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Patchy beard? Let us show you how to fix your patchy beard

Patchy beard? Let us show you how to fix your patchy beard

A patchy beard is something many men have to deal with. Growing a full, thick, and lumberjack-like beard is a staple of growing up and becoming a man. However, not all men can grow their beards as thick as they might like.

You may be growing your beard right now, but it may not look the way you want it to. Have you ever experienced patchiness in your beard? You know, those random spots on your face where facial hair just doesn’t grow. You aren’t alone here because there are tons of men that can grow beards, but only on certain parts of their faces.

Have you ever wondered if there is anything that you can do to get rid of bald spots on your face or at least to effectively cover them up? Well, that is what we are here to talk about today.

We’re all about beards, and that means growing a thick one without patches missing. Here we have a great number of different tools and methods that you can use to try and increase the growth of your beard.

Some of our methods involve covering up patchy spots or making them less noticeable, and some of our methods will help the hair grow better. Keep reading and find out what you can do about that patchy beard problem that is plaguing your life.

What You Will Need To Deal With A Patchy Beard​

Dealing with a patchy beard does not involve one simple method that has X number of steps. However, there are various tools and methods that you can try to get the job done.

Here are some of the tools you will need to try the various methods of getting rid of beardless spots on your face.​

  • A Beard Brush

A good beard brush, such as one made of boar bristles, is a tool you can use to create some volume in your beard. This volume created by a reliable beard brush will help to cover up bald spots.

  • An Electric Trimmer Or Safety Razor

Another tool you can use to get rid of patchiness is some shaving apparatus. As you will see later on you can use a safety razor or electric trimmer to create contrast in the length of your beard hair, contrast which will emphasize the hairy areas and draw less attention to the bald spots.

  • A Good Diet

The next tool at your disposal to getting rid of patchy spots is your nutrition. Hair growth has a lot to do with the way you eat. Eating the right foods can increase the speed and volume of facial hair growth.

  • Beard Growth Supplements

There are special beard growth supplements which contain all of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your body requires to grow thick and long beard hair.

  • Testosterone Supplements Or Dumbbells

Since testosterone helps to spur on hair growth, increased levels of it in your body will most likely help get rid of patchy spots. You can do this with testosterone supplements or even by naturally increasing your levels through regular exercise.

  • Beard Oil And Beard Conditioner

Good beard oil can do many things for your beard including providing nutrients, hydration, the relief of irritation, and can stimulate hair follicles too. Plus beard conditioner will keep your beard and the skin underneath healthy and moisturize, thus spurring on beard growth.

The Methods Of Dealing With Your Patchy Beard

Now there is no clear cut way to dealing with a patchy beard. Or in other words, there aren’t a specific set of steps to follow, from step 1 to step 5, such as with other tutorials.

Instead, there are some different methods that you can use to combat your patchy beard hair. These options aren’t mutually exclusive, and you can try any of them, but they aren’t consecutive steps either.

Let’s go over the different things that you can do to make your beard look a little fuller.​

  • Method 1: Make It Big

The first option that you have to make your beard look less patchy is to grow it out and make it as long as can be. Growing your beard to a substantial length will cover up any patchy spots through the virtue of long hair.

Yes, this does also mean that your beard will look patchier until it reaches a certain length, but that is something you will have to deal with for a few weeks. Eventually, the long hair will cover up those bald facial spots so let it grow!

OR Keep It short.

How To Deal With A Patchy Beard

How To Deal With A Patchy Beard: image Credits – Fashion Beans

Instead of growing your beard long to cover up patchy spots you can also keep it short. Sure stubble is not quite the same as a full beard, but it still constitutes facial hair. Having a bunch of stubble will make the patchy spots look much less visible.

Simply use a trimmer every day to keep that stubble or five o’clock shadow.

  • Method 2: Brush It Out

A great way to cover up patchy spots and to make them less noticeable is to brush your beard out. Brushing your beard will increase its volume, spread it out, and make it look fluffier.

This increased volume will make up for bald spots on your face. This doesn’t solve the problem of having bald spots in your beard, but it does cover them up nicely.

Use a good boar bristle beard brush like we talked about earlier and start by brushing from the top of your beard, closest to the skin, and work your way down. Make sure to get the sides, inside, and back of your beard as well.

  • Method 3: Create Contrast

Another thing that you can do to get rid of patchy spots is to utilize a beard style that will create some contrast on your face. To do this just cleanly shave away the areas where you are experiencing patchiness and let the rest grow.

