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Woodsman Beard Oil Review

Woodsman Beard Oil Review

Have you experienced any beard problems of late? We know that things like dry and itchy skin, split ends, and slow beard growth can all but damper your big beard plans, but they don’t have to, and in fact, they don’t have to be problems at all.

We have the perfect solution for you and that is beard oil, Woodsman Beard Oil to be exact. This is a great product that can relieve and solve all of those pesky beard problems which plague you on a daily basis. We’re here to talk about everything Woodsman Beard Oil and why you just might want to consider getting yourself a bottle of this stuff.

What To Look For When Buying Beard Oil

Beard oils are usually not particularly expensive, but you still want to pay attention to which ones you buy to find the best one for you. It’s not all about the price, but what qualities you are looking for in a good beard oil, qualities which we are going to discuss here.

The Smell

One big purpose of beard oil is to help your beard smell great all day long. Therefore you want to make sure to buy beard oil which you like the scent of. You don’t want to spend a bunch of money on a product that is going to have you smelling an undesirable scent all day long.


As we will discuss further below, and as is the case with Woodsman Beard Oil, you want to get beard oil that contains a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other compounds which will help nourish your beard and speed up the growth process.

Ideally, any beard oil you get should be able to provide the vitamins and other minerals necessary to reduce skin inflammation, heal and strengthen hair follicles, increase circulation and nutrient delivery to those follicles, and speed up the beard growth process.


One big problem that many men experience, especially if you live in a dry climate, is that of dry hair and dry skin, things which can lead to breakage and split ends, which of course are less than ideal in a healthy beard. Good beard oil should be able to hydrate your beard throughout the day and also help your beard hairs to retain moisture at the same time.

The Ingredients

This does have to do with the nourishment which your beard receives, but moreover the important thing to remember here is that the beard oil in question should have all natural ingredients. You definitely don’t want to be smearing a bunch of factory made chemicals on your face.

The Look

Something else that good beard oil should be able to do is to make your beard smooth, pliable, and workable. It’s much easier to comb a beard and keep it looking under control when it is sleek and smooth.

The Bottle

Finally, the bottle in which the beard oil comes in is actually quite important. Many of the oils which are contained in beard oil are susceptible to degradation due to sunlight and artificial light exposure. Therefore the oil you get should be in a bottle which has a good label or is tinted in order to keep light out.

Woodsman Beard Oil | Cedar Scented Leave In Beard Conditioner Keeps Facial Hair Soft and Moisturizes Skin | Jojoba. Argan and Sweet Almond Essential Oils 1 Ounce

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Woodsman beard oil is a fantastic choice of beard oil to go with, and it’s thanks to various different reasons. It contains a variety of ingredients such as argan oil, castor oil, olive oil, and various other things which serve to improve beard growth and keep existing hair as healthy as can be.

Woodsman Beard Oil is known to nourish your beard with a large variety of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds. It also helps increase circulation, your metabolic rate, and the overall delivery of nutrients to hair follicles. There is also the fact that it helps decrease skin irritation, provide hydration, and helps to reduce split ends too.

Not to mention the fact that this beard oil helps to give your beard a nice sheen that smells fantastic too. It also comes in a neat glass bottle with a label that covers most of the surface area, thus reducing the oil’s exposure to sunlight which can cause the ingredients to deteriorate in quality. Perhaps one of our favorite parts about Woodsman Beard Oil is that it is made by hand in the good old US of A.

We Like

  • Provides nourishment.
  • Helps deliver nutrients to follicles.
  • Reduces skin irritation.
  • Helps hydrate your beard.
  • Smells great.
  • Provides for a slick sheen.

We Dont Like

  • Some people dislike the scent.
  • Some people may experience an allergic reaction.

Woodsman Beard Oil: Features & Benefits

Woodsman beard oil comes with a great number of benefits, both for your beard and for the skin underneath. Many of these features and benefits come in the form of the ingredients which Woodsman beard oil contains. Let’s take a minute to talk about the various ingredients and benefits of this particular beard oil.

