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How to Grow the Thickest and Most Luxurious Beard Possible

How to Grow the Thickest and Most Luxurious Beard Possible

Beards are becoming much more common in every area of life. You used to classify someone with a beard as a hipster, artsy, or edgy. But now we are seeing more and more types of men grow beards. The clean cut, beardless, CEO type of man is slowly becoming a person of the past as we are now seeing many high ranking business men sport a classy beard in the office.

So growing a beard isn’t too difficult, right? All you do is stop shaving and let nature take it’s course. Wrong.

If you have taken on the challenge of learning how to grow a beard, you may have realized by this point that it’s a bit more challenging than you initially realized. Beards are difficult to tame, sometimes they look and feel incredibly rough, they don’t grow as well in certain areas, etc. Do you find yourself dealing with these issues?

If you have found yourself dealing with one or more of these issues, there is a way to improve your beard. If you’re interested, I have some beard growing tips to learn how to grow the thickest and most luxurious beard possible. I mean, if you’re going to grow a beard you may as well do it right, am I right? You would be amazed what you can do to ensure that your beard is the envy of all other beards!

But before I can get into all of the details of growing a beard thicker, faster, and better, I have to cover one very important topic.


You might be wondering what commitment has to do with learning how to grow a beard, but I’m here to tell you that commitment has everything to do with a beard. There are so many men out there who decide they want to grow a beard, but after a short time they believe that their beard will never fill in correctly or look right, so they give up.

You have to commit to your beard and give it time. Growing a beard isn’t a fast process, so even if it looks like your beard will never come to a glorious fruition, don’t give up. Most beards need roughly four weeks before they start to actually look like beards. It’s not until you reach four weeks that you even start thinking about whether to trim it or let it continue to grow.

Just be patient.

You also need to remember that it’s not going to look fantastic for a long time. Growing a beard means being patient through the rough patches (pun intended). If you’re under the impression that it is going to look great after a couple weeks, you need to get a reality check. You need to prepare yourself for what it’s actually going to be like in the time before your beard becomes glorious.


Before I get into the specifics of how to grow the best and most luxurious beard, you need to make sure that you are prepared with your tools but also mentally. What do I mean by this? Growing a beard isn’t easy and it doesn’t always look good during the process.

You need to prepared for the comments and questions that will be made by your family and friends. Oh, I think you have a little bit of dirt on your face. Said sarcastically by your annoying older brother, of course. Did you miss a spot when you were shaving? Such a typical question from a parent. But no, neither of these, or the many other statements and questions, will be of any consequence.

You are growing a beard. Period. You have to be prepared to not be influenced by any kind of sarcastic comment during the beginning stages of your beard.

I recommend beginning your beard growth during no shave November. This is a sure fire way to avoid most questions and comments as most guys will look like you. It’s never as difficult looking awkward when hundreds of other guys are looking awkward right alongside of you.

There is also the preparation of your tools to consider. Don’t be cheap when it comes to getting the right tools for maintaining your beard and its growth. Before you get the point of needing them, take the time to research the best of the best and have your tools ready to use whenever the time comes. Some of the most common tools are a trimmer, comb, trimming scissors, and quality beard oil.

Growing a beard faster

One of the hardest things about growing a beard is waiting around for it to grow in. Everyone has that one friend who seems to have a full beard in a week. Don’t you just want to hate that guy? How can you get your beard to grow like that? Well, I want you to brace yourself for a minute.

You might even think about taking a seat before reading the next line. Because the reality is that you can’t make your beard grow any faster. It’s just not possible.

I know, I know! Why is life so incredibly unfair? But it’s the truth. While your annoying friend’s beard appears to be growing faster than yours, it’s really not. Human hair, not matter who it belongs to, all grows at the exact same rate. So why does your friend’s beard look like it’s growing faster than yours? Here’s why:

  • Color

The color of your hair doesn’t necessarily reflect the color your beard will be, and the color of your beard has a lot to do with how your beard will look in the end.