You can style this any way that you want, but the fact is that the longer beard in some areas will disguise the patchiness of the rest of your face.

Another trick is to shape the hair on your neckline as well as your sideburns to look more pronounced. More pronounced hair in some areas will make the beardless patches less noticeable. To do this use an electric trimmer or even a safety razor to shape your beard any you want to create this contrast.

OR Even It out

Instead of creating contrast in beard length to put less emphasis on patchy spots you can also do the opposite. By this, we mean that you can trim down your beard hair in the longer areas to match the length of the hair in the patchy spots.

If all of your beard hair is the same length, the patchiness is effectively eliminated. Just use a trimmer with a length guard on it and run it over your whole beard to keep it at an even length.

  • Method 4: The Beard Transplant

This is a pretty extreme option, but if nothing else works for you, this may just do the trick. Beard transplants are pretty expensive, so they aren’t for everybody.

How To Deal With A Patchy Beard

How To Deal With A Patchy Beard: image credits –

However, they are proven to work, even so well that the transplanted areas will start to grow on their own. This is an option for getting rid of patchy spots, but seeing as it is a surgical procedure it may be something you do after running out of other options.

That being said this is one of the most effective ways of getting the full facial hair that you have always wanted.

  • Method 5: Eat Right

Your diet can play a really big role when it comes to eliminating patchy spots and increasing beard growth in general.

Your beard hair and the follicles which it grows out of, require the proper nutrients and vitamins to grow full and long.

Some of the things that you can eat in increased quantities to spur on beard growth include vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin C. That isn’t all because other substances that can help your beard grow better to include biotin, beta-carotene, Omega-3 fatty acids, and flaxseed oil too.

How To Deal With A Patchy Beard

How To Deal With A Patchy Beard: image credits –

Of course, another important factor in hair growth is your protein intake. Increased protein intake will increase the productivity of your hair follicles, thus getting rid of patchiness.

It is recommended that you get at least 50 grams of protein per day to spur on beard growth. Just some of the foods that can increase the amount of hair that grows on your face include fish, broccoli, walnuts, carrots, and citrus too.

Another important factor when it comes to your diet and beard growth is hydration. If you are dehydrated, your beard will grow slower and probably won’t be as thick either. Thus to solve patchiness it is very important to drink a lot of water and keep your body well hydrated, not to mention eating right too.

OR Beard Enhancing Supplements

How To Deal With A Patchy Beard VitaBeard

How To Deal With A Patchy Beard VitaBeard

If you aren’t a big fan of healthy eating, you can also try taking some beard growth supplements or even testosterone supplements too. There are many beard growth supplements out there which can provide your body with all of the required nutrients to increase beard growth, nutrients which you aren’t getting in your diet. This can go a long way in combating that horrible patchiness which you hate so much.

The other option is to go with some testosterone supplements. We aren’t going into the exact science of things, but low testosterone levels in your body will slow down hair growth, plus the stuff that does grow won’t be as thick or healthy.

Increased levels of testosterone will create other chemical compounds in the body which create healthier and more productive hair follicles. You don’t necessarily have to take a testosterone supplement either because the simple act of exercising will increase the natural levels of testosterone in your body.

For both beard enhancing and testosterone supplements always make sure to follow the directions on the label and not to take more than the recommended dosage.

  • Method 6: Beard Oil And Conditioner

Using beard oil in combination with beard conditioner on a daily basis will help you get rid of patchy spots. First of all, beard oil contains many essential nutrients and oils that keep your beard strong and healthy.

Also, many beard oils contain compounds which keep the skin underneath your beard healthy, thus stimulating the hair follicles to be more productive. The same goes for many beard conditioner, something that can be very effective in reducing patchiness.

Simply apply a few drops of beard oil to your facial hair after you have washed and dried it with a towel. Use your fingers, a comb, or a beard brush to spread the oil around. After you have done this, you can then also apply some beard conditioner using your fingers to massage it in.

How To Deal With Your Patchy Beard: The Conclusion

We sincerely hope that at least one of these methods, if not a few of them in combination, can help you combat the problem of your patchy beard. We know that having a patchy beard isn’t very fun, and it certainly doesn’t look great.

All of the methods above are proven to solve the problem of bald beard spots in one way or another.

We are also wondering if you know of any other methods or tricks that a man can use to help increase beard growth to get rid of patches. We would love to hear from you!

Do you know something that we don’t? If you have any questions, comments, or even something that we neglected to mention, we would much appreciate it if you spoke up and let us know.​


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