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Love your beard? Then here’s how to choose the best beard care kit

Want to pamper your beard- Here's the best beard care kits in 2023

Through the ages beards have been seen as a symbol of masculinity and men through ages have kept and cared for their beards as they represented the male essence in a subtle, but very effective manner.

In recent years, beards have once again gained prominence in popular culture with many men sporting a beard.

It may seem like taking care of a beard is a simple task, but don’t be fooled! Ensuring that your beard looks its best at all times does require some effort and commitment from you.

If you happen to have been thinking about growing a long and thick beard then its even more important to make sure that you care for your beard correctly otherwise you could end up having problems as your beard grows.

Which means you need to invest your money wisely, you don’t want to be buying the wrong products and not getting the results you desire.

To make sure you get the right products, we are going to review some of the best beard care kits on the market to help you choose the right kit for your beard care needs.

Beard Grooming Kit by Percy Nobleman - A Beard Oil, Wash, Balm and Comb Set For Men. Proudly Made in England by Europe's Leading Beard Grooming Brand

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We Like

  • Contains everything you need to keep your beard & mustache well groomed
  • Excellent products
  • Well respected brand

We Don’t Like

  • Product sizes could be bigger

Summary: For us this beard care kit contained everything you would need and every product was absolutely amazing. This kit is a real treat, so if you want to pamper your beard, or buy that perfect gift for a bearded loved one, then this really is it.

If you want to know more then we’ve a more indepth review below.

What is a beard care kit?

So what is a beard care kit you might be asking, well a beard care kit is a grooming kit that contains the various products that you require ensuring that your beard remains healthy and well groomed.

Typically, a beard care kit will include products designed to wash, condition, and comb your beard. A beard care kit can be seen as an all in one set that contains everything that you need to keep your beard clean, soft, and healthy.

In some cases, these kits also contain products to style your beard.

Because these kits contain everything you need, It can be more convenient to get yourself a beard care kit than to purchase the items individually.

How to use a beard care kit?

If you’ve just grown a beard, and you’re unsure as how to correctly care for your new beard, then you are in luck as a beard care kit usually comes with instructions on how to use the products to ensure that your beard looks its best at all times.

So all you need to do is follow the instructions, as given in the kit.

Beard care kit reviews (2020)

As the trend of growing beards expands, so does the popularity of beard care kits and the products that these kits contain.

With this growing demand the number of products and beard care kits grows, making it difficult to know which kit is best for you.

Well, this is where we come, we’ve reviewed some of the best beard care kits on the market to help you decide which kit is the one that suits your personal beard care needs.​

Billy Jealousy Beard Envy - Beard Refining Kit - Beard Wash, Beard Control and Boar Bristle Brush

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The Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Kit is a beard care kit which includes three high end products:

The beard wash is a high-quality shampoo containing aloe and soy protein.

The hydrating wash softens the beard hair and helps to make the beard smoother.

The sulfate free formula can clean and untangle the most unruly beard leaving a mild, masculine fragrance in its wake. It does its job quickly and efficiently – just wet, lather, and rinse.

The Billy Jealousy Beard control is a beard conditioner and an excellent beard conditioner at that. After using this conditioner, you will find that your beard looks and feels incredibly healthy and very smooth.

A lot of the beard care products on the market tend to leave the beard looking rather greasy and leaving an oily texture to the hair.

This is an unnatural and unwanted look. We’re pleased to tell you that Billy Jealousy doesn’t do this.

Billy Jealousy does a wonderful job at keeping your beard looking natural. Its jojoba oil extract softens the most unruly beards and gives it a natural look, without that oily texture.

The boar bristle brush, however, does not live up to its claim.

The company claims it to be a firm brush made from the hair of boar we found that only a percentage of the hair is boar hair.

The rest is plastic bristles that we found just too rough and harsh for the face.

This kit is overall a good choice, but the brush is a downside.

Beard Apron Cape for Men - Shaving and Trimming Bib with 4 Suction Cups - Non-Stick Hair Catcher with Adjustable Neck Straps - Beard Grooming Apron - Perfect Gifts for Men - Black

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When looking for a beard care kit, it is impossible to ignore Beardsley.

The name is a popular and prominent one when it comes to beard care and maintenance.

Beardsley is known for their high-end products and formulas specially created for the beard hair.

Beardsley Ultra shampoo has been formulated for facial hair and is specifically designed to be gentle on the face as facial skin is much more sensitive than your scalp.

Beardsley Ultra shampoo will leave your mustache and beard fresh and clean. It is also helpful in softening the facial hair.

The Beardsley Ultra conditioner that comes in the set is fantastic and will leave your hair soft, smooth, and very manageable.

Just apply a bit after you have washed your beard with the smoothening shampoo and rinse for a heavenly result.

The beard lotion and beard oil are also top tier products.

It is advised to use the beard lotion in the morning after you have washed and conditioned your beard to help tame the beard for the rest of the day, then to use the beard oil at night before you sleep for the hydrating effect.

The beard oil, when used in the suggested quantities, will not leave any stains on your bed.

Take the recommended amount into your palm and rub it through your beard for a hydrating and smoothing effect.

The Beardsley beard care set is a fantastic kit, but it is quite expensive.

However, if you have some cash to spend, this one is not going to disappoint you!

Percy Nobleman is a respected name in beard care products.

The kit makes for an ideal gift for yourself or any of your bearded friends.

It’s the complete solution for anyone who just loves to groom their facial hair.

The shampoo has a mild fragrance and is perfect for those who don’t like an overpowering shampoo while the oil is very hydrating and does its job well.

The wax tames the beard and controls the beard very well.

The little mustache comb that comes in the pack is very handy and does a great job of detangling even the most unruly beards.

Remember before you order it that the kit is quite small, and the size may be a disappointment when compared to the price you pay.

Other than that, there is practically nothing to find faults with.

If you are looking to treat yourself or you want a great gift for a gentleman, then this will make an ideal gift.​

Want to buy something special for your beard? Or are you looking for a gift for a loved one?

In either case, Men Rock Beard Care is an excellent kit which contains everything a beard needs to stay clean and healthy.

The kit contains a lovely beard wash to clean your facial forest and soften it from its roots to the tips.

The fragrance stands out with this beard wash, and when we stand out, we mean that in the best of ways, it smells amazing.

The beard balm included in the beard care kit is a great way to tame your facial hair and keep it in place.

We loved this beard balm like many others because not only does it help tame your beard but your beard feels amazing after use, so soft and shiny, your beard just looks so healthy, and your beard will smell amazing.

The mustache wax is quite a solid addition to an already great kit.

Some may find the wax a little disappointing and tad too hard for use.

Overall, it is a good quality, and nice smelling wax does its job very well.

The entire kit is made up of some of the best products on the market; it’s the perfect beard care kit for anyone who loves their beard, or as a gift to a bearded friend or loved one!


In conclusion, if you are looking for a beard care kit, then the Beardsley beard care set is an excellent option, but it does not offer any comb with it (despite its price!).

The next best option is Beard Grooming Kit by Percy Nobleman which is a very high-end product and guess what? It comes with a lovely comb ideal for your beard.

If you want to save money, then Men Rock Beard Care is a fantastic deal.

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