If you have a darker beard it will likely appear much fuller when it begins to grow, thus making it look like it’s growing faster.

  • Diameter

When I say diameter I mean the actual diameter of each piece of hair. Some people are lucky enough to have hair with a bigger diameter, making it thicker.

Others, however, were graced with hair that has a smaller diameter, otherwise known as thin hair. The thinner your beard hair is, the slower it will appear to grow. Isn’t life just unfair sometimes?

  • Density

If you have a thick beard it will look like it is growing faster than a thin beard.

And with that last point, I am brought to my next point. If thicker beards appear to grow faster, how do you make your beard thicker? You’re either blessed with thick and dark hair or you’re not, you can’t really do anything to fix that. But you can fix the density of your beard and make it come in looking much better.

Growing a thicker beard

Maybe you’ve started growing your beard and you’ve discovered that the manly, thick beard you’ve always imagined having isn’t necessarily your current reality. But that’s okay! There are ways to adjust this problem, so don’t despair.

There are many different factors that effect the thickness of your beard, and a lot of the factors have something to do with health. There has been research that supports the idea that an increase in both testosterone and DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE (DHT) can help you grow a thicker beard.

So, here a few ideas to help:

Healthy Living

Yes, that’s right, the way you live and take care of yourself can help or hinder your beard.

Did you have any idea that so many outside variables would affect your beard? Well, now you do, so if you want a thick and healthy beard, follow through with these healthy lifestyle habits.

  • Exercising

As redundant as it sounds, exercising really can help. For one, the act of exercising increases your testosterone levels. And as I stated above, higher levels of testosterone help your beard. Weightlifting is particularly good for your beard as exercises that are classified as short and intensive help to heighten testosterone and keep it from declining.

​Exercising also causes an increase in your blood circulation. You might wonder what that has to do with anything related to a beard, but blood is what carries things like vitamins and proteins to hair follicles (aka: your beard).

  • Lowering Your Stress Levels

Now, obviously it’s much easier to talk about reducing your stress than actually doing it. But really, if you want to improve the thickness of your beard, you should reduce your stress. Stress causes your blood vessels to constrict, meaning your hair follicles won’t receive the nutrients it needs.

  • Getting Proper Rest
bearded man sleeping

Resting may not seem like something that would affect your beard positively or negatively, but it does. You need to get proper sleep every night in order to keep your testosterone at a good level. Most bodies need at least seven hours of sleep every night.

If you aren’t receiving adequate sleep, studies show that your testosterone levels will drop significantly. So, essentially sleeping well equals a thick beard. I don’t think that sounds too bad.

  • Have a Healthy Diet

By sticking to a diet rich in vitamins and proteins you can help your beard. Eating foods like kale, eggs, and brazil nuts can help to increase your testosterone. On a similar note, if you lose weight by eating healthy, this can also help your beard. Studies show that men who lose weight boost their testosterone levels.

  • Take Supplements

You might be a little hesitant about taking a supplement to help your beard growth, but really it’s not entirely necessary. If you are eating well and exercising, generally living a healthy lifestyle, take supplements aren’t always crucial.

However, there are certain vitamins that specifically help hair growth, such as vitamins E, D, and B, iron, copper, zinc, selenium, and magnesium. You don’t have to take all of these, but you do need to make sure that you aren’t vitamin deficient as that can actually cause you to lose hair.

Some men choose to take supplements specifically meant for beards, like Vitabeard, but don’t bank on something like this doing all of the work. They can certainly give a little help, but in reality a multivitamin can do the trick just as well and cost a significantly less amount of money.​


As much as you may not want to admit it, genetics also play a massive role in how thick your beard will end being. Amazingly, genetics can influence the thickness of your beard by up to 85%. That certainly changes things and it might discourage many people from continuing the process of growing a beard. However, I don’t want anyone to become discouraged because there are still ways to kick genetics in the butt!

