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Reviewing ThatchFace’s Premium beard oil Got Wood?


Here again for review is Thatchface, they’re becoming a bit of a regular, and for the right reason, the company Is giving back, the oils have proven to be great, and we love reviewing products by small companies, you honestly have no idea what they will come up next.

Well Thatchface have another beard oil, and today we’re going put it through its paces, ok that’s a small lie, I’ve already spent a week testing it, but today I’m telling you about it!

The Beard oil

Thatchface premium beard oil got wood

The beard oil we’re testing today from Thatchface is “Got Wood?” Now I was expecting something entirely different from this beard oil, I was expecting musky wood scents.

That’s not what you get, you get freshness and a lot of it.

What does this beard oil contain

Like the other beard oils that Thatchface has created the essential oils that are common through all are Vitamin E and Argan Oil.

Specific to this beard oil are:

Sweet Almond Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Pine Needle Oil, Lime Oil

The Vitamin E and Argan Oil will ensure you beard is soft, healthy and itch free.

What are our thoughts on the scent

As I mentioned above this beard oil wasn’t musty and woody like I thought, instead it was fresh, think strolling through a wood that’s green, think pine trees.

That’s exactly what you get there, the Pine and Lime really come through, it’s another fresh and invigorating scent. One you will love to apply straight after a shower.

How did it perform

As with all of ThatchFace’s beard oils the results were fantastic. My beard remained soft and itch-free. Although my wedding was over, I was on my honeymoon going through varying weathers and still stressing over a house purchase, and yet still my beard remained in the best condition it has been for a long time.

The scent itself, remained all day, though much more subtle that you would be led to believe if you sniff the bottle. Again another scent that I’ve fallen in love with.


Here we are at the conclusion again. So another beard oil from Thatchface and yes the same responses to the key questions, we love it, and we recommend it. It’s a fantastic beard oil with a fantastic scent, if this scent isn’t for you then try out one of the other scents by thatchface on their premium beard oils page.

I’ve mention this before, but I can’t end this article without mentioning this again as it’s just such a good cause, 10% of the profits from the beard oils goes to men who’re suffering from testicular cancer, this is an amazing cause which you can read more about on the ThatchFace about us page.

So go on, go buy an amazing beard oil.

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