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Leven Rose Fragrance-Free Beard Oil and Leave-In Conditioner Review

Leven Rose Fragrance Free Beard Oil and Leave-In Conditioner review

Have you ever had those days, or should I say weeks, when you just can’t get your beard looking right?

I sure do and in fact, that is pretty much my whole life. It seems that no matter what I do I just can’t seem to make my beard smell or look the way it should.

I mean, I guess I could make some sort of DIY beard balm to take care of my problem, but when there are great solutions available like the Leven Rose Fragrance-Free Beard Oil, why would I?

I am sick and tired of being called various insulting names just because my beard is all dry, scraggly, knotted, smelly, and lacking of any particular style.

If you have the same problems with your beard that I do it may be time to invest in a decent beard oil and conditioner like this one.

Things To Consider Before Buying Beard Oil​

The number one thing you need to consider before buying any kind of beard oil is of course how much facial hair you have. Of course having a beard is a pretty big prerequisite for purchasing any kind of beard care product, but I guess that is a given.

Of course the worse your beard looks the more need you are going to have for some care products, just like me!

There are a few things you should look out for before buying any beard oil, things which I discuss below.

  • Natural

One of the most important things to consider in my opinion is what the ingredients are.

Many people including myself have very sensitive skin so the best way to go is with beard oil that has all natural ingredients. Chemicals are not wanted here.​

  • Scent

Another really crucial aspect about any beard oil to be considered is what fragrance it has.

Different people like to smell different scents and some people don’t like any smell at all.

There are always a ton of different scented beard oils as well as those that are free of scent.

  • The Bottle

This may sound a little weird, but the type of bottle or container that you get your beard oil in can make a pretty big difference, especially if the ingredients are all natural.

This is because beard oil can actually go bad and it needs to be kept in a cool and dark environment.

Therefore getting a dark or tinted bottle is ideal.

  • The Function

The next thing that you should look out for when buying any beard oil is what it can do for you.

Good beard oil should be able to provide hydration, get rid of itchiness and flakes, smoothen out your beard, make it shiny, and make it easy to style too.

Great beard oil should also put into your hair very quickly so it won’t get grease stains everywhere.

  • The Price

While the price may be important in terms of what you are getting because you do get what you pay for, you can find some pretty good beard balms and oils out there that aren’t going to cost you a fortune, so pay attention to the price for sure.

Fragrance Free Beard Oil & Leave In Conditioner, 100% Pure Natural for Groomed Beards, Mustaches, Moisturized Skin 1 Oz By Ranger Grooming Co By Leven Rose (Beard Oil)

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as of December 28, 2021 10:45 pm

This is definitely my favorite beard oil out there at this very moment and since I started using it I haven’t switched to anything else.

Leven Rose Beard Oil And Leave In Conditioner only has natural ingredients, to be exact there are 2 of them, organic jojoba oil and organic Moroccan argan oil.

What is even better is that this product is 100 percent vegan-friendly and has also never been tested on animals.

I have to say that I love the fact that this beard oil and conditioner is all natural, vegan-friendly, and hasn’t harmed any animals in the process of making it.

Leven Beard Oil is best used on a daily basis to get its full possible effects, and there are plenty of them.

This beard oil and leave in conditioner is fantastic for taming wild hair, moisturizing dry beards, relieving itchiness and getting rid of beard dandruff, for making it shiny and smooth, and for making your facial hair malleable and easy to style.

I’m not a fan of really strong smells either which is why I like Leven Beard Oil because it is virtually fragrance-free.

This particular oil also comes in a tinted bottle with a black label to increase its shelf life and to keep it from going bad, just another bonus if you ask me.

However, it does come in several scents if you prefer, smells such as sandalwood and cedar.

We Like

  • All Natural
  • Great For beard health
  • Vegan friendly
  • Moisturizes your beard

We Don’t Like

  • Short Shelf Life
  • Lack Of Scent

I’ve already touched on most of the features and benefits that I like about this particular beard oil and conditioner, but that was just scratching the surface.

I really love this beard oil for a number of different reasons. It has great features and a lot of benefits that come with using it so let’s go over them quickly.​

  • Chemical Free

Perhaps the feature that I like the most is that the Leven Beard Oil is made out of 100 percent natural products, those being argan and jojoba oil.

This is something I really like because I have sensitive skin and any chemicals tend to irritate my face, but not this stuff.

  • Hydration

Leven Beard Oil provides for a really high level of hydration, both to my beard and to the skin underneath.

I hate having a really dry beard because it makes it brittle and coarse, not to mention that it looks bad when it’s dry too.

  • Itchiness

I’ve always had big problems with itchiness as well as beard flakes, otherwise known as dandruff.

It’s partially because of my dry skin, but it’s also because of a lack of nutrients.

The argan and jojoba oil help to relieve my constant itchy face and it helps to stop my skin from raining down into my beard like snowflakes.

