Lovely Beards – Beard Balm and Beard Oils Review

Lovely Beards – Beard Balm and Beard Oils Review

Lovely Beards - Beard Balm and Beard Oils Review

When it comes to your beard, you know that you need to use good quality beard oils and balms, if you don’t, you end up with dry, flaky skin and a rough, brittle beard. Using a good beard oil and balm ensures that you have a nice soft beard, with healthy skin underneath.

Which is why we have the pleasure of reviewing a selection of products from Lovely Beards today. We have 3 of their beard oils and 3 of their beard balms to put to the test.

Initial Thoughts

The packaging for the products is crisp and clean. For me the beard oil’s stood out, the boxes look fantastic, but one thing that I really loved was the guide.

It’s difficult when you are first growing a beard to know how much beard oil to use, well Lovely Beards have provided a usage guide on the side of their packaging which shows you exactly how much to use.

The guide shows you exactly how many drops you should apply to your beard depending entirely on its age & length.

I loved that! If you’re new to growing your beard then this guide is ideal, for myself, I’ve had mine for several years, it’s gone through various trims, so the guidelines didn’t help, experience helped. What I suggest is that you start with the guidelines and see how your beard responds, if you need more oil or balm then increase the amount you use each day, however, if your beard is greasy then reduce the amount you use.

The Process

When I review beard oils and balms, the process is simple. Each day for a week I use the beard oil and balm on my beard, monitoring the health and softness of my beard.

I also check out the scent when applied and throughout the day.

If the beard oil and balms are good, then my beard remains soft, the skin is healthy, and I’m happy. If however, my skin starts to get flaky, my beard goes dry and brittle, then something isn’t right about that oil and balm. Unfortunately, that has happened!

I can happily say that with Lovely Beards products my beard remained soft and my skin happy. Which I found quite a surprise as when I was testing the products a heat wave struck, and I had started the stressful process of buying a house, those two things combined would test any beard products limits.

The oils & balms

I’ve got 3 beard oils and balms from Lovely Beards to review, these being Nectarine Mint, Bourbon, Vanilla and Sandlewood.

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All the beard oils start with the same base carrier oils, these are:

Joboba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Hempseed oil, Kiwi Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E.

If you want to know the benefits of each of these carrier oils, head over to our beard oils page

To make each oil unique a mixture of essential oils are added, these essential oils are what give these beard oils their scents. If you read the ingredients list for these oils you’ll see that there aren’t any artificial ingredients, they are 100% organic.

From our experience, we found that beard oils which are 100% organic tends to mean that you beard and your skin will thank you.

Nectarine Mint Beard Oil and Balm

lovely beard nectarine mint beard balm
lovely beards nectarine mint beard oil

This was the first beard oil and balm that I tested.

Upon opening I took a big whiff of the oil and balm, then my other half did the same, to me the scent wasn’t great, it smelt like a fake leather shoe shop.

This surprised me, I had high hopes for this beard oil and beard balm, the ingredients sound fantastic.

I wondered if this was just the initial scent that once applied to your beard the scent would develop, so I applied the oil to my beard following the guidelines given.

Once applied the fake leather scent continued, but after 5 minutes, things started to change, I was getting ready for the work day, and every so often this sneaky hint of nectarine would appear out of nowhere. Just a hint and it would come as quickly as it went.


  •  Organic Ingredients
  • Softens beard


  • Scent isn’t great

As I mentioned above, I tried this beard oil and balm while it was a hot and stressful week, if anything was going to test a beard oil, this week would be it. I honestly expected my beard to become dry and itchy.

This wasn’t the case, the ingredients that make up this beard oil and balm are amazing, they managed to keep my beard soft and healthy without a hint of an itch even.

The ingredients are what make this beard oil and balm shine.


Lovely beards bourbon beard balm
Lovely beards bourbon beard oil

Once again with this beard oil and balm upon opening, I checked out the scent, ever hopeful only to be disappointed just like the Nectarine Mint the initial scent was that of a cheap leather shoe shop. Unlike the Nectarine Mint, I didn’t get any subtle hints of scent throughout the day, the scent remained that of cheap leather.


  • Organic Ingredients
  • Softens beard


  • Scent isn’t great

Although the scent wasn’t something I enjoyed, I can still say that the base ingredients leave your beard and your facial skin incredibly happy, very few beard oils or balms managed to give the results I experienced with regards to the health of my beard.

Vanilla & Sandalwood

Lovely beards vanilla and sandalwood beard oil

I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but again the scent just wasn’t there. Honestly I am quite surprised.

These beard oils and balms are named so well, you open the tins and the bottles expecting to be struck with something amazing, yet… in reality, it’s a cheap leather shoe shop scent.


  • Organic Ingredients
  • Softens beard


  • Scent isn’t great

How do Lovely Beards beard oil’s stack up against our top beard oils and balms?

This is a difficult question, as a whole, the products we reviewed from Lovely Beards wouldn’t make it onto our top beard oil and balms list. However take away the scent and what lovely beards have created is exceptional, very few products have managed to keep my beard as soft as lovely beards products, my skin was healthy and there wasn’t a single itch.

Our Top pick from Lovely Beards

With such an amazing set of ingredients, Lovely Beards should appear on any ones top 10, but those scents let them down, that’s when we noticed that Lovely Beards offer an unscented oil and balm.

So for us, that’s our top pick, we highly recommend the unscented version, the ingredients in these beard oils and balms will bring even the driest and damaged beard back to life.


While we are quite disappointed by the scents from Lovely Beards oils and balms, the ingredients used are 100% natural, and we believe high quality, which is why even though the weather was scorching and the week was highly stressful my beard weathered the storm with ease.

We highly recommend you check them out, I know we’ll be watching them and will update this review if the scents improve in the future.