Argan Oil – Repairing Hair Follicles

An ingredient present in Woodsman Beard Oil is argan oil, an oil which has a very high content of Vitamin E. The reason why argan oil and Vitamin E are so important for healthy beard growth is because Vitamin E is an antioxidant, something which helps to repair damaged hair follicles in order to get them to produce more hair more efficiently.

Vitamin E is also shown to assist in the creation of new tissue such as the cells which make up skin and hair follicles. This vitamin is also shown to reduce inflammation, thus spurring on healthy beard growth. Argan oil is also an effective skin nourishing agent that is also high in fatty acids, the benefits of which will be discussed in the section below on castor oil.

Castor Oil – Fighting Infections, Producing Thicker Hair, & Increasing Testosterone

One of the main ingredients in Woodsman Beard Oil is castor oil, an ingredient which contains several compounds, all of which go a very long way in promoting healthy beard growth. First of all, castor oil contains ricinoleic acid and various other fatty acids. These acids are shown to increase the production of something known as prostaglandin E2, something which is proven to cause hair follicles to produce thicker hair.

Moreover, castor oil is germicidal, antifungal, and insecticidal in nature, all properties which help to fight microbial and fungal infections, both of which are leading causes of hair loss. Some of the fatty acids in castor oil are also known to boost the production of testosterone, something which helps your hair follicles stay in their growth cycle for longer. Moreover, castor oil is known to improve circulation, thus providing more nutrients to your hair follicles, plus it also has the ability to heal damaged hair and prevent split ends from occurring.

Jojoba Oil – Hydration & Nourishment

Jojoba oil is a fantastic ingredient which is present in Woodsman Beard Oil, and there is a good reason for its presence. Jojoba oil is a fantastic hydrating agent which helps to keep your skin and hair follicles from drying out, things which can both slow down and negatively impact hair and beard growth.

One main component of Jojoba oil is Vitamin E, the benefits of which we already discussed in the above sections. Moreover, Jojoba oil also contains several different B Vitamins. For one, Vitamin B12 is responsible for metabolism and for the creation of red blood cells. Red blood cells are necessary to deliver blood and oxygen to hair follicles, plus an efficient metabolism is important for processing and effectively delivering nutrients to your hair and follicles through your blood stream.

Another crucial B vitamin present in Jojoba Oil is Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7. Biotin is necessary for your body to convert fatty acids and micronutrients into energy, energy which is vital for the healthy growth of your hair. Moreover, Biotin is shown to be an antifungal and can help protect your skin from acne and dryness, all of which are important regarding healthy beard growth.

Moreover, Jojoba oil also has high contents of silicon, copper, and Zinc, all of which play quite a big role in the nourishment of skin and hair follicles, as well as in spurring on healthy hair and beard growth through a variety of means.

Olive Oil – DHT & Omega Fatty Acids – Strength & Nourishment

Another one of the ingredients in Woodsman Beard Oil that is very beneficial for your beard is Olive Oil. This oil contains a compound that lessens the effects and slows down the production of DHT in men, a chemical which causes hair follicles and thus the hair growing out of them to become thinner.

Another great part about olive oil is that it contains Omega-6 fatty acids. These are fantastic to have in beard oil because they help your hairs from losing water in dry environments, thus helping your beard to stay well hydrated.

Moreover, olive oil also contains Omega-9 fatty acids, a substance which helps make your hair more malleable and pliable, thus reducing split ends and broken hairs. Olive oil is actually also an antioxidant, something that helps reduce dry skin, itch and inflammation, as well as beard flakes, all things which can clog or irritate your pores, thus reducing their efficiency at producing beard hairs.