  • Give it Time

Practicing patience is not something anyone likes to do, but it’s a reality when it comes to growing a beard. For example, a lot of guys in their teens like the idea of growing a beard to be like their dad. After all, a beard is the true sign of manliness if ever there were one, however, if you are only in your teens, don’t be discouraged if you can’t grow a thick beard.

The density of your beard will likely come with age, so give yourself time. You may not be able to truly grow a quality beard until you are in your 20s or 30s.

However, if you’re in your thirties and you’re still can’t seem to grow a full and luxurious beard, you might have to consider more intense options like getting a transplant.​

  • Get a Transplant

Now, getting a beard transplant is a costly option, so only consider it if it’s your last resort. This option is geared more toward people who truly can’t grow a beard. Thus, if you simply have patches where your beard won’t fill in, don’t get a transplant.

But if this is your final option, be aware that it would cost roughly $7,000, but it is quite effective in its results. Though not the most cost effective option, it is still a quality option for those who find it necessary.

Stimulating Hair Growth

When it comes to hair growth stimulants, you should be aware of what you’re getting yourself into. Not all of them actually work and they often have side effects, but they are certainly an option. Similar to a transplant, don’t simply use stimulants if you don’t want to patiently for your beard to fill in. If you can grow a beard without a problem and you just don’t want to wait around for it to grow in, don’t waste your money on stimulants. Save these for those who are having more trouble getting their beard to grow in.

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This product is known for growing hair and is often used by people who are going bald. It is approved as a topical cream by the FDA. However, I highly recommend doing extensive research as it can have some side effects. Be sure that it’s something you really want to try, not just an impulse buy.

If you do choose to use it, I recommend applying it once a day for a few hours before washing it off. It is known for causing itchiness, so you also might consider applying a moisturizer every after washing the minoxidil off.

  • Oils and Sprays

You will also find that there are a plethora of oils and sprays for beards that are supposed to help grow hair. You should also be cautious of these as many of them aren’t as effective as they claim to be.

Now, all of them aren’t necessarily false advertising, but I recommend buying one that guarantees and your money back if you aren’t satisfied with its results. There’s no point in wasting your money in pursuit of a thick beard.

Taking Care of Your Beard

If you really want to have the best and most luxurious beard possible, there are so many other things to worry about other than simply growing the beard. What happens once you have achieved a nice, thick beard? Is that all there is to it? Not by a long shot! Once you have a beard you have to make sure you are taking care of it daily to ensure that it is soft, contained, and healthy. Making your beard luxurious takes a lot of work, but it’s so worth it. Take a look below at a few beard care tips.

  • Trimming
Beard Trimming

Just like regular hair, you want to make sure you are trimming your beard regularly. I would suggest trimming every couple weeks or so. This helps get rid of any of those hairs that have become unruly. It also eliminates split ends, making your beard look neat. Now, if you are about to trim your beard, there are a few things you need to remember so that you don’t mess up your hard work.

Always use a pair of barber scissors to trim your beard. If you use an electric trimmer you have a better chance of creating split ends, which is exactly the reason you’re trimming anyway. Don’t create more work for yourself in the long run.​

Don’t trim your beard when it is wet, specifically when you’ve just gotten out of the shower. When your beard is wet it’s heavier and it will appear to be longer than it is. Thus, if you trim it while it’s wet you might end up trimming more than you think and making your beard shorter than desired.​

People will point out your beard and tell you to trim it far before it’s time. Don’t let what others say influence when you trim your beard. Give it a chance to really fill out before you start messing with it.​

Be careful when trimming under your chin and along your neck. It is far too easy to accidently cut more than you intended.​

Mistakes happen. If you accidentally trim too much in one spot or too far over, don’t stress. Take a deep breath and move on. Likely no one will notice it but you.​

  • Brushing

Don’t be afraid to brush your beard. I recommend getting a nice, quality boar brush and using it daily to stimulate the follicles in your hair. The nice thing is that brushes are good for more than one thing. They’re also good if you are the type of person who regularly deals with beard dandruff (essentially, dry and flaky pieces of skin that get stuck in your beard) the brush is great for removing much of that. No one wants to looks and beard dandruff in your beard.

