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Grave Before Shave Beard Pack Review

I’m not sure about you, but I have definitely had those days where I just feel like shaving my beard clean off and avoiding the problem of having a shaggy beard.

After all being in the real world means that I need to look my best at all times so I can’t afford to have a knotty and nappy beard.

Yet that urge to shave it all away soon disappears and gets overtaken by the need to display my manliness and that means not only having a full beard, but also dealing with the problems that come with having a big and burly face full of hair.

Hey, I like to think of myself as a problem solver.

I think you know exactly how I feel. Have you ever considered getting a simple beard care kit such as the Grave Before Shave Beard Pack?

It’s something that I contemplated for a while, and it seemed like a good idea, so I finally tried getting it and let me tell you that it really helped my image.

I haven’t been happier since because a good beard kit has let me keep my beard and keep it looking crisp, all thanks to some beard soap, beard oil, and a nifty comb too!

If you’ve been having the same problems like me, then it may be time to invest a little money in a great beard care kit.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Beard Care Kit​

I wasn’t quite sure what the average beard care kit should include so I did a little snooping around and realized that there are a few main components that each kit should have in it.

Of course if you are a man with a bulky beard that you just can’t get under control, can’t keep it hydrated, and constantly look like you have bed beard, you may want to consider a good beard care kit such as the one from Grave Before Shave, but before you buy anything you should think about a few things.

  • Natural Ingredients

One of the biggest things for me is that all of the ingredients are completely natural.

Chemicals and synthetic ingredients always end up irritating my skin and can actually make my problems worse.

Not only do I want natural ingredients due to my sensitive skin, but also because they are much better for my overall health and for the environment in general.

Simply put, I just want to know what is in the stuff that I am slathering on my face.​

  • The Contents

Taking care of a beard requires a fair amount of effort and therefore a good amount of products too.

Thus any beard care kit that I get always needs to have certain components.

These include at the very minimum a good beard comb, some beard soap, and some great smelling beard oil too.

  • The Hydration Aspect

A big problem with beards is that they often dry out and that can cause itchiness, skin irritation, and beard dandruff too.

Thus any beard care kit that you get should include some kind of oil, balm, or conditioner that will provide optimal hydration and moisture retention for your beard.

  • The De-Tangling Tool

Of course, another issue faced by men like myself with big beards is that they get full of knots and end up being wild.

Therefore any good beard care kit that you are thinking of buying should have a good beard comb, you know, something to straighten it and get through those knots easily.

  • The Smell

People love the smell; I like good scents, and I’m pretty sure you and everyone around you do too.

That’s why I love getting a beard care kit that includes some oils or balms that have a good smell because the right fragrance can be quite intoxicating.

  • Cleaning The Beard

You probably know that beards require some special care when it comes to cleaning them.

You can’t just use any soap or shampoo because that could make all of your problems worse.

To clean your beard the best way to go is to get a beard care kit that contains actual beard soap.

  • The Price

This isn’t a huge deal I guess and the only thing that I want to say about the price is that you don’t always need to spend a fortune to get the beard care kit that you need.

Beard Pack

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as of January 8, 2022 10:27 pm

I have to say that the Grave Before Shave Beard Pack is my absolute favorite beard care kit that is available today.

It contains a few really great components that I’m a big fan of.

First of all, it includes 2 fantastic bottles of beard oil that really help keep my beard in check.

One of the oils smells like pine, and the other smells like spiced rum, both smells I really enjoy.

Plus the beard oils help to keep my beard smooth and in check, moisturized, and free of flakes and itching, so that’s a big bonus too.

Another thing this kit has is some really neat beard soap that works to keep my beard free of frizz and conditioned. It makes it easy to style, and the fresh campfire scent reminds me of the great outdoors, something else that I am a big fan of.

Finally, the Grave Before Shave Beard Pack also has a nifty beard comb that comes in the style of a switch blade.

For security purposes, the switch blade beard comb may not be the best thing to take on a trip, especially to an airport, but it definitely looks cool and it works fantastically too.

Of course one of my favorite parts about this beard care kit is that it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

We Like

  • The Price
  • Great for moisturizing your beard
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Everything you need to care for your beard.
  • The Scent

We Don’t Like

  • Pack doesn’t include a balm or wax

Features & Benefits Of The Grave Before Shave Beard Pack

​I touched on all of these aspects already, but since there are so many features and benefits that come along with this beard care kit, I figured it would be beneficial to expand on them just a little bit.

The Grave Before Shave Beard Pack has a great number of benefits, all of which go a really long way towards getting the beard looking the way I need it to look.

Let’s talk about all of the features right now.

  • The Comb

Of course a really important feature of any beard care kit is the comb it comes with, something that the Beard Pack has on lockdown.

The comb in this kit has average teeth with average spacing in between them. I really like it because my beard is long, thick, prone to knots, and always has loose hairs.

This comb works really well to remove all of those knots and straighten out my beard no matter how knotty and tangled it is.

Of course the comb looks like a switch blade so it’s nice and compact which means it’s great for being on the go.

