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Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner Review

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner Review

It’s one of those fundamental facts of life – if you want your beard to remain suitable to wear on your face, you need to apply beard balm.

Nobody wants to permanently look like Hagrid from Harry Potter.

It’s, therefore, essential to maintain our man-manes so that they’re soft and silky, not weird and wiry.

I spent a long time trying to find the perfect beard conditioning product that is both effective and organic.

It’s so easy to blindly shuffle through the store isles, filling our trolleys with hair products without examining the ingredients.

I sought to find something that would soothe my skin, soften my whiskers and help to control any unruly, rebellious hairs.

I also wanted to be mindful of the contents. After all, I wouldn’t want to do any damage to my precious, home-grown beard!

When I first came across the Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner, it instantly seemed to fit the bill. The company itself is appealing.

Everything Honest Amish sell is hand made, 100% natural, vegan, organic and free from preservatives and man-made chemicals. Believe it or not, beards existed a long time before they became trendy.

In fact, the Amish natives of Western Pennsylvania are probably more qualified to promote beard care than most. Natural, authentic living is part of the everyday Amish ethos, and that’s why I instantly trusted this brand above any others.

Things to consider before buying Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner​

There’s a number of considerations to make before purchasing this product. Firstly, natural products don’t always mean they’re allergen-free.

If you have a nut allergy, or an intolerance to any of the ingredients listed, you are advised to test a small sample of the product on your hand first. You must then wait several hours to check you don’t have an adverse reaction.

This balm is suitable for all beard types, whether you’re sporting a goatee or full-on hipster beard.

However, for particularly rugged types there’s a heavy duty version that may work a bit better.

The other bonus is that this product is suitable for vegans. I am not opposed to a cheeseburger myself, but it’s good to know that the Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner can be enjoyed by some of my dairy-free friends.

It also goes without saying that this product is cruelty-free in every way, with no animal testing in sight.

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Using the balm is easy. The pot looks quite small, but the substantial nature of its contents means a little balm goes a long way.

To get started with this product, you can first wash your mane as usual in the shower with a good dollop of beard shampoo (or your cleanser of choice).

Then, after you’re done showering, you can towel-dry and apply the balm conditioner.

I chose to scoop a small amount of the balm from the pot and rub it between my fingers until it liquidised. I then ran it through the entirety of my beard.

If, like me, you have quite a lot of bush, ensure all areas are covered evenly.

The scent is mild, woody and almost ‘boozey’, but also very masculine. If I had to compare it to something, it would be the smell of liquor Chartreuse.

Put it this way, it’s not the kind of product your girlfriend will steal. I left it in for 5 minutes, using that time to go about some of my other manly bathroom-business.

Here’s a top tip – if you have a particularly long beard, you could even try wrapping it in cling film after applying the leave-in balm. This retains the moisture and heat while the conditioner works its magic. This might sound a bit odd, but it’s a common technique used by long-haired women, so why should our beards be any different?

If you want to leave it in longer than 5 minutes, then this won’t hurt.

After waiting patiently, I rinsed the conditioning balm out using warm water from the sink. I then patted it dry and gave it a very quick blow dry.

If you don’t blow dry your beard, you’ll still notice an instant difference.

The results were incredible.

My normally rough, tangled beard felt smoother and easier to brush. There were fewer knots, and the curly wurlies had eased up somewhat.

Often my beard can irritate me slightly (please never tell him I said that), as the sharper whiskers can cause itching and friction against my neck. After the first application of this product, the itching disappeared altogether. This made my beard even more lovable than it was before.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that even when the conditioner had been washed out, the aroma remained intact. This gave my brilliant Bush another appealing dynamic. In fact, I smelt pretty damn good for the rest of the day! My skin felt tingly and zingy, as well as touchably soft.

While it’s not essential to use this product on a daily basis, I certainly would prefer to. I did not feel the need to apply any extra oil or softening wax as I normally would do at this stage, which ultimately saved me money and time.

You may wonder if it’s worth the energy using a product that relies on you leaving it in for a period of time. Ultimately, if it reduces your need to brush, untangle, wax, oil-up or re-style your beard, then it’s a huge time saver.

I also noticed that my facial hair felt noticeably stronger. It had fewer split ends and fraying. This subtly changed the whole way my beard looked, from weak and frazzled to butch and tuggable. If you have trouble growing a full on pirate-beard like mine, this balm may well change your world.

The stronger hair follicles mean faster, more significant growth, as well as a thicker appearance.

Don’t be mistaken, no magical overnight hair-growth remedy exists. If you’ve only three whiskers, you won’t suddenly sprout 5000.

But the very fact that your beard will become stronger is an important factor in overall improved hair health.

We Like

  • Great Scent
  • Great for softening your beard
  • Reduces dandruff and itchiness
  • Strengthens beard

We Don’t Like

  • Not a great hold

Features and Benefits of Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

​There are some fantastic ingredients in this product, some of which are good enough to eat (although if you want to eat them, please purchase them separately from a supermarket. Don’t munch on your beard balm).

Pumpkin seeds stimulate hair growth naturally, as well as maintaining healthy skin due to their zinc and vitamin A and E properties.

Grapeseed oil is an anti-inflammatory with astringent effects, meaning skin can become tighter and more toned when applied with the oil. It’s also an incredible moisturizer, containing a number of vitamins and linoleic acid for healthy hair.

If you’re unfortunate enough to get dandruff in your facial hair, the grapeseed oil present in the Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner should eliminate this.

Dandruff happens when there’s a yeast buildup underneath the hair, and strong shampoos can often make it worse.

Therefore, natural soothing remedies like grapeseed oil can tackle the problem from the root. Another brilliant ingredient found in this balm is apricot kernel oil. This is often used in organic massage products for its nourishing, luxury conditioning abilities.

It smells quite nutty and sweet, adding a delicious scent to your beard.Other ingredients worth mentioning are argon oil, lavender, cinnamon, Shea butter and cocoa, each of which brings their own blend of hair and skin benefits to the balm.

Lavender is especially helpful for angered, sore skin, so if you’ve got an itchy neck, this is the plant to soothe it.

The rustic packaging is nice and tight, meaning you can take this balm away with you where-ever you go. I know some men might feel balms and conditioners are a tad girly, but the outer design is surprisingly rugged.

There’s even a picture of a pipe-smoking bearded Amish guy on the front to reassert any questioning manliness.

Another great feature is that it comes in a rather decorative outer box, something that seems to blend in nicely with any bathroom design.

For shorter beards, the balm can be expected to last 3-4 months. For hairier users, it’ll be slightly less than this.

Alternative to Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

There are, of course, plenty of conditioning beard balms on the market.


To conclude, this is one of the best beard balms on the market for a variety of reasons. Not only does it work for short and longer beards, but gives a sense of luxury to your daily grooming routine.

It can be used regularly, or just sporadically depending on your preferences.The conditioner is jam packed with natural, organic, fair trade ingredients.

It is also hand-developed by some of the most experienced beard-dwellers in the world. The unique, woody scent lends a masculine and stimulating aroma to the conditioner.

The earthy properties promote improved hair growth and strengthens follicles.

Overall, I give the Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner 5 stars.

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