Note: Don’t be alarmed if a lot of hair falls out when you’re brushing it. It’s normal to lose some hair. On average, a man will daily lose between 50 and 100 hairs. So keep on brushing!​

  • Oiling

Your beard may look great, but no one wants to feel you beard and think ouch! I suggest utilizing such products as beard oils. These will help moisturize and soften your luxurious beard.

If you are going to use beard oil, the best time is generally right after you get out of the shower. Or at least when your beard has been made wet with a little bit of warm water and a washcloth. What you need to do is allow your beard the time to air dry and then apply the oil.​

Note: Be patient. The oil may take a little time to start being effective, but it will work!

  • Keep your Face Clean

How can you expect to keep your beard looking strong and healthy if you don’t take care of the skin beneath it. Before you begin growing your beard, during the growth process, and every other possible time, you need to make sure that you are taking care of your skin by cleaning it and keeping it healthy. When the skin beneath your beard isn’t healthy, your beard doesn’t stand a chance. Give your pores a chance to breath! Exfoliate your skin! Does this all sound a bit girly? Too bad! If you really want a thick, full beard you have to take care of your skin. Skin care is just as important as beard care.

  • Cleaning your Beard

Cleaning your beard is not as simple as washing your hair. Thus, I’ll lay it out as simply as possible.

Only wash your beard about once a week, if not once every two weeks. It is far too easy to strip the natural oils from your beard by over washing it.​

Don’t use regular shampoo and soap for your beard. Shop around and find beard shampoo and conditioner.​

Try to wash your beard using cold water. Thus, when you get in the shower like you normally do (I hope), don’t wash your beard. Wait until you can use cold water. In fact, do everything you can to keep your beard dry while you’re in the shower.​

  • Controlling your Mustache

Mustaches are a natural addition to beards, but it’s common for them to get in the way of your mouth. No one wants to see that and it’s certainly not pleasant for you. Mustache wax is a great way to slowly train your mustache to lay the way you want it to. Now, it will take some time to learn how to train it to lay just the right way, but once you do you will definitely notice the difference it makes.

  • Fix the Itch

Don’t let the itch cause you to give up and shave your beard. It’s not abnormal and it happens to pretty much everyone. But it won’t last forever! Power through it! You are not a strong, manly, bearded man and you are tough enough to withstand the couple weeks of itching.

  • Your Beard is Unique

Please, don’t ever forget that your beard will never look exactly like someone else’s. Every beard is completely unique in regards to color, shape, and length, so don’t try to be like everybody else. Think of your beard as your fingerprint. No one will ever have the same beard as you. If you go into this process with the idea of getting a beard that looks just like (insert name)’s beard, you will likely only end up being disappointed. Your beard is your beard, and no one else’s. Thus, it won’t look like someone else’s, and that’s really what you want.

Taming your beard

Now that you know that is thick and manly and you know how to take care of it to ensure that it is completely luxurious, remember that there are still ways to make it look even better. Do you think all of your beard idols just simply have perfectly luxurious and clean cut beards naturally? Oh, please. Beards require an amazing amount of upkeep and care to remain perfectly quaffed like you see in pictures. So, if you really want to make your beard look the best, I recommend using beard balm.

Beard balm is a great way to ensure that you beard will look tamed, without looking like you’ve used a lot of product on it. It will keep your beard looking soft and manly, while also taming the crazy fly away hairs, making it look clean cut and professional.

Beard Situations

  • Interviewing

It’s a common misconception that having a beard during a job interview will give the interviewer a bad perception of you. But the truth is that you are hard-pressed to find companies and businessmen who frown upon them in the work world. If done right, a beard can convey the idea to someone that you are experienced, and confident, neither of which are negative.