Not to mention that this nifty little comb is really great for styling my beard to look exactly the way I like it.

  • The Soap

The next feature of the Grave Before Shave Beard Pack is the Pine Tar Beard Soap that it comes with.

I have found that the pine tar soap works really well because it provides for a much smoother beard than any other soap I have found so far.

It makes my beard feel really conditioned and it helps to control those stray hairs so it’s much easier to style and keep under control. Plus it smells fantastic too and keeps it cleaner than anything else I have tried.

The soap is also vegetable based and doesn’t contain any synthetic chemicals which might irritate your skin; it’s great for my skin and for the environment.

  • The Beard Oils

This beard kit comes with 2 different beard oils, one that smells like pine and the other which smells like spiced rum.

Both smell great and depending on my mood I can wear one or the other, even mix them together if I feel like it.

Once again these oils are completely natural and don’t contain any GMO’s or chemicals that may cause my skin to break out. I can’t help but mention that I am huge fan because I am a big tree hugger and that means not polluting the environment with unnecessary chemicals when I don’t have to.

The oils also have a great number of benefits other than smelling fantastic. These oils work really well to keep my beard hydrated and moisturized, which in turn means that my facial hair isn’t nearly as frizzy, plus it also helps to keep itchiness and beard dandruff under control as well.

Alternatives To The Grave Before Shave Beard Pack

As you can probably tell I really love this beard care kit and it’s definitely my favorite one out there at this moment.

Of course, you might not feel the same way I do. I like the comb, the soap, and the oils too, but you may have something else in mind.

For that reason, I’ve also decided to list a few alternative beard care kits that you may like just a little bit more.

Here they are.

GBS Bay Rum Pack

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as of January 8, 2022 10:27 pm

Now this little beard care kit has a few different components than the Beard Pack, but it is definitely still useful, not to mention that it costs about the same price.

The Grave Before Shave Bay Rum Pack contains a beard balm, beard, and mustache wax, as well as beard oil too, all of which smell like spiced rum.

This kit works really well if you need to keep your beard hydrated, moisturized, conditioned, and free of flakes and itchiness, in fact, kit probably works better than my top pick, just because of the different products it comes with.

The Grave Before Shave Bay Rum Kit does provide for more hold and styling capability thanks to the balm and the wax, both of which are pretty thick and work great for beard molding purposes.

The only thing that the Grave Before Shave Pack doesn’t have that the Beard Pack has is the comb, but that’s easily solved by buying one separately. On a side note, if you don’t like the smell of spiced rum this may not be the kit for you.

Grave Before Shave Beard Care Pack (Bay Rum Blend)

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as of January 8, 2022 10:27 pm

I may have spoken too early when I said that my top pick as actually my favorite because I just came across this Grave Before Shave Beard Care Pack and I have to say that I am very impressed by what I see.

Perhaps the best part about it is that it contains absolutely all of the components that any man could need to keep their beard under control and looking fantastic.

This care pack includes beard wash which keeps facial hair clean, smelling great, and it’s natural too so you don’t have to worry if you have sensitive skin.

The Grave Before Shave Beard Care Pack also contains rum scented beard oil and beard balm too.

Both of these things go a long way in relieving dandruff and itchiness as well as providing hydration and essential nutrients; both are great for nappy and scraggly beards that just can’t be controlled through normal means.

One of my favorite parts about this kit is that includes an authentic boar bristle brush, something which is way better than the average beard comb because they help to spread around moisture and they massage the face too in order to reduce irritation.

This kit is slightly more expensive than our other options, but it has everything that a man needs to keep facial hair groomed.

Beard Brush and Beard Comb kit for Men Grooming, Styling & Shaping - Handmade Wooden Comb and Natural Boar Bristle Beard Brush Gift Set for Men Beard & Mustache Care Gift Set

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as of January 8, 2022 10:27 pm

This kit is a little more modest than our other choices, mainly because it only contains a brush and a comb and doesn’t have any balms or oils, but then again it also costs less than half the price than our other options.

It may not contain any of the fancy scented soaps, balms, and oils, but you may feel like you don’t need any of those things; I know that I don’t always need them and sometime a brush or comb is good enough.

I do really like this kit because the boar bristle brush is great for massaging my face, getting through horrible knots, and for spreading around nutrients, moisture, and essential oils too.

Plus the comb is fantastic for styling my beard and getting rid of those little knots that the brush can’t manage with.

Both of these items are great at reducing snag and keeping static at bay.


I have been really happy with the Grave Before Shave Beard Pack because it really has done everything that I need it to do.

Do you need hydration? Is your face itchy? Does your beard have dandruff? Loose hairs? Split ends? Hard to style it and keep it groomed?

Well these are all problems that I have too. Ok let’s make a correction, those are all problems I had before getting myself the Grave Before Shave Beard Pack.

It’s not the only one I use though and if you think that my top pick isn’t ideal for you I can tell you that the alternatives I have listed work pretty darn well too and I am saying that from experience!

If you’re tired of beard problems I would highly recommend any of the options that I discussed above.

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