  • Eco-Friendly

Being all natural and free of chemicals not only means that it’s good for my face, but it’s also good for the environment in general.

Since Leven Beard Oil contains no artificial chemicals or fossil fuels, it means that it is sustainable and won’t cause any unneeded pollution, not to mention that it is vegan free and hasn’t been tested on animals.

When it comes to morals and ethics, Leven has those 2 things on lockdown.

  • Anti-Oxidant Capabilities

This particular beard oil, due to being made with natural oils, has amazing anti-oxidant properties that make facial hair grow faster and stronger, plus it helps the skin stay healthy and free of irritation too.

It has really helped my beard grow in fuller and all without any extra skin problems that usually plague my daily life.

  • Shelf Life

I don’t always go through the products I buy in record time and sometimes I only use them a few times per week, such as this beard oil for example.

Being made out of natural ingredients means that Leven Beard Oil does have an expiry date, but thanks to the neatly designed bottle and glass stopper it can stay good for longer, long enough for me to use it all.

  • Styling

The natural hydration that this beard oil provides, plus the anti-oxidant and moisturizing capabilities all work to bring my beard from a coarse pile of hay to a fine blanket of silk all with minimal effort.

  • Minimal Use

The next feature that I want to mention is that this beard oil and leave in conditioner only needs to be used once per day to get the full results.

I don’t like products that need to be used several times a day because it’s a nuisance and a waste of time, but thankfully Leven only needs to be used once per day.

  • Scent Free

The last feature that I really enjoy about Leven Beard Oil is that it is fragrance-free, at least this particular version is.

I don’t like to be smelling strong perfumes all day, so it’s perfect for me, but like I said before, there are also scented versions for those people who like a bit of fragrance.

Alternatives To Leven Fragrance Free Beard Oil

Of course my favorite choice when it comes to beard oils and conditioners is Leven, but people are all different and you may feel like one of these alternatives is the better way to go.

Let’s discuss a few other beard oils that you could get besides my top pick.

This product is also by Leven Rose, however, it is a little bit different because it is a beard balm as well as beard oil.

It has many of the same properties as the beard oil such as providing for great hydration, a relief of itchiness, the control of dandruff and skin irritation, and an overall smooth and groomed look.

The only real difference between the 2 is that the balm is much thicker and thus provides more hold for styling than the oil does, plus the balm is also better for repairing split ends.

Just like the beard oil this also comes in a fragrance free version as well as several scented kinds too.

This product has also not been tested on animals and is GMO free, however it is not vegan friendly and it is also susceptible to sunlight.

Surprisingly enough this balm is actually less expensive than the oil.

Also both the oil and the conditioner are of the leave in variety.

JOJOBA Oil by Teak Naturals, 100% Pure Cold Pressed Natural Unrefined Moisturizer for Skin Hair and Nails 4 oz

$9.97  in stock
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as of December 28, 2021 10:45 pm

Now this isn’t exactly a beard care product per say, but it has very many uses, and one of them is definitely taking care of beards.

This jojoba oil is roughly the same price as the Leven Rose Beard Oil, and it has many of the same effects as well.

One of the big advantages of this oil over the other products that I have listed is that it can also be used for skin health as well as head hair health, not just for beards.

Teak Naturals Jojoba Oil is great for beards because it helps to deliver essential vitamins and hydration, it repairs split ends, and it makes facial hair nice and smooth too.

This jojoba oil doesn’t provide any hold like the balm or even the oil does, but it is fantastic for sensitive skin.

This jojoba oil also has a great scent which I am sure that many people will really enjoy.

Teak Naturals is completely organic and free of chemicals, plus it is GMO-free too.

Grave Before Shave Beard Oil 4 Pack

$38.99  in stock
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as of December 28, 2021 10:45 pm

The last alternative I want to talk about is the Grave Before Shave 4 Pack of Beard Oils.

As you can tell it comes in a pack of 4, all of which have a different scent. That being said, this product might not be right for you if you are looking for a beard oil that is fragrance-free.

All of the beard oils included in this pack are made of all natural ingredients, so that is definitely a good thing.

Their main benefit is that they condition facial hair and the skin under it, or in other words they work well as a moisturizer.

Something that does need to be said is that these oils are not really meant for sensitive skin, they won’t do a fantastic job at relieving itchiness and flakes, and they aren’t meant for providing hold.

If you are looking for simple beard oil that will moisturize your facial hair, these will do just fine.

On a side note, this pack of 4 does cost about twice as much as the other options, but then again there is a lot more of it to go around.


If you are like me, and you need something to keep your wild beard under control, stop the itching and the flaking, keep skin irritation in check, and provide some good hydration you may want to try the Leven Rose Beard Oil because it does a really good job at doing all of those things.

If you don’t think that the Leven Rose is a good choice you could always go with one of the alternatives that I’ve listed. Whatever the case may be if you want to stop looking like a homeless man with an unkempt beard then, in my opinion, this is the way to go.​

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