Sweet Almond, Safflower, & Grape Seed Oils

The addition of these 3 oils to Woodsman Beard Oil is also very beneficial for a number of different reasons. Between the 3 oils, they contain antioxidant properties to keep your skin and hair follicles healthy and productive, they help to nourish and hydrate both the skin and beard follicles, and they help strengthen your beard hairs all at the same time. These oils also contain several different vitamins, minerals, and proteins, all of which are essential for healthy and thick beard growth.

Fragrance Oils – That Great Smell

Woodsman Beard Oil also contains several different carrier or fragrance oils. These don’t really serve a nourishing purpose, but they do help keep your beard hydrated, plus of course they help keep your

Alternatives To Woodsman Beard Oil

If you don’t think that woodsman beard oil is the right choice for you, you can always try one of the other great beard oils.

Beardbrand Lumber Yard Beard Oil, 1 oz

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This is a great alternative to Woodsman Beard Oil. One of our favorite parts about it is that it smells fantastic. It has notes of cedar wood and other woods, scents which make you smell like a manly man that just came from the forest. This is a good choice of beard oil because it helps to hydrate your beard, keep it slick, and give it that nice shine you want.

Beardbrand Lumber Yard Beard Oil is also infused with several vitamins and minerals which go a long way in providing your beard and the skin underneath with the nourishment you need. We also like the fact that it’s a very lightweight beard oil which won’t weigh down your beard too much, plus it won’t leave behind a greasy feel either.

Fragrance Free Beard Oil & Leave In Conditioner, 100% Pure Natural for Groomed Beards, Mustaches, Moisturized Skin 1 Oz By Ranger Grooming Co By Leven Rose (Beard Oil)

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Leven Rose Fragrance-Free Beard Oil is another great choice of beard oil to go with. One thing that you might really like about it is that it is fragrance-free. After all, not all people like scents, a factor which makes this beard oil ideal. Another thing that you will appreciate about Leven Rose Beard Oil is that it is made with argan oil, a substance which we discussed before and is definitely very beneficial for your skin and beard.

This beard oil helps to keep your beard hydrated, moisturized, nourished, and helps keep your skin free from irritation too, all things which spur on healthy beard growth. You will also like the fact that Leven Rose Beard Oil is made with all natural ingredients and does not contain any GMO’s, pesticides, parabens, or other harmful and unwanted substances. Moreover, this beard oil contains beneficial antioxidant properties, not to mention that it is vegan-friendly and has not been tested on animals either.

Grave Before Shave Beard Oil (Bay Rum Scent) 4 Oz. Bottle

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This is the third of the alternatives which we have to offer, and it is definitely a great one. Thanks to ingredients such as tea tree oil, jojoba oil, apricot oil, essential oils, aloe vera, and several other ingredients, this beard oil helps to keep your beard and the skin underneath nourished and healthy.

It delivers a vast array of nutrients to your hair and your skin, it helps increase circulation and nutrient deliver, and it helps hydrate your beard too. This stuff will definitely moisturize your beard, make it stronger, make it grow faster, and make it easier to manage too.

Grave Before Shave Bay Rum Beard Oil will deliver a sleek sheen to your beard, make it smooth, and give it an irresistible pirate-like rum smell too. We really like the fact that this particular beard oil is made with all natural ingredients.

People Love Woodsman Beard Oil!

We aren’t going to go too deep into customer reviews here, but the fact of the matter is that people who have purchased this product from around the world have been very pleased with it. People say that it helps to take their beards, make them look and smell better, and best of all, that it makes their beards feel much healthier too.

Perhaps you might like to try your hand at making your own DIY beard Oil?


If you haven’t already considered using beard oil to solve problems such as skin irritation, dryness, a lack of beard hydration, split ends, and a whole array of other beard problems you might be experiencing, maybe you should just go ahead and get a bottle of Woodsman Beard Oil. It really is a great product that can help keep your beard and the skin underneath strong and healthy, thus spurring on quick and thick beard growth.

If you have any questions about Woodsman Beard Oil or beard oils in general, please feel free to ask us, and we will get back to you right away.

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