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Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Balm Review

Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard Care Balm Review

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of people offering me pocket change on the street, all because I have a big unruly beard that makes people mistake me for a homeless person.

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If you’re a big guy with an even bigger beard just like me, you definitely know the pain of wanting to have nice facial hair, but being able to keep it properly maintained.

The trick is to use a good beard balm to keep all of the mess under control, but who actually wants to make their own beard balm at home? It’s kind of a waste of time and effort when you could just get a great beard balm.

I’ve always had issues with dry and frizzy facial hair, flakes and itchiness, and worst of all looking like I haven’t groomed it in ages.

I’ve found a great solution in Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Balm, and I’m going to tell you why that is.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Beard Balm​

A great beard balm can do so many things for your facial hair issues, and I can testify to that fact first hand. I used to have a beard that itched like crazy and caused flakes to rain down like a blizzard, but I’ve been able to keep that under control with Fuzzworthy’s.

It keeps my beard hydrated and moisturized to not only stop itchiness, but also to stop breakage and frizz too, not to mention that it has a really pleasant scent that I’m glad to live with all day.

Plus it also helps to give my beard a manicured look that the ladies just love.

There are a few different things that you should take into consideration before investing in any beard balm because different beards need different things. A great beard balm should be made of all natural and nontoxic ingredients because a sensitive face like mine gets really irritated by chemicals.

You should also think about if you would rather have a balm that is scentless or one that will leave you smelling manly all day long.

Other important features that good beard balm should include is being able to provide hydration, control frizz, stop flakes and itchiness, and should also be able to make grooming easier than ever before.

If you’re a beard enthusiast, you may want to consider investing in Professor Fuzzworthy’s because it has all of the features that good beard balm should have.

There are a few different reasons as to why I love Professor Fuzzworthy’s so much and one of the main reasons is because it is completely natural.

Unlike with many other beard care balms, this one contains 100 percent all-natural ingredients that don’t irritate my skin.

One of my favorite parts is the Kunzea oil that is only found in Tasmania because it does a really fine job at stopping the itchiness that comes along with new beard growth.

All of the natural and essential oils that Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Balm contains work really well to make my beard much more manageable.

It gives my beard some good hold and makes it easier to style which also means that it’s really easy to trim into the look that I want.

Also, the beeswax that this beard care balm contains within are fantastic for combating dry and frizzy facial hair because it helps to lock in moisture and protect beards across the globe.

One of my other favorite parts about Fuzzworthy’s is that it has a really nice scent; it’s not overpowering, but it still smells great.

I especially like this particular beard care balm because it has a better smell than most competitors, it has natural ingredients, and it actually works too!

Fuzzworthy has come out with several other facial hair care products, but in my opinion, this one is the best by far.

We Like

  • Provides hydration.
  • Combats flakes and itchiness.
  • Made of all natural ingredients.
  • Great Smell.
  • Inexpensive and nicely packaged.
  • Makes grooming a breeze.

We Don’t Like

  • Does not have extreme holding/sculpting capabilities.
  • ​Using too much of it results in a mess.
  • Needs to be stored in a cool place.

Features & Benefits of Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Balm

​Like I said, I’m a big fan of this product, and it’s because it has some really great benefits and features that I am going to talk about below. Let me tell you about some of my favorite features.

  • Great Price

I’m not usually one to be concerned with prices all that much, but then again I’m not stinking rich so sometimes it does pay off to compare prices.

The great price of Professor Fuzzworthy’s makes it a great choice for me because I tend to go through beard balm pretty quickly, so I don’t want to be spending a small fortune every time that I need a new product.

If you want a nice beard without having to pay an arm and a leg for it, this is definitely a choice I would recommend.

  • Great Scent

Another really great feature that I think is important is the scent.

Professor Fuzzworthy’s beard care balm uses a few key essential oils such as bay, rosemary, lime, and cedar to give it a really nice but gentle smell.

I don’t want to walk around all day smelling like I have a full bottle of cologne hidden in my beard, but I also like to smell good.