​The truth is, having your beard should in no way affect your ability to get a job.

  • Beards in the Summer

Beards are often seen as something you grow in the winter time to keep warm. They are also often perceived as something that would add to the heat in the summer time. After all, it’s hair on your face, that has to make the heat worse, right? Wrong. Beards are actually known to act as a type of shade for you face, helping to keep it cool.

  • What is the Yeard?

In order to stay on top of all the ‘beard talk,’ if you hear someone mention the word ‘yeard’ just be aware that it is a mash up of the word ‘beard’ and the word ‘year.’ Get it? That is what you have after you have grown out your beard for an entire year.

Now, there is debate as to what it means to not shave for a year (i.e. absolutely no trimming), but no matter the details. Now you’ll know what’s being discussed if you ever find yourself in the middle of a conversation involving ‘yeard.’​

  • Special Occasions

You might be surprised how many times you will be asked to shave your beard when it comes to a special occasion like a wedding or a funeral. The bride may want everyone in the wedding party to look clean cut, your family may ask you to shave before attending the funeral of a family member. Now, it’s easy to become upset, after all you have spent countless months perfecting this luxurious beard.

Now, it’s easy to think that you need to shave in these situations because of emotions or to be respectful, but I urge you to only do what you want to do. If you feel you’re being manipulated into shaving or it’s a bogus reason, by all means don’t shave! But if you do feel as though it is the right thing to do at the time, then shave. I just encourage you to only shave if it’s your decision, not someone else’s.​

The Shirt Collar Incidents

If you have grown your beard out to the length that it starts to interfere with your shirt collar, you are likely pretty annoyed. What often happens is that beards reach the length that they begin to somehow work their way into the collar of your shirt. As this quickly becomes tiresome, I suggest buttoning your shirt all the way to the top. I know that sounds trivial and annoying, but trust me, it’s much better than dealing with your beard in your collar.

Beard Breakage

Beard breakage is a sad but all too common reality for many. So, how can you avoid this? Take care of yourself and your beard. Keep your beard healthy by following the tips that I outlined above. Exercise, eat right, and be nice to your beard. Don’t use a comb that is constantly tugging on your beard. You don’t want to be constantly snagging it.

Keeping Drinks off of Your Beard

Trying to avoid having drinks on your beard is an inevitable concern, but it’s an easy fix. If you are drinking something where a straw or a bottle is appropriate to use, you’re in luck. These completely avoid the issue. However, if you’re having a beer you can’t use either method. What you need to learn to do is open your mouth wider and tip your head back further. You have to teach yourself how to drink by using your bottom lip rather than your top lip. You can also simply carry a small handkerchief with you and keep it folded and in your hand while you drink.

Keeping Food out of Your Beard

Keeping Food out of Your Beard

Similar to drinks, I definitely recommend keeping a handkerchief with you just in case. The truth is, you have to adjust to eating when you have a beard. Whenever possible, use a forks or spoons to eat. This allows you to control your portions and place enough on the utensil that can be placed in your mouth without ever coming in contact with your beard. However, this isn’t always an option, which means you need to adjust how you eat to help avoid getting your beard messy.

Before you decide to take a bit you simply need to roll down your lower lip and roll up your top lip. This helps keep food from reading your mustache or beard. It may sound simple but it certainly takes some practice.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to tackle the world of beard growing? Are you ready to join the ranks of manly men? The reality is that beards aren’t for everyone. You might think it’s not what you want, but who knows? Why not give it a try? Like I said, no shave November is the perfect excuse to see if the beard life is for you with little to no judgement from your fellow men (because in all likelihood, they are probably doing the same thing).

I hope this was helpful, because really, if you’re going to go the length of growing a beard, it should most definitely be the thickest, fullest, greatest, most luxurious, and manliest beard possible.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you. And, of course, feel free to share this article with anyone and everyone!

I hope your beard is everything you hope it will be and more!

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