’t let that put you off, remember beard oils react to your skin & beard much like aftershaves, so the scent will change once applied.

I can happily say that once applied my beard smelled very much of zesty goodness not of an average toilet cleaner, I really enjoyed this scent, it was very refreshing to apply after a shower.

How did it perform

This is the important question, a good beard oil should soften your beard and reduce/remove any irritation to your skin, and the scent should last for a decent amount of time if not all day.

Well, the scent stayed with me all day, after a long days work I came home to my other half where she informed me that I smelled very fresh. As for my beard, it was a tough week during the testing of this oil, a lot was going on, lots of stress, the perfect conditions for an unhappy beard.

Well, you wouldn’t have known it, my beard was soft and supple, no skin irritation what so ever.


So, did was love it? Would we recommend it you ask?

Yes, we loved this beard oil, the natural top quality ingredients meant that my beard was happy, the scent although it started off on the wrong foot turned out to be a complete winner. So we highly recommend it.

Now, if the beard oil wasn’t a good enough reason for you to buy some, you should check out the ThatchFace about us page.

Ben, the owner of ThatchFace, unfortunately, was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2009, he went through the tumor removal and chemotherapy and having suffered from this horrible disease, he’s decided to donate 10% of all Thatchface beard oil profits to help other men inflicted with this disease.

So check out premium beard oils and find your perfect scent knowing that you are also helping a good cause.

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