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Reviewing ThatchFace’s Premium beard oil “Full Minty”


Once again going through a MajorBeard Review board is a beard oil created by You can review our previous review of ThatchFace’s Wild Zest beard oil here. Well sit back and get ready for another awesome beard oil by Thatchface.

The Beard oil

thatchface premium beard oil full minty

The beard oil we have up for review today is ThatchFace’s “Full Minty” Scented beard oil, a fantastically named beard oil which as the name suggests is incredibly minty.

Once again as soon as I opened the packaging, wow the scent was amazing.

What does this beard oil contain

Like Thatchfaces other beard oil, the core shared components are Argan Oil and Vitamin E

These are some amazing oils, and the inclusion of argan oil will make sure you don’t suffer beard dandruff, and the vitamin E will reduce inflammation, meaning no itchy beard!

The other oils contained in this beard oil are Sweet Almond Oil, Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Rosemary Oil, and it’s these oils that give the beard oil its name “Full Minty”.

Thoughts on the scent

The scent on this one is mint, plain and simple, open up your typical minty toothpaste, have a sniff, and there you have it, that’s this beard oil.

Putting this beard oil on first thing in the morning after a shower was amazing, just this refreshing minty blast. It was invigorating!

How did it perform

As always, the most important question is how well did it perform. With any beard oil, you’re looking for a few things really, it should soften your beard, and it should reduce/remove any beard itch caused by skin irritation, which also should remove beard dandruff.

On those key points this beard oil did fantastic, my beard was the softest it’s been in a while, I’m currently buying a house and at the same time getting married and I can tell you the stress levels are high, stress leads to an unhappy beard, but you wouldn’t know it based on the results of using this beard oil, regardless of how stressed I was, my beard remained soft strong and healthy.

Now scent is a secondary thing when it comes to a beard oil, but this scent is fantastic and long lasting, I was still “Minty” fresh at the end of the workday.

The beard oil comes in a blue bottle or at least mine did, and I love it, firstly because the bottles look cool in blue and secondly because I rarely see it, most beard oil bottles are brown, both colors do their jobs well, and that job is to protect the oils from UV/Sunlight.


So the conclusion, was the beard oil for us, did we like it, do we recommend it? Wholeheartedly yes we do recommend this beard oil, if the scent isn’t for you then Thatchface has other scents that you might enjoy. But for us this Minty freshness was great.

I’ve mentioned this in the previous review that we did for Thatchface, but if buying a fantastic beard oil wasn’t enough, 10% of profits from the beard oils goes to help men who’re suffering from testicular cancer, you can read more about that here on the Thatchface about page.

So why are you still reading this? Go try the Thatchface premium beard oils, you won’t regret it.

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