The essential oils in this beard care balm have a pleasant smell that lasts all day, yet it isn’t over powering either; people don’t like that, and I am one of them.

  • Great Beard Softener

The natural oils which this beard care balm contains help to give my beard a natural gloss and smooth feel that makes it easier to shape and style.

I’ve always hated not being able to run a brush through my beard because it’s too rough, wild, and coarse because it makes it impossible to style it in any which way.

However, Professor Fuzzworthy’s provides me with just the right level of malleability to let me create any style of beard that I want.

  • All Natural

Professor Fuzzworthy only contains all natural oils and beeswax which means that I know exactly what I am putting on my face and hair.

I hate beard balms that don’t use natural ingredients because they usually irritate then skin on my face, making it even itchier and flakier than before.

The natural oils in this balm not only stops itch and flaking, but it also helps to make it more hydrated, which of course is important to stop it from breaking and splitting, something that is important for growing a long and thick beard like mine.

  • Convenient Tin

The tin it comes in is really convenient for me because it’s small and compact, making it easy to store in my bathroom and even easier to take with me when I leave the house for a few days.

Fuzworthy’s is a great product for keeping beards tamed even when you leave the home for a longer period of time.

Alternatives To Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Balm

​I’m not here to sell you a product; I’m just here to tell you about one that I think will help you solve your beard care problems, because it certainly helped solve my own.

That being said, if you don’t think that Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Balm isn’t the way to go, you can always look at some of the other alternatives that I’ve tried over the years.

Here they are.

Conditioning Oil for Beards by Beardsley and Company, Beard Care Products - (Large) 4 oz size

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This is a kit that I am a big fan of because it actually contains a lot more than just beard balm.

This beard care kit includes beard balm, oil, wax, conditioner, and a special brush and beard styling scissors as well.

If you want to keep your beard hydrated, itch and flake free, get rid of frizz, and make styling easier, this is definitely a good alternative.

One of the only drawbacks to the Dapperganger Beard Oil Beard Kit is that it is quite expensive, about 5 times more expensive than Professor Fuzzworthy’s.

This isn’t exactly a beard balm, but it does have some of the same features.

One of the reasons I’m recommending this as an alternative is because it’s something that you wash your beard with instead of rubbing it in and leaving it there like a wax or balm.

Sometimes I don’t like balms because they make hair greasy and shiny, something that I don’t always like, in which case the Beardsley Shampoo makes for a great alternative to Professor Fuzzworthy’s.

This beard shampoo does a better job at conditioning and hydrating my beard than the Professor’s balm, but on the other hand, it doesn’t provide protection for very long, nor does it make my beard much easier to manage.

This is a great option for people who want a clean beard that smells great and is really healthy.

On a side note, if you don’t like candy cane scent then this may not be the right product for you.

Conditioning Oil for Beards by Beardsley and Company, Beard Care Products - (Large) 4 oz size

$21.95  in stock
1 new from $21.95
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Buy at Amazon Now
as of December 28, 2021 5:03 pm

This is the final alternative to Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Balm.

It’s slightly different because it’s not a balm, but instead, it’s an oil.

Oils are different from balms because while they do provide a great level of hydration and conditioning, they don’t provide the same hold or stability that balms provide.

This item is actually about the same price as Fuzzworthy’s and has quite a bit more product in the container.

Beardsley Oil is also easier to use than Fuzzworthy’s because all you have to do is spray it out of the bottle.

In my opinion, however, Beardsley Oil doesn’t smell quite as good as Fuzzworthy’s.


​I’ve been really pleased with Professor Fuzzworthy’s beard care balm for a number of different reasons.

I’m a big dude with a burly beard, so I definitely need something to help me groom. I’m a big fan of Fuzzworthy’s because in my opinion it has done by the far the best job of keeping my beard hydrated, free of itch, flakes, and frizz, and has done a fantastic job at making it manageable and stylish.

Of course, I do sometimes use the alternatives that I’ve listed, but not nearly as much as Professor Fuzzworthy’s.

If you are like me and you’re having trouble with grooming your beard, this balm is definitely something you should consider because it has worked wonders for me.

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